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Finish the sentence....... I have no time for “negativity energy”

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A hustler #priorities first❤️👩🏻‍⚕️

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My heart hurts for how anxious my friends are 😢 Turn off the mainstream media- tune into truth! We are so blessed to have Christian TV at our fingertips. Surly time spent listening to the word, praying and worshiping is time well spent? The bible is clear about fear- who can gain from it? Do not be anxious in anything! The bible is clear about putting on our armour... we also need to protect our mind! I’m sat here tonight surrounded by kids toys on the floor, washing that needs doing, bathrooms that need cleaning... and there is nothing more important than this time at the end of my day to soak up the word, the truth! How can we truly be rested if we don’t melt into Jesus ? He came to give us life in abundance 🌈 he tells us in psalm 91 how to cope during these times.. trust and pray. When we seek God, we will lose this anxiety that the world offers. . . . . #christianity #faith #faithoverfear #turnoffthenews #lifeisbeautiful #lifeisprecious #jesus #psalm91 #bible #scripture #walkinfaithnotbysight #walkinfaith #momlife #jesuslovesyou #ourgodisanawesomegod #rest #priorities #anxiety #seekgoddaily #armourofgod #hillsong #tbnuk #tbn #christiantv #walkthewalk

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Lexus LS 500 بۆ بینینی جوانترین پۆستی سەیارە فۆڵۆمان بکەن🖤✌ . . . follow us @king .c4rs . . . . . . #hawler #arbil #erbil #slemani #slemany #tag #tags #tagstagram #halabja #chamchamal #kalar #qaladze #akre #dhok #karkuk #kurd #kurdm #kurdish #kurdistan #kurdi #cars #carshow #car #سيارات #السيارات #سەیارەکانی_کوردوستان #barzani #barzani #boosted #priorities

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This week has been a realisation week for me. Realising that it’s okay not to train if you don’t feel 100% motivated too, it’s okay to eat that extra chocolate, it’s okay to fall off the wagon and it’s definitely okay to go out and enjoy time with family!! ... life should have balance and your mental state and family should always be a top priority not matter what! I’m currently learning the balance of work and life and it’s one bumpy bumpy road. #mumlife #goals #priorities #family #important

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😂😂😂 بۆ بینینی جوانترین پۆستی سەیارە فۆڵۆمان بکەن🖤✌ . . . follow us @king .c4rs . . . . . . #hawler #arbil #erbil #slemani #slemany #tag #tags #tagstagram #halabja #chamchamal #kalar #qaladze #akre #dhok #karkuk #kurd #kurdm #kurdish #kurdistan #kurdi #cars #carshow #car #سيارات #السيارات #سەیارەکانی_کوردوستان #barzani #barzani #boosted #priorities

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"50% of the time motherhood is keeping the kid alive" - me One hand I got my camera and the other hand is holding on to Aadya's Shirt. . . #desigirlvihari #motherdaughter #naturelovers #familytraveller #yellowstonenationalpark #inlovewiththisplace #priorities

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Figure out your priorities and then set boundaries around them. If you don’t think it’s important, everyone else won’t either. #bebetter #bebettergoals #priorities #boundaries

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@jonrika_norwood Life Insurance should be mandatory like auto, home, & even health insurance... Is your Life or Family Life not more important than these things❓❓❓ ~ ~ That’s the only way some of y’all would get coverage... • • • If you don’t have A Life Insurance Policy for your family, Now is the best time to get one.. • • Hey I know so many people who say $40 is to much for Life Insurance, but are the same people traveling, getting dolled up, and super fly... ~ ~ If $40 is to much imagine having to come out of pocket all at once with $10,000 for a burial, with nothing left over to help your family stay a float... ~ ~ Hey it’s true, I’ve seen it happen so many times.. #Priorities #CheckYourself #LifeInsurance #LoveInsurace

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One more thing to add to the list. #priorities #thanksfriday #friyay #almostthere #together #chalktalk

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Convenient Liquid Nutrition, delivered right to your door step, exactly when you need it. 💪⚡️ Our small choices throughout the day all add up to create the life we live. They may seem minute and insignificant at the time, but these choices build to be a lot greater than the sum of their parts. Make sure you're making the right choices for your future self by prioritizing your health and happiness. For us that means catching some fresh air on a daily basis and fuelling with the foremost and finest super smoothies in town. ⁠ ⁠ Visit us online at purposesmoothieco.com to find our more about our Blend-at-Home Smoothies and how you can begin subscribing, saving, and revitalizing your life today.

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Oil slick colors .... Hate is a disease . the world is very sick obviously. .... Only good vibrations invited ... We know who doin the most tings Who are you to distroy someone elses. Dream or success? . . . . #liveandletlive #oilslickhair #pravana #lielocksmanicpanic #joicofreeplayclaylightener #priorities #allmoneyisgreen

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SEASIDE OR SWAMP? The swamp. A wetland, often partially or intermittently covered with salt or fresh water. Dominated by woody vegetation; the swamp also aptly defines a difficult, tricky or troublesome situation. . . To be swamped - by work, with offers or with demands - is to be overwhelmed to the point of suffocation, by an excess of any thing, whether good or bad. It is stifling, it is oppressive, it is hemmed in, cramped up and crowded past comfort. . . In stark contrast is the seaside. Salt and light. Land’s end. It signals vacation, it brings healing - the location of a journey’s start or conclusion - where sky meets surf, meets sand, in a delectable combination of sweet sea breezes, wide open spaces and the churning, dynamic promise of endless possibilities. . . Does this Friday morning find you feeling swamped by people, places or possessions, smothered under the pressures far beyond your understanding or control? Attempting to operate from a position of stagnation, can sometimes feel like swimming through treacle. The more desperately we struggle to free ourselves and make progress, the more stuck and swallowed up we become. . . Like the plants which thrive in the swamp, it is entirely possible to stretch further and grow deep roots and thick, waxy skin, to adapt and to manage to remain above water, despite the hostile environment. . . It is, however, so important to be aware that just because you can, doesn’t mean that you should have to. Sometimes uncomfortable circumstances call for a change of tone, a shift in pace, an unburdening, an unbuckling, a whole new story and a brand new song, a breath of fresh air to elevate the everyday, from the murky depths of the swamp, to the limitless potential of the seaside.... . . #thenourishedmedic #nourishflourishglow

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Thoughts? Get what you pay for? #elevation307 #priorities

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When you’re told to do a 5x5 @195 #. 💀 🍑 ffffffffffffffffffff @* #^ THIS NOISE. Then did 400 hip thrusts to burn out. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Being out of shape isn’t fun kids. ?Post covid... maybe now restarting pre covid again? Idk haha. Trying to build myself back up where back squatting for more than a triple doesnt cause me to have acute congestive heart failure. 😂👏🏼 THE SWEAT AND GRIND IS REAL. But at least I have a new @lululemon bra. #Priorities . . . . . #powerlifting #lifting #lift #docswholift #fitness #fitgirl #fit #npc #cleaneating #iifym #macros #gym #gymshark #gymsharkwomen #medicine #lifestyle #crossfit #squats #squat #deadlift #barbell #strongwomen #girlswholift #fatloss #fitspo @liftgenie @girlswhopowerlift @elitephysicians @2poodperformance @fleoshorts

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It’s rough but someone has to do it -love me some @sophie_baby_girl snuggles 💗💗💗💗 #priorities #nanilife #blessandhighlyfavored

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In that order.

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🔶بۆ بینینی جوانترین پۆستی سەیارە فۆڵۆمان بکەن👍💯✔ 🔶 ئێوەش ئەتوانن وێنە و ڤیدیۆکانتان بنێرن بەخۆشحاڵیەوە پۆستی ئەکەین👌💯✅ لا إلە‌ إلا أنــتَ سُبـحــانَكَ إنــي كُــنتُ مِنَ الضالــِمـِـین💕 ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ 🔹 🔹 🔹 👉🔸. @__best_cars_world__ 🔸 👉🔸. @__best_cars_world__ 🔸 🔹 🔹 🔹 🔸MUSA🔸👨🏻‍🦱🔸KURD🔸 🔹 🔹 🔹 #hawler #arbil #erbil #slemani #slemany #tag #tags #tagstagram #halabja #chamchamal #kalar #qaladze #akre #dhok #karkuk #kurd #kurdm #kurdish #kurdistan #kurdi #cars #carshow #car #سيارات #السيارات #سەیارەکانی_کوردوستان #barzan #barzani #boosted #priorities جوانترين_پۆست_لێرە_ببینە💋🙈🌷

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September 24. We getting fancy. #rokespressomachine #coffeeontheroad #yetitumbler #priorities

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لێگزز 2021 جوانە یان نا؟😍 🔶بۆ بینینی جوانترین پۆستی سەیارە فۆڵۆمان بکەن👍💯✔ 🔶 ئێوەش ئەتوانن وێنە و ڤیدیۆکانتان بنێرن بەخۆشحاڵیەوە پۆستی ئەکەین👌💯✅ لا إلە‌ إلا أنــتَ سُبـحــانَكَ إنــي كُــنتُ مِنَ الضالــِمـِـین💕 ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ 🔹 🔹 🔹 👉🔸. @__best_cars_world__ 🔸 👉🔸. @__best_cars_world__ 🔸 🔹 🔹 🔹 🔸MUSA🔸👨🏻‍🦱🔸KURD🔸 🔹 🔹 🔹 #hawler #arbil #erbil #slemani #slemany #tag #tags #tagstagram #halabja #chamchamal #kalar #qaladze #akre #dhok #karkuk #kurd #kurdm #kurdish #kurdistan #kurdi #cars #carshow #car #سيارات #السيارات #سەیارەکانی_کوردوستان #barzan #barzani #boosted #priorities جوانترين_پۆست_لێرە_ببینە💋🙈🌷

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Keep your sight on what matters the most! #reawilke #whatmattersmost #priorities #prioritize #showup #selfexpression #lifestyle #mystyle

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October enrollment is now OPEN for my 90 Day Mindset Reset program! Book your consultation by sending a DM or at my website--> hopefaithfit.com

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#priorities Carbs over posing. 🍩

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Everybody is posting fall pictures and I have FOMO with a side of 90 degree heat. I would love to indulge in these cozy fall vibes that you speak of, but I’m sweating too much, and there’s not even a social function to blame for it. #covidisstillathing . I digress...Look! Autumnal tones and dystopian fiction, the season’s most popular pairing! (I’d include a pairing of wine to give it that mature YA essence this series deserves, but I’m currently still cleansing...my gut says a dry Grenache with a hint of smoke, if that even exists... ) . Happy Thursday! May we all be like Wilson Phillips and hold the f*ck on for one more day! Excuse me, I meant, Yay! Apple picking and cocoa!🧡🎃☕️🍁 . #fallstack #bookstagram #ya #autumn #allthefun #2020 #systematicchangedoesntcomefrommemes #lookingatuswhitepeople #rantsofacrazywomanworkingfromhomewiththreechildren #allthefun

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PRIOTIZATION What are your priorities? Its really very important to figure out what we need and what matters in our life. It actually matters how we spend our time, in what things, does that really important to you?? The things we value can really change the trajectory of our life. One thing i have genuinely realized in my life is people MAKE TIME FOR THEIR PRIORITIES. If you want to change something. DO IT! This is the time just put one step forward. Take a look around and think what are your priorities and what actually are you prioritizing and then change think about the change you could do instead to improve the quality in life. To bring that positivity instead of toxicity. Make time for your priorities now otherwise the things you give priority now will be the ones pulling you backwards and you'll be just wasting your time over some thing that you'll regret for long time. Your thinking changes PRIORITIES and that will change your LIFE. We all have things to do everyday. Some of those we need and some that we want. Realizing that i was going wrong and wanted to change my habits and there was so much more life other than these things which i was prioritizing, I now prioritize my health (physical and mental ), my personal development , my career and my family. Whatever uou choose as your first priority just remember if that makes you happy then it's totally fine just don't push yourself into anything. Make sure it is aligned with your values and happiness. That's all. Don't think what others say. Just be clear with your life that you won't regret in future about anything . You always have time for the things you put first.💛 #positive #life #priorities #goodlife #decisions #health #mentalphysical #love #happiness #blogger #personaldevelopment #yourchoicematters #change #positivevibes #nutrition #restoringlife

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Happy Monday folks!! Im not usually this chirpy on a Monday morning, it’s amazing what some Donald ears and a kaw-fee can do 🤪☕️ Here’s some Monday reminders for you: 💙 You can do it 🧡 You don’t have to please everyone 💛 You are allowed to take a break 💙 You are stronger than your excuses 🧡 When in doubt, coffee. Let’s do this!!! #mugmonday #mugshotmonday #disneymugs #showusyourmugs #donaldduck #disneystyle #disneygram #instadisney #disneydaily


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Give yourself permission to focus on the good, the beauty, the fun. Simple joys can sustain us during uncertain times. 💛

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People are in our lives for a reason, a season, or the duration. Very, very few are here all the way to the end so bless each chapter you spend walking the life’s path. 👣📗

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What I discovered, when in therapy at 28 years old is, that no matter how much I adapt to another person’s behaviors they are not necessarily going to change ( most often not! ) and not only have I abandoned myself in the process, I’ve given away my power, and usually the relationship gets worse because now I’m resentful of the other person and deeply critical of myself. Life will never go well when we lose ourselves trying to make another person happy, and hoping that they will eventually change. I’ve learned this by becoming aware of how much worse my life gets when I think I can change or control another person. I’ve become so keenly aware that today when a person acts in a way that’s unacceptable, disrespectful, it’s a trigger for me, I know I can’t change them, so I immediately ask myself what are my options here, how can I use my power and and stay respectful and true to myself? My choices are usually to walk away wishing them well, or when it comes to a family member limit my time spent, or I speak up in a truthful kind way and have the conversation. I hope this makes sense and helps a little as you look at your life and where you are believing that someone will eventually change. I think this is one of the hardest teachings we have as humans so we must be patient and forgiving with ourselves there is a lot of slippage that will happen along the way. 🖤 @peaceful_barb

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You don’t have to have it all figured out. Life, especially now, is completely unpredictable, stressful, and chaotic, so don’t let the fear of what could happen be the reality of what’s happening in this moment. Focus on the next right step you can take today that will bring you closer to where you want to be, and be vigilant about keeping your mind in the now where your power lies. Take a deep breath and remember: If you are feeling overwhelmed, focus on the step right in front of you. 👣

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We’re meant to learn from yesterday and take the teachings, not the heaviness of the day. Today use the wisdom gained from yesterday to make choices that take you closer to where you want to be in life. Put down yesterday, take aligned actions today, and tomorrow will take care of itself. 💜


Absolute Truth, right? 🤎

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Who else has experienced this?🙋‍♀️ One of the things I’ve learned about setting boundaries is that, if the boundary is necessary, it WILL be tested. Healthy boundaries protect your wellbeing and allow you to stay true to your values. Boundaries are not about controlling or punishing another person over personal preferences. Other people have their own personalities, preferences, and ways of doing things. Decide which boundaries you need to set to protect your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, and stay consistent in reinforcing these boundaries🤍

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We have a choice every moment of our lives to decide how we want to feel. We can either choose to be happy or choose to be carried away by other people’s realities. This doesn’t mean that choosing happiness will always be easy. Of course life will throw challenges and obstacles your way that will test your decision to stay positive and be happy, but in the end it’s important to remember that regardless of what happens, happiness is always a CHOICE. The people who are blissfully happy and content in life are that way because they CHOOSE to be—NOT because their circumstances are so amazing that they have no care in the world. No matter who you are, what your job, how much money you make, how great your health is, whether you have the love of your life or not, life will always present you with obstacles that will need to be overcome. Sometimes that obstacle will come in the form of someone else bringing negativity into your life. But, if you remember that the decision to be happy or not is YOURS alone to make, then even someone else’s negativity won’t deter you from making the right choice. This is because happiness is an inside job. Once you start cultivating it from within, you will never need to worry about any external circumstance robbing you of it—because even if you are momentarily derailed, you can always shift yourself back to it by realizing that you and only you have the power to do so. So don’t give your power away! If someone steals 10 seconds of your happiness, you still have 86,390 moments left in the day to reclaim it again and again—and that’s the secret to a well-lived life. Everyone is always searching for happiness, but really you only need to search inside of yourself to find it. So here’s your task for today: Ask yourself how you can more consciously choose happiness in every moment of your day Originally written by @neliatorkian #thelatestquote #selflove #liveyourstory #trustyourintuition #Innerwisdom #courageovercomfort #betruetoyou #priorities #showupforyourself #takeachance #youareworthit #selfmotivation #trustyourjourney #peaceofmind #dreamersanddoers #goalgetter #positivethoughts #innerstrength #yougotthis #powerwithin #presentmom


What do you do when you have ZERO motivation to workout? . . . There are so MANY days I wake up with little to no motivation to want to do my workout. (today was one of them LOL ) In fact it’s RARE for me to actually be fired up about getting it done. Want to know how I’ve overcome this and DO IT ANYWAY? . . . 1. HAVE A PLAN ☑️ Each week (or each night ) map out the workouts you’re going to do. Be extremely specific. (Time of day, circuit you’ll be doing, length of the workout, pick out an outfit, obvi something cute ) . . 2. HOLD YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE ☑️ Stop being so damn easy on yourself. You don’t need 3 rest days in a row. You’re not too busy, or too stressed, or too tired. You’re making excuses and the longer you tell yourself these lies the worse it becomes. Set a higher standard for yourself because YOU’RE WORTH IT! . . 3. KEEP IT SIMPLE AND MAKE IT FUN ☑️ hate running? Guess what - you don’t have to! Seek out programs that are easy to follow and require less mind work in the beginning - I recommend joining a class or a community (LIKE MY VIRTUAL FITNESS CLASSES! 😉 ) Pick a fun playlist and get to werkkkkk. . . . The only workout you’ll ever regret is the one you DIDN’T DO!