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Randa's Foster, FF Bentley, was adopted today but she wasn't going to leave empty handed! Pita was relinquished to the shelter with some pretty serious medical issues. She has rotten teeth, a significant heart murmur, enlarged heart, matted fur, and buggy dry eyes. She is so sweet and quiet, you would never know all this was going on! Pita is going on a Frosted Fling so her Fling mom can get her to the College Animal Hospital ASAP and the road to feeling better! Pita still needs a monthly Fan, you can sign up for her here: frostedfacesfoundation.org/fans Fling Family: Randa Chichakli Fan: You? Facts: Pita is 10 years old and was rescued from SDHS on May 23, 2020. #ffpita #frostedfaces #seniordogsrock

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Alex had about three questions for Bentley's Foster mom before she said, "He's the one"! Such a happy ending for this little brown Chihuahua! Thank you to Randa Chichakli for fostering Bentley! Family: Alex Chatfield Fan: Tami Cross Facts: Bentley is 9 years old old and was rescued from Irvine Animal Care Center on April 30, 2020. #ffbentley #frostedfaces #seniordogsrock

4 hours ago

Volunteer favorite Odessa finally found her Forever Family! These first time dog owners were looking for a mellow, friendly fur-kid that would ease them into owning a canine pal! Odessa is the best girl for the job and will love all the attention! Family: Brittany Idrizaj & Randall Ewing Fans: Lori Powers & Allyson Mackinney Facts: Odessa is 13 years old and was rescued from SDHS on March 4, 2020. #ffodessa #frostedfaces #seniordogsrock

5 hours ago

This is my sweet Mara. Aging, geriatric, and pets that are facing terminal illness need personal and compassionate care. It is often very difficult and stressful for pets with mobility issues, chronic pain, or terminal illness to travel to a veterinary clinic. We will come to you, so sit, stay and relax! . . . #veterinarian #mobileveterinaryservice #frostedfaces #northernvirginia #restonvirginia #petsofinstagram

6 hours ago

He’s doing much better today! Still in a bit of pain, still suffering from some of the side effects of the UTI, but in a much better place. One day at a time!

6 hours ago

“Hi furiends! 👋 🐾 Update from yesterday’s post: Human is crocheting 🧶 for me my own hedgehog 🦔 ! She had some stronger all-cotton yarn left over from a previous project that she says will be much better than the soft but fragile yarn used in the previous hedgie 👍 She told me she’s gonna make sure I use it for snuggling purposes ONLY but I’m not making any promises! 😏” -Bacchus

6 hours ago

Haven't been my usual playful self these last few months... but today is a NEW DAY!!! #letsgo #letsgetit #letsplay #sillydog #playfulpup #frostedfaces #rescuedogsofinstagram #rescue #shelterdog #muttsofinstagram #boxersofinstagram #pitbullsofinstagram

7 hours ago

Rhonda (left ) was a stray and ended up at the shelter. She's got a big belly and the shelter was worried she might be pregnant so the did a fastscan. Nope! Just a little chunky! Rhonda is headed into a Foster home with a big family so she will get all the attention and snuggles she wants! She is going into College Animal Hospital this week for diagnostics and if all looks well, we will schedule her for a dental and spay! Rhonda needs a monthly Fan! You can sign up for her here: frostedfacesfoundation.org/fans Foster Family: Sherry Helmer & Timothy Robertson Fan: You? Facts: Rhonda is 10 years old and was rescued from SDHS-Escondido on May 23, 2020. #ffrhonda #frostedfaces #seniordogsrock

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Meadow is celebrating her FIRST Frostiversary! Beach days full of bird chasing and sandy paws, snuggles, accompanying mom to work on Fridays, and lots of cozy spots to nap after a long day, what more is a girl to ask for? Family: Kasie Miller & River Edgren Fans: Marla Hernandez and Brian Goldberg Facts: Meadow is 14 years old and was rescued from Redlands Shelter on May 23rd, 2019. #ffmeadow #frostedfaces #seniordogsrock

13 hours ago

woke up this morning and wanted to surprise jazz with an adventure... so we took her and her beloved tennis ball to the pond for a swim — and she did AMAZING off leash! we love this girl so much. ♥️

15 hours ago

So nice to see this guy out and running around again. He’s so happy to be out and about 💙💙 - #boxer #boxerdog #oscartheboxer #brindleboxer #flashybrindleboxer #beautifulboy #mybestfriend #olddogsrule #frostedfaces #naturewalk

23 hours ago

12 year old Valentino was surrendered to the shelter when the health of is owner was declining. We rescued him just today! He made it clear he wanted to belong again, and while these guys only showed up to take a Frosted Face on a two week Frosted Fling, their idea was flung, because Valentino is Forever! Valentino is going in for the standard FFF diagnostics of a senior panel with chest and abdominal x-rays. If everything looks okay, he has dental surgery scheduled for June 3rd. Family: Seth & Erica Caskey Fan: You? Register at www.frostedfacesfoundation.org/fans/ Facts: Valentino is 12 years old and was rescued from San Diego Humane Society-Oceanside on May 23rd, 2020. #ffvalentino #frostedfaces #seniordogsrock

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Yesterday we emailed several shelters letting them know we had room to help more seniors. An interesting tidbit is that there are usually an overwhelming number of chihuahuas in the shelter system, but right now there are hardly any senior chis right now. We were astounded to be handed lists of fluffy senior dogs who were simply surrendered for various reasons. You know what all that fluff masks... medical issues! You and me, we've got this though! We can help them! Here is the rescue roster from today! San Diego Humane Society-Escondido 🚗 Hope Tileston 🐶 10 year old Rhonda, brought in as a stray San Diego Humane Society-Oceanside 🚗 Delia Haust & Chris Karnes 🐶12 year old Valentino, surrendered due to poor health of owner 🐶9 year old Damien, brought in as a stray 🐶9 year old Toto, brought in by Humane Law Enforcement San Diego Humane Society 🚗Dennese Flowers 🐶10 year old Pita, surrendered due to allergies 🐶9 year old Tyrone, owner surrender and fence climber 🐶10 year old Sweeney, surrendered due to allergies 🐶17 year old Salsa, surrendered due to owner having no time County of San Diego Animal Services-Carlsbad 🚗Anna Turner 🐶9 year old Coleridge, brought in as a stray San Bernardino City Animal Shelter 🚗Lily & Grace Cambell 🐶12 year old Riddick, abandoned on property The number one thing you can do to help us sustain this incredible rate of rescue accompanied by quality veterinary care, which increases the interest of potential adopters by relieving that financial burden, is to register to be a $25/month sponsoring Fan of a Frosted Face. You can choose one of these newbies (not yet listed on the website, but you can still name them on the registration ): www.frostedfacesfoundation.org/fans/ #frostedfaces #seniordogsrock


Nancy's daughter lives near to Frosted Face Gypsy's family who spread the word about our program. Nancy met a lot of dogs, and her decision was interesting. Try not to melt... She pointed out one dog and she said, "Well I know that is my 'type' of dog, but I came here to help a senior who needs me." Then she pointed out Frosted Face Boy and said, "This dog needs me, and this is what it's all about!" Today Boy found family! We owe thanks to Jason Santos for fostering Boy and have included some photos from their time together. Family: Nancy Trejo Fans: Marybel Flores, Wendy Davis Facts: boy is 10 years old and was rescued from Wishing Well Ranch on January 31st, 2020. #ffboy #frostedfaces #seniordogsrock


Gala and Party are going home together! These two were surrendered to San Diego Humane because their owner was not able to pay for medical care. Party needed a giant mass removed and the biopsy showed that it was a fibrosarcoma. Gala needed a dental surgery and they both needed a grooming badly. SD Humane was able to remove Party's mass and give her a good shave. Gala is scheduled for her dental and grooming next week. They will be living well and feeling good! We are so happy they will be loved together with their new Forever Family! Forever Foster Family: Maurice DeFino and Karla Peck Fans: You? Facts: Gala is 10 years old and Party is 6 years old. They were rescued from San Diego Humane Society on May 19, 2020. #ffgala #ffparty #frostedfaces #seniordogsrock


Sloane got adopted today! Lilly had an application on file with us and had been keeping an eye out for a Bedlington Terrier - she even had an alert set up on Petfinder for any that became available. When we rescued Sloane a few days ago she got the alert and immediately scheduled an appointment to meet her. Today she's bringing her perfect girl home! Sloane has a dental and spay coming up in a couple of weeks and she needs some fans to help cover the cost of these procedures. Would you like to be her fan? Sign up here: https://frostedfacesfoundation.org/fans Family: Lilly Barnett Fans: You? Facts: Sloane is 7 years old and was rescued from the San Diego Humane Society on May 19, 2020. #ffsloane #frostedfaces #seniordogsrock


You see that little guy in the middle? That's Toto! He just arrived a few hours ago, and he already gets to go on a Frosted Fling! The shelter did his dental and he has no teef left! He needs a grooming, but he's ready to find his forever family! We can't wait to share more about him from his Fling family! He also needs a monthly fan! If you'd like it to be you, please sign up here: https://frostedfacesfoundation.org/fans Fling Family: Sara Burton & Hannon Rasool Fans: You? Facts: Toto is 9 years old and was rescued from San Diego Humane Society on May 23, 2020. #fftoto #frostedfaces #seniordogsrock


Douglas got adopted! This family fell for him as soon as they laid eyes on him! We are so happy for little Dougie and can't wait to see him thrive in his forever home! Thank you to Gloria R. Rivera for fostering Douglas while he waited for a forever family! Family: Kelissa Doiron Fan: Diane Graf Facts: Douglas is 10 years old and was rescued on May 5, 2020 from Orange County Animal Shelter #ffdouglas #frostedfaces #seniordogsrock


Papaya was a stray to Riverside Shelter. The owner knew she was there but did not claim her & the shelter are still pursuing him for the shelter fees. Once at Frosted Faces, Papaya was lucky enough to go on a Fling with dog trainer, Alyssa Kohler. Alyssa gave us some great insight about Papaya & her behavior and even bought her a fun Kong Ball to eat from. This will help Papaya because she eats too quickly & is super playful! Today Papaya found family and Alyssa helped with the transition for our first time dog mom. Papaya will be having dental surgery at College Animal Hospital on June 4th. Yay Papaya! Family: Maddison Nelson Fan: Love Scrubs Facts: Papaya is 10 years old and was rescued from Riverside Shelter on May 6th, 2020. #ffpapaya #frostedfaces #seniordogsrock


the love between these two makes my heart explode ♥️🥺


“Human crocheted this hedgehog 🦔 stuffy but she says it’s for decor only because I will destroy it. Psh! What’s the point of stuffies if not to destroy??” -Bacchus😜


Tempo, formerly Dumbo, was rescued from the streets in TJ about a year ago covered in mange. Really unimaginable to see a dog in such poor condition, especially as a senior. He was treated and lived in the home of an independent rescuer. Kelly Ann Gerth asked if we could help the rescuer make some room by exiting him from her home and bringing him to the US to find a family of his own. YES! Tempo has a jaw tick that is likely the result of having distemper as a younger pup. He is truly a survivor! On May 8th, Rebeca Altamirano brought Tempo over the border to FFF. Within a few days Tempo was having seizures and when we reported back to the TJ rescuers they said that he did the same thing with them. Right now we are monitoring him and have learned that distemper survivors can have seizures later in life. If they continue we will start him on the appropriate medication. We are also treating an ear infection for him. Tempo's tongue looks like he has bitten it, likely during seizures. He has dental surgery for an infected tooth scheduled at College Animal Hospital on June 12th. The guy is pretty quiet and dare I suggest has a bit of a dull mentation from his medical history. He sits back and watches everything with much skepticism. Tempo is well socialized with cats and dogs. He does not seek affection and seems to cower. We don't want to discount the fact that he may just be very scared in a new environment and today... finally in a home! Today Tempo is going on a Frosted Fling so he can be closely monitored and have his own pretend mom and dad for a bit. Check back in two weeks for an update! Also check out his new collar and leash. Many of our dogs (who fit ) are going home with martingale collars and leashes donated by Little Red Collar. They donated over 400 pieces with various designs! Tempo needs a $25/month sponsoring Fan to cover his lifelong care. Please register at www.frostedfacesfoundation.org/fans/ Fling Family: Steve & Leslie Thayer Fan: You? Facts: Tempo is 10 years old and was rescued from Tijuana on May 8th, 2020. #fftempo #frostedfaces #seniordogsrock


Dottie is celebrating her FOURTH Frostiversary! "Hi everyone!!! Just writing to share that Dottie is doing GREAT!! She’s enjoying having us all home right now for sure. She’s healthy, happy and feisty as ever. She’s enjoys her yummy Honest Kitchen breakfast and dinner and her freeze dried treats. She has a bed in every room and lives the life of a rescue queen. We are so grateful for the opportunity to love her." Family: Kristin & Calvin Penfound Fans: Melissa Muik, Enythe Green Facts: Dottie is 16 years old and was rescued from Los Angeles Animal Care Control: Carson on May 23rd, 2016. #ffdottie #frostedfaces #seniordogsrock


Alyssa's foster pup was adopted today, so she picked a new one to take home! Maxine has been with us since November and we're not sure why she hasn't been chosen by her forever family yet. She has a crooked spine, but it doesn't hurt her, or slow her down! She's a great hiking buddy and just loves life! Apply to meet her soon! https://frostedfacesfoundation.org/apply Foster Family: Alyssa Kohler Fans: Bonnie Sposato, Helen Van Tassel Facts: Maxine is 8 years old and was rescued from Animal Friends of the Valley on November 5, 2019. #ffmaxine #frostedfaces #seniordogsrock

2 days ago

Pismo was surrendered to the shelter by his previous owners because they could no longer afford to care for him. He seemed a little shy at first but quickly warmed up to volunteers and the other dogs at FFF. Poor guy is terribly matted, was not neutered, and had foxtails imbedded in his skin. Yesterday he went to College Animal Hospital for surgery where he was neutered and given a full exam to remove all the foxtails. They found one deep in his ear, another had traveled up his paw, and two were lodged and infected in his gums. Ouch! Pismo was adopted today and his new Family is so excited to bond with him and help him heal. He is going to feel so much better soon! He still needs a haircut fir his shaggy mane but otherwise this guy is feeling like a whole new man! Pismo still need a monthly Fan to help cover the cost of his surgery and diagnostics! Please sign up for him here: frostedfacesfoundation.org/fans Family: Anna & Adrian Jonan Fan: You? Facts: Pismo, formerly Gizmo, is 8 years old and was rescued from SDHS on May 19, 2020. #ffpismo #frostedfaces # #seniordogsrock


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Feb 2020

I can’t believe we’ve made it 13 years without any FB surgeries. You eat everything you shouldn’t, you’re deaf as a post, not that you listened before...every day with you brings something to laugh and fuss about. Wouldn’t change any of it. Happy 13th Birthday, Brutus. 🥰🐾🍩 #myboybrutus #happybirthdaybrutus #bullterriersofinstagram #seniordogsofinstagram #frostedfaces

Dec 2019

Happy Howlidays! 🎄❄️⛄️❤️🎉 #olderlabs #frostedfaces #sugarface #labsofinstagram

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Today we did something we’ve been wanting to do for a long time. We welcomed Koda (also known as Kilo ) from @frostedfaces into our family today! We love his gentle spirit. We are so happy! ❤️ #frostedfacesfoundation #frostedfaces #OldManKoda

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So this is as close to the bay as I can get? Humans please stay inside where it’s safe. I miss the sand in my paws 🐾 and I know you do too! Let’s all follow the rules so we can regain our privileges sooner than later. #beaglebythebay #beaglesofinstagram #beaglenation #beaglesociety #beagleclub #grucru #pies #doggo #doggosdoingthings #beaglelife #beaglestyle #beagleboy #beagle_mania #beaglemania #keepitwild #beagle_features #encasa #beaglecentral #flippingears 🐾 #seniordogs #boopthesnoot #grumpybeaglesunited #petsofsd #beagles_love_daily #frostedfaces #beaglesmile #quarantinegrumpsters #stayhome #socialdistancing

Dec 2019

Oh my goooosh, look they’re all just like me 👀.

Jan 2020

Is the weekend here yet? I want to run around and run over everything I see because sometimes I forget I am a wide load 😂🐾