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COVID-19 UPDATE: Building Inspections will be able to proceed under strict Level Three COVID-19 guidelines to meet your deadlines. Health and safety is our top priority. With PPE, physical distancing, hand washing and regularly cleaning of our equipment using hospital grade disinfectant before and after all building inspections. Onsite Inspections also provides contactless payment options. To get in contact with us - head to our website, email or phone. www.onsiteinspections.co.nz info @onsiteinspections .nz 0800454644

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The moody winter at muriwai beach. I can’t wait till daylight saving next month , yay ☀️ #aucklandportraitphotographer #muriwai #muriwaibeach #nzdailyshot #nzphoto #exploringauckland #discovernz

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We’re delighted to have recently helped to treat and release an injured young kekeno (New Zealand fur seal ) with our conservation partners! The young pup was brought to the Auckland Zoo Vet Hospital last week for treatment by @docgovtnz ’s Gabrielle Goodin. Thought to be around nine-months-old, the pup was found on Muriwai beach by @aklcouncil park rangers presenting with a perfectly circular chunk of skin bitten off just above its right shoulder joint – the trademark signs of a cookiecutter shark. “While her wound was mildly infected, she had normal mobility and examination and radiographs confirmed there was no muscle, bone or nerve damage. Once we cleaned her wound, removed the dead skin, treated her with pain relief...and gave her some extra hydration, she was ready to be released. Because of the location and shape of her wound, it wasn’t possible to suture, but after just two days with us, it was already starting to heal, and should naturally close and heal within the next couple of weeks,” says our Vet Services Manager, Dr James Chatterton. On Saturday, park rangers Aimee Hoeberigs and Van Haresnape, joined Gabrielle Goodin and our vet James to release her at Muriwai’s Maukatia-Maori Bay. Gabrielle says public can best help kekeno that may come ashore by keeping themselves and their dogs, well away from them – at least 20 metres. There’s a chance this pup could spend time near the rocks while it is recovering, but it has received all the treatment it needs, and DOC will be continuing to monitor the area. However, if you do see any marine life in need of assistance, please call 0800 DOC HOT. Click the link in our bio to read more!

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Happy T👅T! 🖤🐾🖤 Anyone else have trouble looking before you leap because your ears won’t cooperate!! #gwp #germanwirehairedpointer #germanwirehairedpointersofinstagram #pointersofinstagram #gwp_of_the_day #nz_pets #tot #tongueouttuesday #petphotography #muriwaibeach #lookbeforeyouleap

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Building inspection completed on this large single level house with a granny flat and three bedroom minor dwelling in Riverhead, Auckland. Contact Onsite for your next pre-purchase or pre-sale building inspection. www.onsiteinspections.nz


Don't count the days, make the days count. #muriwaibeach #NewZealand


25th year wedding anniversary, I asked them their secret. They answered “patient, lots patient” . . . . . #muriwaibeach #aucklandweddingphotographer #couplegoals #muriwaibeachweddingphoto #muriwaibeachnz #nzphotographer #westcostauckland #aucklandweddingphotography


뉴질은 역시 서쪽바다😆 #nz #akl #beach #bethellsbeach #muriwaibeach #pihabeach #sunset


Loooooove this place 🧡


Muriwai Beach 💙 #muriwaibeach #westauckland


Beach zooms & exploring trails today with Bailey, Podge, Frida, Sirius, Remus & Titan. #dogwalking #dogwalkingauckland #adventure #muriwaibeach #playtime #swimtime #fetch #trails #chocolab #blacklab #rescuedogs #staffydogs #englishstaffy


Force of nature #muriwaibeach 🇳🇿


#muriwaibeach #nz_beach #nzsurf 이 겨울에 저 파도에 뛰어드는 뉴질랜드 애들 정말 입이 떡~!! 발리만큼 서핑하기 좋은 파도같다만. 건강은 그냥 #붓기차 #페이스라이너 로 챙기는 걸로. . #since2011 #전문의가만든 #성형붓기 #체질붓기 #붓기제거 #약국판매 #병원입점 #붓기차추천 . Best tide to surf! Best product to remove bloating! FaceLiner! . #weightloss #madebyDoctors #detox #kbeauty #kbeautydrink #faceliner . #姵丝来娜 #减肥茶好评 #水肿 #消除水肿

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A beach stop is a great place to stretch your legs & take in the view. No matter what time of the year, Muriwai beach always has that WOW factor. Come out on a quad safari with us & see for yourself. To book CALL FREE on 0800487225 For more details go to www.4trackadventures.co.nz

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Pure energy earrings and necklace: inspired by the energy of Muriwai NZ #silver #muriwaibeach #muriwaiartsopenstudios #joss #joss_design #earrings #pendants #nzjeweller #muriwai #muriwaiartists

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Well needed relaxing trip on the beach #isuzudmax #holdencolorado #campinglife #muriwaibeach #nzadventures


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Jun 2020

Tranquil – part one

Dec 2019

Here is a photo of @clara .donne.eq from our group shoot out at muriwai beach yesterday😍 I can’t wait to finish editing these photos so I can show y’all! Make sure you’ve liked my page on Facebook as I’ll upload my favourites from the shoot on there😉😁

last month

So grateful to have Muriwai so close to home 😍 This place is a wonder, the walking tracks, the lookouts, driving up the beach, it’s all amazing ✨

last month

A Truly Epic New Zealand Road Trip 🚗🚦💯⁣ ✨⁣ ✨⁣ We had the vacation of a lifetime road-tripping across New Zealand for a good 18 days. But you what was as fun if not more - planning this trip that was also our honeymoon. New Zealand is so full of beautiful and often surreal landscapes, we were left gaping at every picture we saw on the internet and at every turn of the road in reality. Read about our experience in our blog (and maybe even plan your future travels. What better time than this to escape reality and mentally teleport yourself to the magical country that is New Zealand. Tap the link in our bio to read the blog post @trywanderingmore ⁣ ✨⁣ ✨⁣ Tell us....What's the most magical place you have seen?

Jan 2020

Doesn’t the black sand make this photo of @nzmares look 100x better?😍 I need to order coloured powder or those smoke bombs (they aren’t actual bombs ) and find a well behaved horse because damn that would make a cool photo! Can I also just mention... Thank you to EVERYONE who has supported me throughout 2019 and the start of 2020 iv come so far with my photography and I’m so excited to see what happens in 2020🙊❤️ I’m currently making up my new prices too, so they should be up later today or tomorrow😉

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One of my all time fave walking spots, bush tracks that lead to this incredible lookout ✨