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May 2018

Qotd: have you ever been to a 5sos concert? -which tour? Aotd: ROWYSO, SLFL, 5SOS3 I’m going to Meet You There and now I’m going to IheartDaystage ! //tagged random// - - - #lashton #lukehemmings #ashtonirwin #muke #malum #mashton #michaelclifford #cake #cashton #calumhood #fivesosimagines #fivesos #fivesecondsofsummer #fivesecondsofsummerimagines #5sos #5sosimagines #5secondsofsummer #5sos3tour #5sos3iscoming #wantyouback #5sos3 #youngblood

May 2014

You sit at the bar, alone, drinking. You're underage and don't usually do this kind of stuff but you're just so sad. You showed them your moms ID, because you look so similar. "Why am I so ugly? Why does nobody want me?" You question yourself, taking your second shot. It was gross but you wanted to take the pain away. Almost on queue, you slam down your shot glass as a cute guy with blue hair and green eyes slides into the the seat next to you. "Hi." He smiles. "Hello." You softly say back. "I came over here because I'm wondering why a beautiful girl is sitting over here by herself with a really sad face." Your yes widen at his statement. "I thought I-" "I know," he cuts you off, "you were trying to hide it. But, not to be creepy, I was kind of looking at you when you were drinking and when you put down your glass your eyes looked so... So pained." You shift nervously in your seat. You contemplate telling a complete stranger for a new perspective about how you feel unwanted, but don't want to come across as desperate. "What are you thinking about?" He asks, sliding his hand onto yours, in a comforting way. "You can tell me." He says. "He actually cares?" You think. You cave in to those beautiful eyes and sigh. "At least tells your name." You smile a bit. "Michael. Michael Clifford." He smiles. "And yours?" "(Y/N ). (Y/Full/N )." You mimic him, smiling even more. "You have a beautiful smile, (Y/Full/N ). Now tell me why you're sad, gorgeous." "I.. I just..." You stutter. "I feel ugly and worthless and unwanted." You blurt. His eyes widen and his jaw unintentionally drops open. "You? Ugly? Worthless? Unwanted?" Your eyes drop downward and you play with a strand of hair. His voice suddenly gets very quiet. "I think you're beautiful. I think your worth more than the world, just talking to you for a few minutes. And I want you. I know you're underage drinking right now. You look super young." He puts the strand of hair you've been playing with behind your ear, forcing you to look at him. Continued in comments : )

Jul 2014

I wrote this 13 weeks ago but one of my babes wanted part 2 so YAY! Finally here! Sorry for the wait! Part 2: You start running, Luke close behind you. You dodge objects left and right, yelling "Ahhhh!!" Every time Luke gets too close to you. You're near the end of the 5sos house and have nowhere to go except for Ashton's bedroom. Ash is sitting on the right side of the bed playing on his phone. "SORRY ASH!" You yell, jumping over him and hiding behind him. Luke runs in after you. "Shit, (Y/N )." Ash mumbles because Luke is running at him, full speed. Luke tackles you and Ash over. Now you're stuck under Ash. Ash manages to roll out of the "sandwich" he was in (Luke on top of him, you crushed under him ), falling on the floor and crawling out of his room. "I don't wanna have to burn this bed." Ash yells as he walks away. "HA." Luke laughs evilly. "Please please please I'll never do it again." You whine. He doesn't even answer, his fingers attack your body. You scream as one of his hands tickle your neck and the other your ribs. "Nooooo hahahahaaaaa, p-please!" You yell between laughs. He smirks and stops. "Thank you." Your breath beginning to slow down. His body is still keeping yours pinned to the bed, so you can't move. All of a sudden he attacked your hips. "AHHHHHHHH." You scream. That is the worst place ever, like omfg. You try with all of your strength to push him off you, but he's so much bigger and stronger than you. He laughs as you thrash underneath him. He switches to your ribs again, but nuzzles his face into your neck, knowing his scruff tickles really bad. "CAL, MIKEY, ASH, ANYONE!" You scream. All the boys are already standing in the doorframe, simply laughing at the situation in front of them. All you can do is slowly die... Meaning all you can do is laugh. Finally Luke stops to let you catch your breath. "I. Hate. All. Of. You." You pant, giving each boy a death stare. "You're really cute." Luke kisses your nose. "Don't say anything, she's mine." Luke addresses the other boys who are silently agreeing behind him. "Never again." You shake your head. "Until I wanna." Luke smirks, poking your side one last time before getting off you 😍❤️ 😁😜😝🙈

Jan 2015

You lay down on your side, facing the wall. "Babyyyyy" Michael coos as he enters the room. "Are you sleeping?" He slides into the bed under the covers next to you, molding his body with yours, being the perfect big spoon. You don't answer and pretend you're asleep, keeping your eyes shut and struggling not to smile. "AWww. (Y/N ) is so cute." He says to himself. He wraps his arm around your body protectively and kisses your hair. "God, I love you. You make me feel like I'm on top of the world and like I'm gonna puke, but in a good way. Sort of. Well you make my stomach drop with excitement. And holy shit you're beautiful. From the curve of your thigh down to your calf to your soft cheeks and your cute hands. I know you don't like any of it, but I think you're the most beautiful girl in the world. Damn I love you." You couldn't stop the huge grin forming on your lips, but Mikey had his eyes closed thankfully. "And your eyes. I could look into them for days. I could write books about them, and I've already written songs about them that you don't know about. Your nose is soooo cute and the way it scrunches up when I "boop" it is soooooo UGHHH. Wow I'm kinda fangirling over you. But how can you not?! Your voice is my favorite sound. Your lips are perfect. And your smile... Ugh!" He pauses to look at you. "Shit you're awake... Oh that's awkward I've been openly fangirling.... Umm..." You giggle and turn to face him. "I love it." Your lips find his, making him blush even deeper. "I love you." He whispers against your lips. 💜💜💜

Jun 2014

You make a face at Calum in the mirror. He makes one back, crossing his eyes and sticking his tongue out, putting his hand behind your head making bunny ears. You giggle and roll your eyes. He kisses your cheek, making you blush. You and Calum are getting ready for bed. You stand at the double sink in your bathroom: Calum's on the left, yours on the right. The area around his sink only has toothpaste and toothbrush and axe deodorant. Your sink has the same stuff (obviously not axe deodorant but your kind of deodorant ) but it also is surrounded by makeup, washes, lotions, hair straightener, and more. Calum always teases you about it, but you don't care. Cal starts brushing his teeth. The only thing left for you to do is put moisturizer on your face. After you finish this Cal is doing his own thing while you gaze at yourself in the mirror. You keep your face blank, but begin to criticize yourself. You mentally curse your reflection. "Hey." Cal says sternly. You give him a good fake smile and ask "What?" He takes your hands in his huge ones. "I know what that look is. You're perfect just the way you are. You're stunningly drop dead gorgeously beautiful." His lips meet yours. After it breaks, you smile shyly. "Thank you Cal." "It's only the truth." He says before picking you up and carrying you to the bed. 💤☺️😍😘

Jul 2014

You and Ash are the only ones left sitting on the cement ground by the bonfire. The rest of the boys are going crazy in the pool a several feet away. He pulls you into his chest and kisses the top of your head sweetly. "Guess what?" You giggle, as you change your position to lying down with your head in his lap. "What?" He smiles down at you. "No, guess!" You urge him. He chuckles. "You once encountered a flying bear-pig?" You burst out laughing. "Only you, Ash. No, I have never encountered a flying bear-pig. That sounds scary and messy. Have you?" You giggle again. "I have but that's a different story for later and you have a something to tell me!" You look around to make sure no one else is listening. "I think I have a crush on you." You sarcastically whisper. He giggles but then goes along with it. "Really? But you're so out of my league. Wow, my dreams come true!" He cradles your cheek with his huge Ashton hand as you giggle at his speech. "I love you." He whispers before leaning down and placing his lips softly on yours. You say I love you back in your kisses, which haven't stopped yet... And won't for a while. 😘😚😙😗😍😝😁. P.s OH MY LORD JESUS Mrs All American KILLED ME!!!! I'm American and ahhhhhh and AHHHHHH AND AHHHHHHHHHHHH DJNSIFYEBFICUANFKXOQTF

Aug 2014

'I really hate new schools.' You think angrily as you walk into the front entrance. 'Where am I supposed to go?' You think, already freaking out and you haven't been in the school for more than 5 seconds. You look at your schedule. "Do you need help?" A deep voice asks you. Startled, you jerk your head up. There is a cute guy with blonde hair and a lip ring standing in front of you. "Uhh... Sure." You accept his help and hand him your schedule. "We have 1st hour together!" He exclaims, happy. "That's cool! Now who exactly do I have first hour with?" You smile. "Luke. Luke Hemmings." "Well hello Luke, Luke Hemmings! I'm (Y/N ), (Y/N ) (Y/L/N )." He laughs and then hands you back your schedule. "Let's go!" He says, and you two walk to class. Right before you get to your class room, you see confetti everywhere and a sign saying "Prom?", and a kid with purple hair kissing some girls hand. Clearly she said yes. It was the cutest thing everrrr. Luke pats his back as you enter the class room. "You know him?" You ask. "Yeah, that's my friend Michael. He's in our 1st hour too. So are my other bros. That's Ashton over there with the crazy hair, and that's Calum next to him with the dark hair and the leather jacket." Your heart skips a beat. Calum is soo attractive. His bad boy look, his hand running through his hair. You don't realize you're staring until Luke pulls on your arm. "I'll introduce you, yeah?" "Oh, yeah." You smile encouragingly. "Hey guys! This is (Y/F/N )." You wave shyly at them. "Hi, (Y/N )! Sit here, in between Cal and I!" Ashton smiles warmly, scooting to the next desk over so you could sit. "Hello, beautiful." Cal smiles at you. You look behind you... There's nobody there. "Yes you. You're beautiful." He smirks as you slide into the desk next to him. Luke sits next to Cal, looking kind of jealous. "Thank you." You smile. He just winks back. Damn the whole badass thing is sexy. Michael slides in next to Ash. "Of course you would delay asking the girl until the last day." Ash laughs. Michael shrugs. "Cal and Luke still have to ask someone!" He says defensively. You look to your left at the boys. Continued in comments 😊

Aug 2014

You squeal as Ash picks you up for the picture. He proposed to you a week ago, and now you're doing your engagement shoot. He kisses your lips as you bend one leg behind you, doing as the photo shoot director tells you. "Why don't you stroll down this path" Scott (the director ) points to the rock path in the field. Ash sticks out his hand, palm up. You smile and place your small hand in his huge one. You interlace your fingers and begin to walk. "I'm so excited that we're getting married." You giggle as Ash kisses the top of your head. "Perfect!" Scott yells from behind you somewhere. "Twirl her, Ashton." Scott gives out his orders politely, as always. Ash smiles and raises his arm up, spinning you under it. "Absolutely adorable!" Scott calls. "Wander into the wheat and do cute things" "Very specific." Ash chuckles, leading you off the path. He shrugs and begins to slow dance with you. "No music needed" you laugh. "Yes yes beautiful." Scott cries. Ash leans over and whispers, "I can not wait to marry you, Mrs. Irwin." You blush as he kisses your forehead, creating the picture on everyone's fridge with the words "Save the Date 👰!"