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Falling - Part 20 - AJ’s P.O.V. “Hey you want to go to the beach with me?” Lexie asked. “Yeah but I’ve got to go get Ash in a little bit.” I said. “Okay that’s fine.” Lexie said smiling. “Do you mind driving your own car?” I asked. “I was going to anyway.” She said smiling. “Hey where were you this morning? I woke up and you were gone.” I said. “I had to run to the store.” She said. “Oh okay.” I said. “I’m going to head on to the beach. I’ll see you in a few minutes.” She said. “Okay can you stop and grab some snacks?” I asked walking into my closet. “Yeah I will.” She said. “Okay bye.” I said. She walked out of my room and I changed into my bikini. I pulled on one of Ashton’s shirts and then slipped on my shoes. “Okay ocean, mama will be back later.” I said scratching her head. I grabbed my keys and walked out the door. I cranked my car and drove off to the beach. “Just six more hours and Ash will be home for the weekend.” I said turning my car off. I grabbed my beach bag and locked my car doors. I walked down the beach and found Lexie. “You take too long to get ready.” She said looking up at me. “Well I got ready pretty fast for it being a last minute thing.” I said. “At least you’re here now.” Someone said wrapping their arms around me from behind. I turned around and was face to face with Ashton. “Ash!” I screamed jumping into his arms. “Hi baby.” He said hugging me right. “You’re not supposed to be here for six more hours.” I said. “I wanted to surprise you.” He said smiling. “I missed you so much!” I said holding onto him tightly. “I missed you babe.” He said. I smiled down at him and he kissed me. “At last a non-virtual kiss.” I said smiling. “There are a lot more to come.” Ashton said smiling. “I’ll leave you two love birds alone.” Lexie said smiling. “Lexie is staying at my moms tonight.” I said winking. “Sounds good.” He said smiling. “I’ve got almost three months without having sex. We have a lot of catching up to do.” I said smiling. “Do you want to ditch the beach and go home?” Ashton asked. “No let’s have a fun beach day and then we can go home and get down to business.” I said smiling. “Let’s go get in the ocean.” Ashton said. (Cont )

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A thread of Luke doing the finger gun thing.😜

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Falling - Part 19 - AJ’s P.O.V. “AJ someone wants to talk to you.” Lexie said handing me my phone. “There she is.” Ashton said smiling. “Ash!” I said smiling. “You look so beautiful.” He said. “I’ll leave you two alone.” Lex said walking out of the room. “You look so good babe! Your cheeks are full again. You’re starting to look like my Ashton again.” I said. “I’ve gained about fifteen pounds already.” He said smiling. “I can’t wait for you to come home.” I said. “They told me I can come home for the weekend in two weeks.” He said smiling. “I can’t wait! How are you doing?” I asked. “I’m doing really well. I’ve felt the best I have in years.” He said smiling. “I’m so glad baby! You already look so much healthier. I wish I could kiss you.” I said. “Kiss me through the phone.” He said puckering up his lips. “You look like a weirdo.” I said laughing. “A cute weirdo?” He asked. “Yes a cute weirdo.” I said smiling. “Two more weeks and then I can kiss you!” He said smiling. “We can do other stuff too.” I said winking. “I chose the wrong time to walk in.” Lexie said. “Sorry Lex.” I said laughing. She rolled her eyes and walked out of my room. “How has it been at home?” Ashton asked. “It’s been good! Ocean has been keeping me company. She’s ready for her daddy to come home.” I said holding her up. “Daddy’s ready to come home to his girls.” Ashton said. “It’ll go by fast.” I said. “I’ve got my phone now so we’ll be able to talk more often.” Ashton said. “I’m ready to have you home.” I said. “I know baby.” He said. “How much longer can you talk?” I asked. “I’ve got five more minutes and then I’ll have to turn my phone in.” He said. “Can you sing for me? My anxiety is trying to get the best of me tonight and your voice always calms me down.” I said. “Your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me But bear this mind it was meant to be And I'm joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks And it all makes sense to me.” He sang. I laid down and propped my phone up so I could see him. He smiled and kept singing. I closed my eyes and focused on him singing. “Alright baby. I hope you sleep good tonight. I love you and I will talk to you tomorrow. Goodnight my love.”

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Clumsy texting ————————————————————— I had so much fun with this 😂 I’m pretty sure this reaction is accurate for Andi ( @speakingofcal ) if I ever did something like that... . . . #5secondsofsummer #5sos #5sostexts #5sostextpost #5sosimagines #5sosblurbs #5sosfanfic #5sosimagine #5sosfic #texting5sos #ashtonirwin #ashtonirwinimagine #ashtonirwintexts #ashtonirwinimagines #calumhood #calumhoodimagine #lukehemmings #lukehemmingsimagine #michaelclifford #michaelcliffordimagine


happy smiley luke for da time line 😁😁🤲 this picture keeps me goin


Falling - Part 17 - AJ’s P.O.V. “Hi ocean.” I said smiling. She wagged her tail and started licking my face. “Oh yes I love you too.” I said scratching her head. “Hey sissy.” Lexie said walking into my room. “Hey Lex.” I said smiling. “What are you up to today?” She asked. “Well I’m supposed to hear from Ashton today. It’ll be the first time I’ll get to talk to him.” I said smiling. “Do you want to go get breakfast with me?” She asked. “Yes please! We haven’t had a sister day in so long!” I said smiling. “I’m excited.” She said smiling. “Am I too boring to live with?” I asked. “Not at all! I love living with you!” She said sitting beside me. “Good I’m glad.” I said. “I heard you crying last night.” She said. “Sorry I was looking back at old photos of me and Ash. I miss him.” I said. “When do you get to go see him?” Lexie asked. “In a few weeks.” I said. “Have you gotten anything from him since he’s been gone?” Lexie asked. “Yes he’s written me a few letters.” I said smiling. “How long has he been gone?” Lexie asked. “This is week two. The first week was detox.” I said. “When can he come home for the weekend?” She asked. “In two months.” I said cuddling ocean. “Will he be able to get his phone?” She asked. “Eventually.” I said. “Come on let’s go eat.” Lexie said smiling. “Hey I gotta change.” I said getting up off the bed. I walked into my closet and changed into one of Ashton’s hoodies and put on some leggings. “I’m ready.” I said walking out of my closet. “Is that one of Ashton’s hoodies?” Lexie asked. “It sure is.” I said smiling. “Where do you want to go eat?” She asked. “IHOP.” I said. “Let’s go.” She said.


~If walls could talk~ -Chapter 18- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Goodnight I’m heading to bed... I’m really tired and exhausted. ❤️ - - - - • • • Tags: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ #5sos #5secondsofsummer #ashtonirwin #lukehemmings #michaelclifford #calumhood #5sosfam #billboard #5sosbillboard #calpal #Mikey #lucas #cal #ash #5sosimagines #calumhoodimagine #ashtonirwinimagine #michaelcliffordimagine #lukehemmingsimagine


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