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You can take the girl out of Philly.... #philly #philadelphiaeagles #flyeaglesfly

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Cutipie 🥰🥰 @aman___ .ramgarhia ________________________________________________________________________________________ #like #comment #share #aman #ramgarhia #my #love #crush #cutipie 😘 #flyeaglesfly #liketime #sardari #supportlocal #treanding

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@briandawkinssr // Weapon X himself. The man needs no introduction. #iykyk One of my favourite safeties to ever play in the @nfl . - 1,147 tackles, 26 sacks, 36 forced fumbles, 19 fumble recoveries, 37 interceptions, 4 touchdowns over the span of 16 years!! - HALL OF FAME INDUCTED 🏆 (2018 ) - #philadelphiaeagles #eagles #flyeaglesfly #philadelphia #nfl #eaglesnation #philly #football #bleedgreen #gobirds #carsonwentz #birdgang #eaglesfans #eaglesfootball #goeagles #superbowl #nfceast #usa 🇺🇸 #safety #webleedgreen #weaponx #philadelphiaeaglesfans #sports #sportsdesign #eaglesnest #phillyphilly

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Sometimes, it takes #learning how to be perfectly lonely, just so God can show you what being perfectly #loved feels like. #Never doubt the season He has your life in God will lead you where He wants you to be, but do you talk to Him daily to see where He wants you to go? Instead of complaining, ask God, "What is the lesson you're trying to #teach me?" #tgif #tgif_macro #tgifridays #thoughtsbecomethings #wakeup #flyeaglesfly #gofaminthof

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#flyeaglesfly #funnygirl 😌

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Take that leap of faith. There are great heights that you can soar but you need to believe it. . . . . . . . . #inspiration #inspirationalquotes #fly #flyeaglesfly #flyhigh #youarethebest #youwillsucceed #youvegotthis #youcandoit #leapoffaith #hardworkpaysoffs #hardworkingwomen #hardworking

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Everyone is doubting Wentz and the Eagles except one man! #FlyEaglesFly . Full podcast https://sg.pn/nflpickswk3

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Lastest article about the superstar RT Cordell Volson. http://philadelphiasportschronicle.com/2020/09/25/potential-eagles-2021-draft-gems-episode-7-cordell-volson/ - #respectthefcs #fcs #fcsfootball #eaglesnation #flyeaglesfly

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#Eagles WR Alshon Jeffery will not play vs. the #Bengals . There’s a chance he could be ready Week 4 vs. the #49ers but the #Steelers game in Week 5 is more realistic, per @RealDGunn #FlyEaglesFly

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#Eagles WR Alshon Jeffery will not play vs. the #Bengals . There’s a chance he could be ready Week 4 vs. the #49ers but the #Steelers game in Week 5 is more realistic, per @RealDGunn #FlyEaglesFly

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Should the #Eagles go after speedy WR Taylor Gabriel? #FlyEaglesFly

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😂😂😂 #FlyEaglesFly #istillLoveWentz

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“We bouncing back this week” @boobiemilesxxiv #Eagles

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Should the Eagles go after Taylor Gabriel with Reagor out for a while? #flyeaglesfly #goeagles

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If Doug actually benches Wentz I’ll be shocked, but if he doesn’t perform well against the bengals... it’s time.

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We found Coach Pederson @bwwings during the last meet up, that kind of explains a lot 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣

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I don’t understand what happened to the old Wentz. Watch any plays from Wentz in 2017 even 2018 and some games in 2019 and you’ll see a Patrick mahomes style AB that rolls out of the pocket and makes throws to receivers adjusting on their route. That’s what the offense did best. Wentz would buy time for plays to develop and had a great command of the field to where he’d literally be pointing receivers through their routes as he’d be eluding d linemen while rolling out of the pocket. Now when you watch Wentz he doesn’t even leave the pocket and when he does he just doesn’t have the ability to create a play out of nowhere like he used to so he just freezes and doesn’t do anything with it. He used to be able to point guys open after they ran their original route or make a play with his legs in that situation but now it’s just nothing. What is the issue? Is it maybe that Doug no longer designs our offense to where Wentz rolls out and receivers are streaking across the field like it used to be? Now it seems more like Wentz stays in the pocket and receivers run either completely straight up the field or somebody goes out for a screen or a tight end cuts over the middle shallow. I know Wentz has elite talent, the guy literally was mahomes before mahomes for a year. I really hope he gets his swagger back. It might even just be that he needs to start having fun with it again. Looks like he used to have way more fun and was way more relaxed and carefree. Anyways this post was kind of just a confused rant but whatever, let me know what you think.

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James Robinson kinda popping off this season.... • • • • Follow @dripgurley for more daily NFL memes!


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#WCW my damn self how you like me now?!!! 😜 #Eagles #FlyEaglesFly #PhillyPhilly #FootballLove 💚🦅 #HeelsOnPoint

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Who’s gonna tell him 💀

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@kvonwallace had a message to Philly fans after Sunday’s loss. Thoughts?🤔

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With Jalen Reagor sidelined on Sunday it means just 2 of the Eagles’ last 16 draft picks will start on Sunday. Both players were selected in the 2nd round of the 2019 draft.


Justin Herbert was under disguise on Sunday... • • • • Follow @dripgurley for more daily NFL memes!


I remember being a young lad in 2016 scouting the quarterback prospects who were going to available in April. Now I didn’t know the difference between an A Gap and a C Gap, and 1-tech, and a 3-tech, but I could tell you that Carson Wentz was special. It’s 2020 now and I have a great deal of concern about him. Truthfully, how could you not? You can tell me it’s the offensive line, you can tell it’s the wide receivers, you can tell me it’s the play calling but you can’t abstain Carson from any blame. It’s year five but you still see him make rookie mistakes. Is some of his issues coaching? Sure, but I’ve noticed something over the last year or so. When the going gets tough, Carson Wentz seems to throw everything out the window and play hero ball. That’s when his mechanics go array, that’s when his footwork gets sloppy, and that’s when his decision making goes downhill. For Carson Wentz, coaching might not be able to fix that. That might be all mental and he might zone coaches out at that time. I don’t know for sure, I’m not in Carson’s head. One things for sure though, he has to get better. The Eagles put him on a timeline when they drafted Jalen Hurts. He might be feeling that pressure now and he’s definitely feeling it with the losses coming. Carson Wentz can get better and he probably won’t be this bad as the season goes on, but there are some serious concerns about him right now. ——————————————————— #Eagles #FlyEaglesFly #EaglesEmpire #Philadelphia #Philly

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Minshew boutta throw for 450 and 5 TDS....• • • (idea creds @milfminshew @nflsjokes ) • • Follow @dripgurley for more daily NFL memes!