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2 weeks ago

#jameslafferty exploring Mexico 😍

2 weeks ago

Hello there everyone 😊 I'm very excited to announce that I am extremely close to completing all of the artwork for my upcoming book 'The Mushroom Garden'! I can't believe it's gotten to this point, this has been many years in the making and thinking of it as almost complete is just surreal! I have also begun getting together the pre order campaign for the book, which if all goes to plan will be launched towards the end of this month! Keep an eye out for it everyone, more coming on this very soon 🥰 in this shot I'm working away on one of the internal illustrations of the book, it's called 'Twisted Roots' #adamoehlers #adamoehlersillustration #classicillustration #themushroomgarden #adamoehlersbook #ravens #pencildrawing #illustrator #illustration

2 weeks ago

The season of the raven continues...🖤 . Here are just a few of the little 4”x6” ravens from last weeks’s sale... Thanks again to all of the collectors who snatched one up so quick! . I will be having another sale very soon with another handful of birds fit for the season🎃 **And for the first hour of the sale, the paintings will be available by password only. This will be included in my weekly newsletter to assure those of you who have been waiting for a piece will get a sneak peek and first dibs when the sale begins! . So if you’d like early access to sale, please sign up for my newsletter and I’ll be sure to keep you updated! Link in bio👆🏼 Thanks all, Happy October👻 . #raven #bird #ravens #painting #corvid #art #ravenart #birdart #birds #birdsofinstagram #birdlovers #birdlover #birdstagram #oilpainting #october #lindseykustusch #artoninstagram #artistsoninstagram #artoftheday #artwork #artofinstagram #artlovers #bird_lovers_daily #contemporaryart #animals #animalart

3 days ago

There is one stipulation to this prediction. If Trevor Lawrence ends up on the New York Jets my optimism fades. That being said, speaking strictly in terms of talent, I am all in on Trevor Lawrence. This is a once in a generation type player. Not once in my lifetime have I seen and heard the type of hype like Trevor Lawrence. I have been seeing videos of him since he's been in high school and it didn't take long for him to live up to that hype for Clemson. In his freshman year you already heard the rumbles of “Tank for Trevor” and in 2021 we will see it come to life. This is a 6'6" quarterback with an absolute cannon for an arm, but what makes him spectacular is his ability to run. There has never been a player this size as gifted as a thrower who can also bust off 60+ yard runs. Burrow may have had the best college season ever, but Lawrence has been that guy since his teenage years. It would be rough to see him struggle with the lowly Jets, but I truly believe this is the type of player who can transform a struggling franchise into Super Bowl contenders. . . . . 🏀 @sogbasketball ⚾️ @sogbaseball 🏈 @sogfootball 🥊 @sogfighting ⚽️ @sogfooty 🏒 @sogpuck

2 weeks ago

My QB hierarchy going into week 6! Changes from last week: I took Dak off the list because he is out for the year and added Andy Dalton to tier 5 until he can prove himself. I also moved Herbert and Tannehill up 1 tier and moved Josh Allen down 1 tier (I must have jinxed him ). What do you think about this list? What changes would you make? . . . . 🏀 @sogbasketball ⚾️ @sogbaseball 🏈 @sogfootball 🥊 @sogfighting ⚽️ @sogfooty 🏒 @sogpuck

2 weeks ago

Le’Veon Bell is expected to decide tonight or tomorrow where he will sign, per Bob Fescoe. He says it’s down to the #Chiefs and four other unknown teams, likely the #Bears and/or #Ravens in there.

2 weeks ago

Vote for the worst WR duo in this last man standing tournament. Official voting in my story. What are your thoughts so far? Were the rightful two duos eliminated early? . . . . 🏀 @sogbasketball ⚾️ @sogbaseball 🏈 @sogfootball 🥊 @sogfighting ⚽️ @sogfooty 🏒 @sogpuck

2 weeks ago

This week’s @dimensionnails challenge is the raven! So I realized that with smaller nail beds, you can’t always get the entire stamping image on your nail. So I improvised and got creative and used my nails as a canvas instead. I got inspiration from my Holo Taco nail entry last week and turned my mani on its side. I was going for the night look but I think my base color was too dark so it’s hard to see the raven. How’d I do? Can you make out the scene? Products used: @unt .global Peel off base coat @glistenandglow1 Top coat @klpolish To the Stars @orly Canyon Clay @pueencosmetics Black Jack & Pure White Biutee Stamping plate L-07 #dnchallengeoctober #dimensionnails #nailart #asianslovepolish #halloweennails #ravens #klpolishtothestars #naturalnails #nailpolish #spooky #halloween #nailstamping

2 weeks ago

GAMEDAY! Lets improve to 4-1! Comment score predictions, if anyone gets it right they get a shoutout 🔈⬇️ #CINvsBAL —————————————————————————————— #BaltimoreRavens #Ravens #RavensNation #PlayLikeARaven #Maryland #RavensFlock #Baltimore #BigTruss #LamarJackson

2 weeks ago

Vote for who you think is the worst franchise in the past decade! What do you think so far? What team advanced that shouldn't have? . . . . 🏀 @sogbasketball ⚾️ @sogbaseball 🏈 @sogfootball 🥊 @sogfighting ⚽️ @sogfooty 🏒 @sogpuck