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Cathy Cleveland received frequent updates about the COVID-19 crisis through social media from friends and family from across the globe and as far away as the Philippines. One of her friends in the Philippines, who is a designer, made masks and make shift face shields using projector films to provide to the front lines. In some countries, like the Philippines, there is a shortage of supplies which encourages the community to be resourceful and creative. Cleveland decided to do something rather than sit by and do nothing. She feels good helping others but admits that she enjoys sewing and staying busy for a sense of normalcy. To learn more about Cleveland's donation of 800 hand crafted masks, head on over to Loudoun County Magazine. http://www.loudouncountymagazine.com/loudoun-resident-donates-800-handcrafted-face-masks/ #facemask #loudouncounty #covid19 #loudouncountymagazine #goodhumans #givingback #community


While we’re all at home, hunkering down and social distancing amidst the current stay at home order, we can take comfort in the words and pages of a good story. Right now, the editors at Loudoun County Magazine are busy at work covering current events, but when we are at home with down time, we are eager to escape into a good book. These are a few titles that our editor's are reading rightnow. 👆👀 #loudouncountymagazine #whattoread #reading #lit #fiction #book #books #story #stories #loudouncounty #escape #adventure

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Loudoun resident Steve Koh, who plays in the band The Cover Up recently produced a COVID-19 parody of Third Eye Blind‘s “Semi-Charmed Kind of Life.” Koh, a guitarist, has turned to music and humor to help himself and the community cope with stress from the pandemic. The song pokes fun at people who hoarded hand sanitizer and toilet paper for profit leading up to the COVID-19 grocery shortages. He says, ” Life in general can be pretty stressful. Some people are only now realizing that COVID-19 is in our neighborhoods and beginning to react to that, others are already at the point of breaking. I think a healthy amount of humor helps to distract from that, when you can’t find what you need on the shelves, or you’re planning errands around when you think you’ll encounter fewer people, or you’re talking to family members who are sick and quarantined.” To listen to the full tune, head on over to Loudoun County Magazine👆👀 @thecoverupva #loudouncounty #humor #music #mentalhealth #covid19 #loudouncountymagazine #northernvamusic

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Loudoun, are you looking for a way to show your support to our local farmers and small businesses? Tomorrow you can literally (not just virtually ) show up to show your support at the EatLoco Farmers Markets. Saturday, 3/28 Farmers Market at One Loudoun is now permitted to operate at full capacity with specific restrictions to maintain the safety and health of vendors and customers. Customers may visit the market and do not need to pre-order. Customers are encouraged to purchase ahead of time and pick-up from vendors at the market. Tomorrow’s EatLoco Farmers Market at One Loudoun on Atwater Drive will be open from 9am - 1pm. The EatLoco Farmers Market at Brambleton will be opening next Sunday April 5th 9am - 1pm. #eatloco #loudouncounty #supportyourfarmers #eatlocal #thinkglobal #covid19 #loudoun #loudouncountymagazine

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We may find ourselves watching more television than ever before. Interestingly, many movies and television shows have been filmed here in Washington, D.C. and in Loudoun County. Let’s take a look at how film has captured our nation’s capital from the comfort of our homes. #loudouncounty #washingtondc #dcfilm #loudounarts #lifeinfilm #lifeinart #loudouncounty #loudouncountymagazine #community #theamericans #spy #spyculture

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Nature isn't cancelled and tomorrow it's going to be gorgeous outside! Spending time outdoors is a great way to avoid cabin fever during the coronavirus era of social distancing. While many playgrounds across Northern Virginia and Loudoun County are temporarily closed, there many parks to explore on foot and by bike. Check out our featured parks at: http://www.loudouncountymagazine.com/connecting-with-nature-is-not-cancelled-in-loudoun-county/ #loudouncounty #springishere #nature #naturephotography #natureisntcancelled #parks #getoutside #stayhealthy #health #immunity #mentalhealth #loveyoself #loudouncountymagazine

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Thank you @loudouncountymagazine for sharing my recent newsletter: Parenting Under Quarantine! In it I share tons of free resources parents can use to entertain their kids so they stay happier and parents can get a little telework done. If you missed it, you can still check it out on the @loudouncountymagazine website or Layered Living FB page ( @layeredlivinglife ). Another newsletter just went out this morning with more ideas. Sign up so you never miss an update! #layeredliving

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Are you looking for ideas on things to do with your kids during the COVID-19 closures? Laurel Otey who offers tele-health services with Layered Living has a number of great ideas to keep your family busy and sane during school closings. Says Otey, "I have found that creating and sticking to a daily schedule has helped. Routine is reassuring, especially during times of high stress. It also gives you guidance when you're feeling overwhelmed as to what to do next with your kids." To check out the full article, head on over to LCMG👆👀 #kids #family #kidsactivities #homeschool #loudouncountypublicschools #lcps #loudouncounty #fun #telehealth #telebusiness #loudouncountymagazine @layeredliving

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We have a brand new website. Please visit and tell us what you think!!! Link in bio #loudounmoms #locoliving #loudouncountymagazine #poshsevenloudoun #poshsevenmagazine #loudounmoms

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Meet Dr. Valerie Woo. As one of our founding advertisers who believed in our project 13 years ago, we are always in awe of her success and continued growth. ⁠ ⁠ Link in bio⁠

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With school and work closures due to COVID-19, our local families are in need. Help them by picking up an extra box of diapers or buy a box without leaving home by shopping our Amazon wish list! We’re especially in need of sizes 5 and 6. Shop our Amazon Wishlist👆👀 to #enddiaperneed in our community. #loudouncountymagazine

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Neighbors, the National Association of School Psychologists has released the following guide to help parents talk with their children about COVID-19 (Coronavirus ). This guide covers everything from the most practical recommendations regarding basic personal hygiene to monitoring television viewing and social media. As the adults leading the way during the COVID1-19 crisis, this guide can help us provide a comforting and safe environment at home for our children. Link in bio👀👆 @nasponline #covid19 #washyourhands #positivity #loudouncounty #loudouncountymagazine

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This article is written by our friends at Nysmith School and you should read this if you are concerned about screen addiction. An online support group for parents has emerged with the goal of giving parents a “safe place” to come together, share their stories and commiserate–without judgment. But, the group isn’t for parents with kids addicted to drugs or alcohol, or those with health or behavioral issues – it’s a support group for parents whose kids play the video game, Fortnite. At last count, the group hosts over 1,300 members from all over the world, who flock together for support and parenting tips on how to manage their children’s growing fascination with, and some might say “addiction” to the game.⁠ ⁠ Link in bio. ⁠ ⁠ #loudounmoms #locoliving #loudouncountymagazine #poshsevenloudoun #poshsevenmagazine #loudounmoms

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It’s no secret that the generation known as the Millennials love their mobile phones. And now, with Loudoun County and the rest of the world adjusting to the new normal known as “social distancing,” experts such as Dr. Deborah Birx from the White House Corona Virus Task Force are recommending that the rest of the world look to Millenials as a model for healthy social communication. In Loudoun County Magazine's Most Recent Positivity Guide for COVID-19, we outline "5 Easy Ways to Socialize During Social Distancing." Check out the full article at Loudoun County Magazine👆👀 #loudouncounty #socialdistancing #stayhome #socialize #millennials #skype #videochat #whatsapp #messenger #loudouncountymagazine

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The cherry blossoms are blooming🌸 Loudoun County Magazine will release a guide this week on how to stay positive and see the good as we make our way through COVID-19. Even with social distancing and quarantine to protect our high risk populations, there are many things we still can do. Let’s get through this together Loudoun. Please comment below with how you are making the best of this difficult time👇 #loudouncounty #loudouncountyva #hope #seethegood #protect #lcmg #loudouncountymagazine

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The Weight Management and Human Performance Laboratory at George Washington University help clients achieve fat loss through high technology. Located at the Virginia Science and Technology Campus in Ashburn, the lab offers comprehensive testing to help clients achieve their weight and fitness goals. The individual results from tests, along with personalized nutrition planning, provide people with customized plans that they can stick to for life.⁠ ⁠ “We have a lot of people, many of them women, who spent their entire life on some type of diet, most of them successful at losing weight but not at keeping it off,” says Todd Miller, Ph.D., the lab director and an associate professor at the school’s Milken Institute School of Public Health. “Many of their plans were highly restrictive or put them in too much of a caloric deficit, which is not sustainable.”⁠ ⁠ Link in bio

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Here in the Northern Virginia area, we are fortunate to have some of the best schools in the country in our backyard. Choosing the right school for our children can be overwhelming. We have compiled a nice list of 30 top schools we think you should be looking at. We included some basic facts and made it easier to get in touch with the right candidate schools to make your final decisions easier.⁠ ⁠ Link in bio!⁠ #loudounmoms #locoliving #loudouncountymagazine #poshsevenloudoun #poshsevenmagazine #loudounmoms

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Friend, today’s your lucky day, because I’m giving you a snapshot of what it’s like to work with me! . . . As a headshot photographer, I always have my client’s best interest in mind, which is why I am always trying to figure out how I can continue to serve my clients in the best way possible meeting them where THEY need support. I started this business because I, too, never thought I looked good in any of my photos yet knew it wasn't my fault, but truly WHO was photographing me. . . . This may be MY business, but it’s really all about YOU! Send me a DM if you’d like to know more! . . . . . . . . #villageatleesburg #visitloudoun #loudouncountymagazine #loudounliving #loveloudoun #loudounbiz #loudouncounty #loudounlocal #loudounevents #loudounlife #huntcountry #loudoun #hamiltonva #middleburg #middleburgva #middleburglife #loudouncountyphotographer #vintagemobilebar #virginiagoldcup #virginiahorsecountry #greatmeadow

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Kids’ birthday parties are big business in our area with some parents spending more than $500 each year on extravagant events for their children. Parents who host parties at venues outside the home say it’s well worth the money to avoid cooking, cleaning, managing the details of the event and the inevitable spills that go along with having a house full of kids. Some families keep it simple with a bowling or skating party and some go for broke with novel parties sure to impress their children’s friends. Here are some of the most “epic” children’s birthday party venues in Northern Virginia.⁠ ⁠ Full list link in bio! ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ #loudounmoms #locoliving #loudouncountymagazine #poshsevenloudoun #poshsevenmagazine #loudounmoms

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Posh Female Leaders is a series that asks entrepreneurs, experts, and influencers to share their shortcuts, workspaces, routines, and more. Have someone you want to see featured or questions you think we should ask? Email hulya @poshseven .me⁠ ⁠ Meet Stephenie Browning, the link is in bio⁠ ⁠ My Way series asks entrepreneurs, experts, and influencers to share their shortcuts, workspaces, routines, and more. Have someone you want to see featured or questions you think we should ask? Email hulya @poshseven .me⁠ #loudounmoms #locoliving #loudouncountymagazine #poshsevenloudoun #poshsevenmagazine #loudounmoms

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When it comes to making life decisions, local NBC News4 anchor Wendy Rieger suggests a method that has never failed her: “If you really want something, don’t wait — make it happen NOW.”⁠ ⁠ Read the full interview in the link in bio. ⁠ ⁠ #loudounmoms #locoliving #loudouncountymagazine #poshsevenloudoun #poshsevenmagazine #loudounmoms

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Today's moms consume media and shop in ways remarkably different from that of any other segment. What are you doing to reach them?⁠ ⁠ To learn more, click on the link in our bio! ⁠

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You know you’ve done good work when the patient says “looks like you didn’t even touch it”.😁 . . 1 ) Diagnose the Cavity🤓 2 ) Start Removing Decay😳 3 ) Nice Clean Prep👏 4 ) Beautiful, Polished Filling🦷 😍🙌 . . . #dulleslifesmiles #ashburndentist #loudoun #ashburn #loudouncountymagazine #drgino   #molarmadness   #dowhatyoulove   #lovewhatyoudo #drginodoingdrginothings

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Here in the Northern Virginia area, we are fortunate to have some of the best schools in the country in our backyard. Choosing the right school for our children can be overwhelming. We have compiled a nice list of 30 top schools we think you should be looking at. We included some basic facts and made it easier to get in touch with the right candidate schools to make your final decisions easier.⁠ ⁠ Link in bio⁠ #loudounmoms #locoliving #loudouncountymagazine #poshsevenloudoun #poshsevenmagazine #loudounmoms#privateschools #poshkids

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Happy Sunday💛 To experience 2020 in a positive and meaningful way, residents in Loudoun County have a number of opportunities to experience the reward of giving back. The benefits of volunteerism are numerous, and fortunately our county’s dedicated non-profits have a number of options for you to choose from👆👀 @loudouncares @novadiaperbank @mobilehopeofloudoun @touching_heart_ @dodonamanor @loudounheritagefarmmuseum @waterford_fair @humaneloudoun #loudouncounty #loudouncountyva #loudouncountymagazine

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As we start to thaw and creep into March, the anticipation of spring and all that it brings sets in (even if maybe you’re wishing we had a good snow storm first – no, just us? ). With birds chirping and coats becoming a thing of the past, it’s time to leave that cabin fever behind and start planning some family-fun events. We’ve rounded up a plethora of good times to be had this month – what are you looking forward to doing most? Check out this sponsored guide from Atoka Properties | MRE #loudouncounty #northernvirginia #loudouncountymagazine @atokaproperties @breauxvineyards @loudounheritagefarmmuseum @harlemglobetrotters @shenandoahuniversity @mollysirishpub

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Spending time with our kids is one of the most important things we can do as parents. It’s fun, it’s rewarding, and it’s what parents and grandparents look forward to. But, every now and again, even in family friendly Loudoun County, we’ll all wake up on a Saturday morning and wonder, Is there anything to do? Check out LCMG’s Guide on Things to Do in Loudoun County👆👀 #loudouncounty #family #kidsactivities #kids #loudouncountymagazine @broadlandsnaturecenter @tsnynewyork @bowlerobowl @villageatleesburg @loudounheritagefarmmuseum http://www.loudouncountymagazine.com/things-to-do-with-kids-in-loudoun-county/

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Il Cappero is the latest upscale Italian restaurant opened by Chef Tony Illiano, a native of Naples, Italy. Illiano learned the art of cooking from his mother who was sure to pass on his grandmother’s secret sauce recipe to him. He opened his first restaurant in the United States over 36 years ago. After opening a number of restaurants in Howard County, Carroll County, and Frederick County, Chef Tony is opening his first restaurant in Virginia with Il Cappero. To read Loudoun County Magazine’s review, follow the link in bio👆👀 #loudouncounty #loudounfoodies #foodie #cuisine

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Yum! We enjoyed the Tiramisu at @ilcapperolansdowne this week. Stay tuned for more on this new Italian eatery in Lansdowne and the amazing Chef Tony👌 #loudouncounty #loudouncountymagazine #eatup

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Check it out!!😀 . It's time for your dental checkup 😎 . Give us a buzz at 703-783-2425 . **For Online Scheduling: Click on the link in our profile . *For every new patient that comes to our practice We Will Support a local nonprofit who provides music therapy for people with disabilities, medical and mental struggles 🙏. Because as a kid I used to spend hours playing the piano...I know Music Therapy is a cause that needs support to reach more kids in need in our community! . . . #brambleton #dulles #sterling #ashburn #cosmeticdentistry #cosmeticdentist #loudouncountymagazine #loudounlife #loudouncounty #dentalcleaning #loudounnow #gooddentist #gentledentist #spreadkindness #familydentist

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Students in the Dual Enrollment Theatre Class at Rock Ridge High School have been hard at work in preparation for a first ever Student Directed One Act Festival. Three students, Farley McDaniel, Courtney Bergeron, and Akshatha Srivastava were chosen as director in December to stage their 30 minute one acts for the community!The three pieces are “Tracks”, “Conflict”, and “Lockdown”. All three one acts are very different from one another, including in style and genre, but examine the human condition through different lenses. The ONE ACT FESTIVAL is being performed in the black box, and only 100 seats are available for each performance! PERFORMANCES ARE: Friday, March 6th at 7pm Saturday, March 7th at 2pm Saturday, March 7th at 7pm Tickets are general admission and doors will open to the theatre at 20 minutes before the show begins. @rockridgehigh @rockridgeperformingarts


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Not all stages are created equal. Some take longer to plan. Some cost more to furnish. All of them are totally worth it. 4 days on market. Listing by @mcilvainehometeam . #farmhousestyle #homestaging #bestofhomes #interior4you1 #homestyle #hometour #washingtonfineproperties

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Film scans are in today and I’m back at my desk to try my best to get through a PILE of editing before Christmas — thank goodness @kiyahc is coming over to keep me company, along with these heartwarming and squeal-inducing 35mm film images of the friendliest and most adorable donkeys, fresh from the @goodmanfilmlab .🐴 I’ll be a little quiet over here for the next week as I slowly craft a nest in my desk chair, which is totally fine because it’s WAY too cold outside. ☃️// 📷 from my shoot with @nelinaloiselle @vincent_bataoel @eyemanuel1977 at @marys .alpaca for @tsghuntcountry 📗 #scoutguide #scoutisout #tsghuntcountry #huntcountry #huntcountryva #loudouncountyva #loudouncountyphotographer #loudouncountymagazine #middleburgweddingphotographer #middleburgva #loudounweddings #huntcountrywedding #marysalpaca #donkeysofinstagram #cutedonkey #barbour #barbourjacket #groomstyle #townandcountry #townandcountryuk

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There's a new kid on the block in Loudoun County, VA! We're thrilled to have a home in this beautiful and historic county. His name is Jack and he is READY TO PARTY! Keep up with him here: @bubblesandbrewsva 🥂⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁠ #visitloudoun #loudounweddings #loveloudoun #loudouncounty #rusticweddings #loudounlocal #leesburgva #leesburgwedding#getcozyvintagemobilebars #loudouncountymagazine ⁠⁣ #insideloudoun #loudounliving #loudounlocal #loudounevents #loudounlife #loudoun #vintagemobilebar #mobilebar #mobilebartending

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It’s time to treat your pup to some actual play time! 🐶🤍🌸 Dog Parks are the BEST place to take your pooch and let him get all his energy out. What are your favorite local dog parks?! 🎾🐕🌿💦 . . . . #loudouncounty #leesburgva #belocal #loudouncountydogs #loudouncountydogpark #dogpark #doglovers #rescuedog #goldenretriever #loudouncountymagazine #loudouncountyva #northernvirginia #localsknow #newhomeowners