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Jan 2015

⬆️suppose to sat part 52⬆️ #theneighborimagine ////When I woke up I wiped my eyes. But something didn't sound right. I lowered my eyebrows in confusion. It sounded like soft sobs. I looked around. Them sat up and looked on the side of the bed on the floor and their was Luke with his knees up to his face crying. "Luke?" He jumped and lifted his head up and wiped his tears before lifting his head up to where he's looking at me. "Why didn't you tell me?" "What?" "Don't act like you don't know" he said getting up wiping more tears from his eyes. I looked down at my left wrist. "I'm sorry...." "You could have came to me" he said quietly sitting on the side of the bed. "I'm sorry Luke....." "Look at me" he said putting his thumb and pointer finger on my chin, making me look at him. "I know life can get hard, but I'm always here, and I don't want you to hurt your self nor hate yourself. If I lost you I don't know what I'd do. So please stop, and if you feel like doing it again call me, and I'll be over as soon as I can. But I guess what I'm saying is that I love you way to much to loose you." 'He said it, he loves me, oh my gosh' my eyes were watery and I blushed deeply when he said he loved me. "You love me?" "Believe it or not, yes" he said giving me a half smile. "I love you to" He wrapped his arms around me. I put my face in his neck. "What's going on?" He asked. I brought my head back up looking at him and looking down. "I might be leaving" "what do you mean?" "My dad wants me to live with him" "where?" "To Texas" "Are you going?" "I don't know." "When do you have to tell him?" "Tomorrow........" "Well if you decide make sure that's what you want and if you stay make sure that's what you want." "I know..... But I just don't know it I can trust my dad" "well do what you think is right" I nodded "so why where you in here anyway?" "I was bored and the guys lazy asses are still asleep" I giggled "oh, well what time is it?" "About 6:30" "dang, were going to be alone for a while before anyone gets up" /////more in comments/////

Nov 2016

Why do all the good Boys already have to have a girlfriend 😣 #5secondsofsummer #imagine5sos #imaginecalum #calumhood #michaelclifford #ashtonirwin #lukehemmings

Feb 2015

At school😑😑

May 2014

Personal imagine for @charprime // 'I can't' - You're sitting on the couch with Luke and you're about to brake up with him. 'No Luke. I can't do this anymore.' You say. 'So you want to give up on us just because of hate? I thought you love me.' 'I do love you. But I don't want to get broken of all the hate. You don't know how much it hurts to read and hear them all day.' 'It hurts me too babe. Trust me I wish I could make the pain away but i can't and that makes me sad. I can't protect my girlfriend from getting hate from my own fans and I hate it. I'm so sorry. But please don't leave me. I can't live without you.' 'I don't know Luke.' He pulls you to him and hugs you tight. 'Please babe.' 'Well we try it.' You say and hug him back. 'Thank god.' He says and kisses you passionately. || I'm sorry it took so long and that it isn't that good ._. But I still hope you like it : )

Apr 2015

The feels😥😳

Feb 2015

Ok im sorry this is really bad its my first but what ever😂😂 hope yall likeee 💕

May 2014

I pray my last week of school goes well considering I didn't get to finish my homework #imaginecalumhood #calumhood #imagine5sos #5sos #imagine5secondsofsummer

Mar 2015

My dog keeps standing on my yoga mat and im getting annoyed😒😒 but how are you guys😂😂😂

Jun 2015

Late night post🌃