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Headed out into the hinterland for our walk today - the rain over the last few months has it looking so green and lush! 😍😍 No social distancing issues out here at all - barely saw another soul, but the kids did have a moo-off with a noisy bunch of cows we passed 🤣🤣 #isolife #hinterland #socialdistancing #exercise #covid19 #isolation #cantgetmuchmoreisolatedthanthis #keepingmoving #moveeveryday #countrywalks #largefamilylogistics #largefamily #fivekids #free #budgeting #budgetmum #frugalaussiemum #frugal #organised #keepingfit #freshair #vitamind

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Strong start in Lossiemouth this morning ☀️ Day 7 and week 2 of Lockdown, let’s see what the week brings.....💙 . . #covid_19 #lockdown #week2 #stayathome #staysafe #thesullivanfamily #largefamily #largefamilylife

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Our morning session is done for the day so lunchtime it is for the kids - Fish fingers, chicken nuggets&kale sandwiches, chips and apples, all inhaled and finished(there were more nuggets in the oven ).• • #lunchtime #kidsathomeforawhile #kidslunch #sandwichtime #easypeasylunch

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#campchaos #construction #gardening not really isolation when you live on 116acres with a #fam of 10 😂🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ #bushlife we always isolated - just wish the sun would come back to play 🤔🌿🍀 #otg #offthegrid #largefamily in reality the kids have their cars and stuff everywhere!!! And bad music playing loudly 😬🤨

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Today was simply gorgeous! After all this isolation, we decided it was time to go beyond the end of the driveway to a local park and take a hike. What a nice change! It’s amazing how some fresh air, sunshine, and exercise can brighten everyone’s moods! We maintained “social distance” and hiked 3 miles past many other people with the same idea! We reminisced about all the hikes we’ve taken all over the country this past year and marveled at all the places our hiking shoes have walked. It felt so good to go on a family hike again! Of course Tim found the creek and did a quick exploring of it. #largefamily #catholicmom #catholicfamily #hiking #sunshine #covid19 #covid19isolation #freefun #maneyroadsoflife #boredombuster

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One night I'll entertain y'all by showing y'all the craziness to getting three toddlers ready for bed 🥴 our schedule is so messed up from this corona virus mess. I need to get my shit together asap. Goodnight loves 😴 #momlife 💕 #momlifeyo #momlifeunfiltered #momlifebelike #momlifeisthebestlife #momlifeishard #momlifeisthebest #momlife #momlife101 #momlifebalance #momliferocks #momliferules #momlife #largefamily #momlifebestlife #momlifestyle

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Our washing machine just quit working... 😩

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Sunday Funday! All the family workouts. All the lawn mowing. All the family meals. All the front porch sitting. 💛💛💛 Alternatively titled: Social distancing got us like...

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When the to do list is as simple as staying inside with your family it allows you to spend 90 minutes drawing menus and fake money for an epic game of “restaurant”. • We just posted another video - checking in and playing restaurant... what’s something you’ve done this week with the fam that you wouldn’t normally have “time” for ??? • Click the link in my bio for the video . . . . .. .. .. ... ... ... .. .. .. . . . #quarantine #quarantinelife #largefamily #bigfamily #bigfamilylife #covıd19 #roleplay #homeschool #makingmemories #love #fulltimerv #fulltimetravel #fulltimervers #fulltimervfamily #travelwithkids #travelfamily #fulltimefamilies

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This is 34 weeks with these sweet guys! I could use some more estrogen in our #socialdistancing 🤣 And it’s been a beautiful warmer Sunday for us though snow is on its way again this week. I’ve had a few people checking on me since I haven’t been super active on here the past few days and so I’ve decided it may be time to share. While we aren’t sure and it may very well not be, we have been dealing with symptoms similar to COVID-19 for 2 weeks now, and we haven’t even left our home in over 2 weeks (it started with my second oldest and eventually made it to my husband and me ). My midwife did order a test for me, but thankfully, it seems that we’re all, hopefully, on the upswing at this point. But let’s all keep praying for everyone in our country who are struggling with this! ❤️ . These sweet shirts are from @bornagainapparelco and say “Let’s Roll!” Perfect for Easter and use my code ARIEL25 for 25% off at bornagainapparelco.com 🙌 They are the sweetest shop and are the most COMFORTABLE shirts that my guys haven’t taken off since we got them! And I love their heart for Jesus and families! Now, especially, is the time to support small shops and this is a fun one with Easter coming! Perfect for gifts too!! Have you planned any at home activities for Easter depending on what everything looks like then? 💗 . . . . . #5boys #34weeks #ohbaby #pregnantbelly #pregnancyannouncement #expecting #thebump #babylist #thisisus #ourfamily #ourcandidlife #largefamily #raisingboys #raisingthefuture #wearefamily #bigfamily #bigfamilylife #lovewhatmatters #newbaby #dearbabylist #mommylifestyle #motherhoodinspired #pregnancylife #mothershape #34weekspregnant #documentingmotherhood #parenthood_moments #thingsiwanttoremember #thirdtrimester

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Happy Sunday- in 7 other languages!! Since we are all home more I tried to say it in several languages and I hope we got them right! Did I get your language? Let’s play a game: WHERE in the world are you? Tell us your state or country (no cities necessary ) below and I’d love to see how far around the world we all are and what continents we have covered 🌎🌍🌏. This should be fun to see! Ps. Tim’s family line is norwegian and mine is German so we had to include those! . . . #fiveboys #bigfamilylife #largefamily #wearefamily #ourfamily #thisisus #homeschoolmom #raisingthefuture #raisingboys #honestmotherhood #lovewhatmatters #momofboys #boymomlife #familyiseverything #myeverythingtribe #myboys #iloveus #happysundayeveryone #happysunday #sabbath

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23 weeks pregnant! 🤰🏼⠀ ⠀ There’s tired, and then there’s PREGNANT tired 😴 ya feel me mamas?!⠀ ⠀ The 1st trimester of pregnancy is the only time in my life that I actually nap during the day! Glad those exhausting weeks are behind me. But even now in my 2nd trimester, I’m still tired lol. It’s probably because I have 3 other little ones to take care of everyday too 😅 were you more tired during pregnancy? Did you notice it more with your 2nd, 3rd, etc??⠀ ⠀ Our bodies go through SO much growing these babies! 👶🏼 It’s important to rest during the day (if possible ) without guilt. And getting a good night’s sleep is top priority! But as tired as we are, many expecting moms struggle to sleep at night... whether it’s because of leg cramps, insomnia or another pregnancy symptom. Somehow I have never experienced this in any of my pregnancies. I sleep amazing until the very end! 🙌🏼 wanna know my secret?!⠀ ⠀ MAGNESIUM!⠀ ⠀ My nightly routine: brew hot water and mix in Calm magnesium powder. Stir and let fizzle. Then add pregnancy tea bag and a little more hot water. Get in bed & drink while we watch Netflix! It’s delicious, calming & legit makes me sleep like a man 😉⠀ ⠀ 💫A few tips when starting on Calm💫⠀ • Work up to the recommended dose (2 tsp ). Start with 1/2t and slowly increase it. It can cause diarrhea 💩 so take it slow!⠀ • Drink it at night at least an hour before bed. It’s so relaxing! And an hour gives you time to pee so you *hopefully* don’t have to get up in the night!⠀ • The raspberry lemon flavor is my FAVE 😍 most stores carry it now but it’s cheapest on amazon. I’ll link it in my stories now and it’s also always in my amazon shop (link in bio ) in the pregnancy section.⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Magnesium helps with SO many things! Migraines, restless leg syndrome, muscle spasms, insomnia, anxiety + more. Sadly, most of us are deficient in this incredible mineral! 💫 have you ever tried taking magnesium?⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #pregnancytips #healthypregnancy #secondtrimester #23weekspregnant #pregnantbelly #bumpdate

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I never set out to be the bread lady, and yet here we are. You really can’t go wrong with homemade bread. If Lincoln gains the Quarantine 15, I’ll take the blame. 🤷🏼‍♀️😉😂

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What could be more simple and satisfying as soup and salad? Now that we are in Great and Holy Lent we are eating a lot of simple soups and salads without oil. This is a simple white bean soup and delicious salad topped with a creamy dressing consisting of puréed avocado, balsamic vinegar, and various spices. #orthodoxchristianlife #simpledinners #lotsofmouthstofeed #largefamily #lentenseason #eattherainbow #foodismylovelanguage #laboroflove #familydinner #lovemylife

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Day 7 of 80DO — Roll & Release — is complete!! I was thinking it would be an easy stretch day but those foam rollers are no joke! I could barely roll myself without sliding off, then my arms and abs were sore from holding myself up 😂 Y’all, being out of shape is no fun. I’ll get better, though. No worries! #thunderthighsfordays #laneygetsfit #fitness #fitfam #motivation #momlife #homeworkout #teamac #fitfromhome #beachbodyondemand #beachbody #weightloss #teambeachbody #80do #80dayobsession #homeschool #largefamily #largefamilyliving #trainthemup #momlife #boymom #girlmom #momtomany #workoutwithkids #fattofit #overweightworkout

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So this is what church at home looks like for us: barefoot children, fussy baby, surly teen and a missing child who was taking WAY too long in the bathroom. 🤪 There’s so much about it that’s not pretty, but I’ve honestly loved it every week! It only takes us about 15 minutes to sing, pray, take the sacrament (bread and water that represent Christ’s sacrifice ) and then a quick lesson, talk or testimonies. In other words, it’s short, sweet and full of the people I love. I think this extra time at home will leave us all with some essential lessons on life, family and making space and time for what we TRULY value most. And for that, I’m grateful for our time at home, even while fasting and praying for all those suffering and working on the front line. What do your family’s Sundays look like these days?

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I made this collage a few months after our youngest was born. Some of the kids look so alike as babies I only know which is which by the clothes/background. And I lost an 'S' down the back of the photos, I really can spell 🤪 It sits opposite the loo and us girls get to look at it all the time, but it occurred to me the other day that the boys don't really get the opportunity so i've decided to do another on the opposite wall, possibly of all the kids at the aged 5 mark. I'll make it easier for the men 😉 #ninelivesrichmond #ninelives #largefamily #photocollage

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#Dia17 E o problema da contagem é que não sabemos até quanto vai... 🕧 Com a mudança da hora acordamos mais tarde 🕧 Acabamos o pequeno almoço ao meio dia! 🕧 Bebemos café na rua ao meio dia e meio. 🕒 Eram 15h quando acabamos de almoçar... ✅ Consegui gravar 3 dos 20 vídeos que tenho para fazer ✅ Os miúdos andaram em free style o dia todo, não sei se é bom ou não, se gosto ou não... 💃 Depois de almoço ouvimos bem alto na rua música dos anos 80 em direto da varanda de um DJ em Portimão. Dancei e ri com a Julieta, o Zé e a Rosita a vermos o nosso reflexo (gordinho e achatado ) na lateral do carro. ✅ A Rosita dormiu um sono no carro quando foi à horta com o pai 🥦 O jantar foi tarde 😭 O Zé teve um meltdown antes de adormecer, foi quase 1h de choro, zangado, grandes lágrimas, comigo ao lado, a abraçar quando deixava, até que adormeceu. ❗Vamos precisar ser muito fortes, isto não vai ser fácil para ninguém! ❌ Hoje não houve desenhos, histórias, pinturas ... hoje não tive paciência para nada disso Sinto que vamos precisar de forças. Nos primeiros dias andei entusiasmada com o poder não fazer nada, ou não ter horários rígidos, agora já não é assim... #familianumerosa #largefamily #ficamosemcasa #maede6

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The way my lot are going cabin fever is kicking big time and I bet a few other parents could be doing with this, infact I can think of a few adults to come to think of it🤣 please be safe and remember only go out if you need to and think of the key workers that don’t have the option on this to help you or protect you and your family in this horrible time 🌈 🌈 🌈 🌈 #conoravirus #Largefamily #familyof8 #coronavirusoutbreak ⚠️

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Lentils...they’re what’s for dinner (quite often in Lent ). Since we have been quarantined and life has slowed down I’ve been able to spend more time in the kitchen. I’ve been trying to have a little more variety as I challenge myself to use the food I already have instead of shopping as frequently as usual. Lentils can get boring unless you change it up a bit. Aside from the commonly used onions, carrots, garlic, and celery this soup has been combined with a purée of diced tomatoes and a roasted bell pepper. I also added some freshly squeezed lime juice and some whole coriander seeds. Not too shabby for an oil free Lenten meal. #route143hearttotable #orthodoxchristianlife #largefamily #laboroflove #simpledinners #realfood #mealsfromscratch #lentendinner #lentilsoup #lotsofmouthstofeed

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Took the photo on the right yesterday.... Me and the girls dressed up as fairies. It reminded me of when we went to Disney on ice and we dressed up as princesses so I thought I would see how much we’ve all changed! Crazy what twelve months can do! I’m feeling so much better.... mentally, physically- looking forward to the next six months! And look at the girls!! Emmy is an actual person!! I’ll be sharing all the healthy food I’m making from home and the excercise I’m doing : ) Thanks for all your continued support and positivity guys it’s so lovely- I love this community. Krechelle X

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Baked potatoes for tonight and tomorrow, beans for chili for tomorrow. It took me 13 years as a homemaker to discover the art of oven baked potatoes. Absolutely in love with it! #quiverfullblessings #momlife #largefamily #homemaker #largefamilycooking

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I love the way the sun hits our house early in the morning. I love the stripes inside and outside. 🥰 We watched the live-streaming Mass from St. Mary’s again this week. There were a few members from the choir this week and it was simply beautiful! We used Ella’s painting of the church as a prop since we’re all missing the real thing. The birds and wind chimes outside were especially pretty this morning.

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Picked up some pallets to start my three raised gardens beds, still have several more beds planned know to plan what and where to plant. My lovely feather butts are dropping nitrogen bombs as they scratch through my composite piles. #Homestead #largefamily #homesteading


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A whirlwind of emotions are happening all over the world right now and our home is no exception. . . I never thought that we would be in this place of standstill...what now? All the unknowns and when will things brighten up. . . Last night I was thinking about all the families who have lost their jobs and are wondering what this all means for the future...we are in the same boat. . . At first I panicked, I feared, and I absolutely had a few moments of insecurity. . . Then I realized... we cannot subject ourselves to doubt and fear. God never ever has let us down before and I know he isn’t about to let us down now. . . I want you all to sit back today and be thankful for what we have. In a time like this, we MUST purposefully point out what we are thankful for and let those fuel our emotions and drive us to peace. . . I am determined to use this time for good. I don’t want to look back and regret my selfish attitude, I want to show patience, willingness, joy, faithfulness, compassion, empathy, and love. . . To all the families COVID-19 has effected... please remember that there is purpose in this, even if we cannot see that right now. Even if it feels scary. . . #magicofchildhood #runwildmychild #motherhood #motherhoodunplugged #childhoodunplugged #largefamily #honestmom

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#FlashbackFriday I’ve been indoors more than usual, so I’m looking at photos of being outdoors. I’ve gained weight, so I’m reminding myself that it comes and goes. I’ve felt frumpy, so it’s fun to look at dress up pictures. These are all very superficial things, but I do the same exercise with important things. I’ve been to two beach weddings. One was in Curacao a number of years ago and was an absolutely extraordinary experience. This one was on Navarre Beach on the Gulf side in Florida and was one of the most intimate personal weddings I’ve ever been a part of. We are always making memories. I wish I could remember one thing from every single day. That may sound silly, but I don’t want to lose a single day. I’m making memories now, in this strange pandemic world. There has already been loss, and that will be a part of the memory. But it doesn’t have to be the only part. So I’m looking for creativity and humor and inspiration and unity. Someday I will probably do a flashback Friday post with a photo from this pandemic time. I want it to be a good one that evokes a lot of memories!


Lleyton 16th March 2020 4.24pm 3.74kg, 52cm Welcoming Lleyton to our family 💙 It only took 2 weeks but he finally has a name!!! We debated the name, the spelling, the middle name but we got there in the end. He joins Mackenzie, Harrison, Wesley, and Grayson as the loves of my life ❤️ #birthannouncement #nameannouncement #babyboy #familyof7 #largefamily #newborn #baby #debtfreecommunityaustralia

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How has this pregnancy compared to your others?! What are some comments you hear? Or, if you’ve had one baby, we’re you able to guess what that baby was based on how you felt? . Pregnancy is such a fun time, and so different for all of us, so I’ve partnered up with some other expecting mamas to share about our pregnancy journeys! If you get the chance, check out these other awesome mamas as well! We’ll all be answering this question! 🙌 @navypatten @thegingypants @theperfectmom @honestlymommy @dear .november.days . One thing I’ve learned is the questions strangers ask me during pregnancy can vary depending on whether it’s my 1st or 6th or how many kids I have with me 🤣 So, If you’re pregnant, what are some comments YOU hear from others? And how many kiddos do you currently have?? How has this pregnancy differed for you from others? Or, if you’ve had one baby, we’re you able to guess what that baby was based on how you felt? Physically, I’ve been far more exhausted this time than ever before, but my symptoms have been pretty all over the map with each baby and I wouldn’t be able to guess the gender based on that alone 🤣 Emotionally, it’s been similar except I’ve dealt with an increase of negative comments due to the 5 boys I currently have already. And mentally, I’ve been easier on myself, knowing it’s just for a season. Can’t wait to hear from you! 😘 . . . . . #5boys #letterboardquotes #ohbaby #pregnantbelly #pregnancyannouncement #expecting #thebump #babylist #thisisus #ourfamily #ourcandidlife #largefamily #raisingboys #raisingthefuture #wearefamily #bigfamily #bigfamilylife #lovewhatmatters #newbaby #dearbabylist #mommylifestyle #motherhoodinspired #pregnancylife #mothershape #mytinymoments #documentingmotherhood #parenthood_moments #thingsiwanttoremember #motherhoodthroughletterboards

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Let’s talk about how our kitchens are changing in the midst of all this staying home with our favorite people. 😊 . There are several practical steps you can take to make all this added cooking and eating at home run more smoothly. Mamas, you don’t have to do it all. If everyone is home, it’s easy to divide up the work load and spread it out.. . Make a simple chore list for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can have the same person do the same thing each meal or switch it up. Sticking to the list will keep the grumbling and bickering lower than if you have to tell them each time. One person unloads the dishwasher, another loads, another keeps table clean, another cleans the floor, etc. Divide it up as it makes sense for the number of people home and their ages. . Add a dinner helper for each night of the week, and rotate them. Kids are learning at home, and a kitchen is a great classroom! They learn life skills, management, math, food safety, service, the obvious one - cooking, and SO much more by spending time in the kitchen with you. And it’s bonding time too. Some of my best memories with my mom and grandma and sisters were made in the kitchen. What better time to pass down the family recipes than now? . And that kitchen table? Man, it’s for so much more than eating! This is where we create, write, draw, learn, play games, and do puzzles. Don’t be afraid to let yours pile high during the day! Go ahead and let it! It can be someone’s chore to clear it all while you’re working in the kitchen with your helper! . How has your kitchen changed in the last week? . . . . . #farmhousekitchen #beautifuldecorstyles #blackleatheredgranite #metalbarstools #barndominium #largefamily #largefamilylife #largefamilyliving #farmhouse #kitchendecor #kitchendesign #barndoorpantry #signsinmydesign #reclaimedwood #reclaimedwoodwall #kitchenaid #masonjars #berkeywaterfilter #farmhousedesign #farmhousestyledecor #buffalocheck #farmhousefeatures @decorsteals @farmhousefeatures

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#noirestiamoacasa e ci facciamo una foto! Ecco un’ idea per trascorre una mattinata buona: fra scegliere i vestiti (ognuno ha scelto cosa voleva mettere ) farci l’acconciatura, preparare tutto la macchina fotografica, il cavalletto ecc... ci siamo divertiti a realizzare questo quadretto di primavera, in questo scatto avremmo dovuto toccarci tutti la pancia.... ognuno a suo modo 😅 E così l’attesa ci passa meglio! Buona domenica a tutti #primavera #shooting #bigfamiky #largefamily #famigliaxxl #quintofiglio #maternity #maternityshoot #maternityphotography #maternityshooting #aspettandote #waitingforyou #waitingfor #pregnancy #pregnancyphoto #pregnancyphotoshoot #pregnantandperfect #spring #supermoms #33weekspregnant #34weekspregnant #34weeks #33weeks #iostoacasa #iorestoacasa #andràtuttobene #andratuttobene #gravidanza #gravidanzaincorso

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Coronavirus can take some of our freedom but it won’t take our SUNSHINE ☀️ . . I’m not going to lie, I hate being stuck inside all day. I love to venture out and go places with my tribe but I also know this isn’t about me and it’s important for us to stay home so we can keep others safe and not overwhelm our hospitals. . . This week, we’ve done homeschool, taken walks and bike rides, watched lots of movies and played in our blow up pool 🤣 We still have food and water, electricity, and air conditioning and most importantly we have each other! ❤️ . . Let me know how you are surviving and what you’re doing with this time at home? Are you loving not having anywhere to be or are you going stir crazy because you have no where to be?

2 weeks ago

Social distancing with my crew ❤️