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So, I slipped outside quietly after breakfast for my "alone time" with nature, and she knew it something else got my attention at the moment. So what does she do to win me back? She uses the very thing I'm captivated by to draw my attention to her. She got me! There I was searching for a frame, a picture for a story, and in one unsupervised moment, she gave it to me while also getting what she wants 😀 In an instant, she won me over with her natural energy. That radiant smile clearly shows she's the winner here. I had to say - thank you 😊💚 #preschoollife #preschooler #wildandfreekids #forestlovers #letthemexplore #natureconnection #childrenoftheforest #forestkids #kidslovenature #daughter #forestdweller #homesteadbamboo #bamboonow #bamboolife #bamboolove #sustainableliving #bambooeducation #connectwithnature #embracenature #bambooisgrowing #bambou #bambooplantation #sustainablebamboo #bambooforfuture #keepbamboostrong #thinkbamboo #welovebamboo #bambookids #inspiredbymydaughter #thisbamboolife

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Here's my new front door. Spent 2 days with the door out for most of the day(open hole ). Next on the pre-siding list are the windows. You can see the framing for one of them in the last picture. #houseremodel #homerenovation #myunicornlife #fairy #fantasy #elves #fairyland #charlescreaturecabinet #bjd #dolls #realpuki #pukipuki #pukifee #faerieragsfaerie #childhoodtreasures #childhoodfantasy #fanciesofchildhood #fae #fairyfolk #cottagecore #Morikei #morikeilifestyle #morigirl #forestdweller #offgridliving #feltdolls #dollhousedolls #microdolls

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Ever get the feeling you're being watched? #roostersofinstagram #farmdogs #seniordogs #athomeinthewoods #forestdweller #dogsofinstagram

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Forest Landing

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Every season fills me with amazement as I walk through the woods, through the fields, down pathways and lanes taking in all that nature has to offer. Beauty is there although it is not always grand and obvious. Sometimes it is found ducking through the underbrush, crawling around in the moss, and getting wet toes and wet knees. But it is there - we need to be willing to look for it. Beauty and convenience do not always go hand-in-hand. I do believe that nearly everybody has access to nature but it may take effort to access. The healing benefits of nature are unrivaled and at this point in human history are absolutely necessary. Make the effort and find the healing beauty in all that nature has to offer both big and tiny. From the mosses, to the mushrooms, to the trees, and to the mountain tops. Nature is a nutrient that is deficient in the human diet. . . . #natureisnourishment #naturemedicine #earthmedicine #plantmagic #plantmedicine #earthmagic #holisticnutrition #naturenourishesme #naturetherapy #natureheals #forestdweller #plantspiritmedicine #mycology #mushroomsofinstagram #holistichealing #herbalism #champagnehillbotanicals

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New design✨ These double layer bracelets feature a flashy Moonstone crystal. 🌙 Also adorned with a delightful selection of high quality genuine crystal beads. 🌿 4 color options to choose from: ✽ Plum ✽ Moss ✽ Golden ✽ Chestnut You can click the link in my bio to travel to my Etsy shop to check these out ! Plus a healthy handful of my other new Nature-Inspired creations 🦋🌱

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سيُصيبك ما أصبت به غيرگ، فقط إنتظر 😌🍂🍁🍃 #autumn #autmnvibes 🍁🍃🍂 #autumnvibes #autumn 🍁 #loveautumn #season #seasons #forest #forestphotography #forestlife #algerienne 🇩🇿 #alg #tree #browncolor #forestdweller #forestvibes #trees #moodynature #mood #calma

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And when you say my name Like white horses on the waves I think it feels the same As an ocean in my veins And you'll be diving in Like nothing is out of place And we exist for love Only for love 💚 @zachsnaturewalks and I had a lovely New England fall adventure today in our @thefairygodmotherclothingco jackets! . . . . . #pagancouple #forestdweller #witchy #faeriecouple #faeriewear #freespirit #goodvibes #forestfairy #fae #magical #autumn #newhampshire


🌾📷🍂 Everything felt so still in the marsh today 🧡


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A tiny cluster of wolf's milk slime, Lycogala epidendrum. Not a fungus, but the fruiting body of an acellular slime mold.

2 weeks ago

I turned 25 today and finally I decided to tell you something about myself I will be very glad if you could also share a couple of words about yourself in the comments 💛 🌙I live in a house on the edge of the forest... ... I wish I could say this, but so far this is only my cherished dream. I live in the suburbs of St. Petersburg, among concrete houses, thousands of people and very far from real dense forests. However, what difference does it make if my soul is always somewhere in a magical fantasy world? 🌙Art... Is a part of my life. Drawing, photographing, writing, sewing. Is this the meaning of my life? Maybe. I didn't create anything great and large-scale, but I know for sure if there is no possibility to create, there will be no my personality 🌙Nature... I am establishedly synchronized with nature and unconsciously live by the wheel of the year. I wish there were more foggy sunrises in the place where I live 🌙I love a quiet and measured life ... But this is not mutual. If I wrote here all the stories that happened to me, it would not be a blog about nature, but a stand-up blog. Have you ever drowned in a swamp? Walked 43 km at a time for pizza? Have you ever left to take pictures of nature and ended up in a closed military base? I have. 🌙I easily get carried away by everything... And I'm constantly searching for myself. Quite recently I found the right direction. Something creative. I am currently working on one project and hope for your support soon 🌙fantasy, mythology, myths and legends... ... are very important to me and are a constant source of inspiration. Thank you, Universe, that this world has English and Slavic folklore, the Witcher, Dragon Age and Joe Abercrombie. 🌙 my dear subscribers thanks for all the kind words that you say to me. You are my inspiration. Thank you for being with me 💛

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Yesterday in our found, trespassed Lothlorien. Close to the river and the pollution. Home to birds, frogs, and wily spiders. I wasn't wearing a photogenic outfit, and I'm not at my most eloquent. Just experiencing the shifting tones of light. The warmth of air during the day, the coolness that creeps in the evening. The green mist shrouding trees, bushes, near, far. The decay on the ground, leaves and leaves since forever. We also finished reading the first book of the Saga of the Borderlands by Liliana Bodoc- 'The days of the Deer'. Which I wholeheartedly recommend. A fragment that soothed my heart: 'A Wizard from the Ends of the Earth is no more than a walnut tree; a human birth is no more or less than a blossoming flower, an Astronomer studying the stars is no more and no less than a fish spawning. The hunter is no more or less than the prey he hunts in order to live; a man no less and no more than the corn he needs to feed him. That is what Zabralkán was telling us; and that is what is most vital. Creation is a perfect weave. Everything in it has its proper size and place. Everything is linked together in an immense tapestry that not even my beloved weavers of the south could reproduce. Shame on us if we forget we are a loom'.

4 weeks ago

Would you wake up for this view? 🦌🍂 ••• The perfect hideaway place was always nature for me. Growing up in the countryside, I can't imagine my life without the green pines’ whispering and the blackbird’s song. Forests could share stories and each tree remembers. You just need to listen to them.