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Wherever you are in the world L E T'S T A L K H O P S!! 🙉 After 35 days of harvesting we are ready for new beginnings. 🍻💚 We would love to share our story with you. See you in DM. 😊 . . . #hops #hopfen #familyfarm #family #hopfarming #harvest2020 #ready #lovetotalkhops #slovenia #bobek #styrianhops

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I have so many favorite memories from this summer: hiking with my family in Duluth, adventures in Ohio with Ryan and Erie, watching Dad happily mow for hours on the tractor, plus tons of firsts here on the farm. My fondest memory of this summer though is one I got to experience each day, and that is the success of our first garden in Wisconsin. Almost everything we planted flourished and we learned a ton! I already miss being able to walk out from the kitchen to the garden for whatever I need. I made Pad Kee Mao (Drunken Noodles ) on Friday and it killed me to have to buy fresh Thai basil and a red pepper. Thankfully, I have a ton of dried herbs and frozen peppers to get me by in the coming winter. #fallhomesteadshare #homesteadersofigchallenge #wethehomesteaders #farmlifebestlife #slowliving #farmliving #myfarmstory #farmher #farmfreshhappiness #wethehomesteaders #wisconsin #simplehappycountrylife #growingahomestead #simplygrowinglove #growbuildraise #homesteadersofinstagram #biodiversefarms #homestead #fromfoundingtofarmersmarket #modernhomesteader #homesteaderoftheweek #homesteadshoutout #regenerativeagriculture #locallygrown #newpioneers #homesteading #wethehomesteaders #familyfarm #countryliving #countrylife #theshire #trimbelleshire @thetrimbelleshire @gibson_backyard_eggs @modernminihomestead @jademblock @little .mountain.ark.farm @thewillowandhound @citygirlstartsafarm @wild_wood_farm

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I managed to get 16 acres reseeded yesterday, hopefully I can get the rest done today. Our terrain is so steep that most of it has to be done in a random criss cross of directions in low gear, to keep from tipping the tractor over, and in some places I’m standing, holding balance points to keep all four wheels in contact where they belong. I’m probably not really weighing enough to make a difference but it makes me feel better to have an escape route planned if the tractor rolls, since I don’t really trust the roll bar. Some of you probably remember my neighbor’s roll over accident a year or so ago, an incident that is constantly on my mind while working the south slopes of our land. In 2017, 416 farmers and farm workers died from a work-related injury, of which tractor overturns were the leading cause of death. A grim statistic for my morning coffee before going out to seed a slippery clay slope, but it’s also a necessary reminder that your food often carries hidden costs. There is no such thing as cheap food, there is just deferred cost food. #aglife #womeninag #womenwhofarm #ranchlife #tractor #seedstarting #pastureraised #grassfed #hiddencosts #coffeetime #smallfarms #familyfarm #veteranowned #farmerveteran #grass #grassseed #nativeowned

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Jetta seems to think she’s a little human

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“Greet the dawn” - a beloved highschool teacher from @lancastercountychristianschool . A mindset of grateful expectancy that is prepared to work faithfully through any trials of the day. A simple phrase he repeatedly shared. Little did I know that five years later, I’d be a farmer - greeting countless dawns. #greetthedawn #myerhill #lancasterfarm #youngfarmer #iamagrower #thefieldpodcast #sustainableliving #regenerativeagriculture #community #businesswoman #familyfarm #verdantviewfarm #naturepics #mindset #dawn #sunrisephotography #farmfresh #naturalfood #wholefood #eatgood

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We had a super fun weekend with this sleepy headed niece of mine but now it's back in the swing of things. Feed, office, feed, fix fence, sleep, repeat. Something like that right? 😴 #familyfarm #familyfarming #smallfarmers #smallfarm #pigfarm #poultryfarm #homesteading #homesteadlife #farmtotable #pastureraised #pasturedpigs #palletwood #pigpen #coloradofarm #coloradolife #sustainablity #buylocal #mountainlife #feedyoursoul #goodvibesonly

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Hello Monday. 👋 2 weeks ago we brought home this yearling buck named Kuzco. He’s a polled Saanen which means he naturally does not have horns. When we introduced our children to him my five year old said “Wow look at his udders!” 🤦🏻‍♀️ Nope. Those are not udders kids. I’ve had to give a few anatomy lessons lately a lot sooner than I thought I would. I’ve also had to explain why the buck pees on his own beard to attract his female companions. ❤️ Farm life is fun and so is #meetmygoatmonday with @theyounghomestead .

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First eggs are so exciting! It’s something all chicken keepers remember. The wait is a killer! @simplysome_sarah spring chicks started laying this past weekend. Have your spring chicks laid their first eggs yet? We are still waiting over here @hartland_homestead 🤨.

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Fall harvest is one of our most favorite times of year. To celebrate, we want to share the love of flaxseed! We are giving away a bag of our finely milled, Smooth Whole Milled Flaxseed to one lucky winner and a friend. To Enter: 1. Like this post 2. Follow us @manitobamilling 3. Tag a friend in the comments below (tag multiple friends for more chances to win, 1 friend per comment, please! ) For bonus entries - share this post in your stories or on Facebook! Giveaway ends on Thursday, October 22, 20 at 8 PM CST and the winner will be chosen on October 23 at noon CST. The winners will be contacted via Instagram or Facebook direct message from us asking for a mailing address to be sent the flaxseed. This giveaway promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered by, or associated with, Instagram or Facebook. #Flaxseed #PlantBasedProtein #FlaxseedHarvest #FamilyFarm #BakingWithFlaxseed

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Vous avez besoin d'un peu de douceur ? Rendez-nous visite nous avons des fromages gourmand qui vous attendent.😍🧀⁠ ⁠ #cheese #queso #shoplocal #familyfarm #sheepcheese #montanagram #food #foodporn #foodie #switzerland #suisse 🇨🇭

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Sometimes I complain about all the rain but then I walk outside to these while hubby heads for Edmonton and snow #roses #rainyvancouver #familyfarm #stopandsmelltheroses

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It's getting cold up here on the mountain which means frost protection is going out & up! What fall crops are you protecting this year?

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Of everything on our farm, our duck eggs are my favorite - and that’s saying a lot! Rich, creamy and oh so fluffy! #duckeggs #farmfavorite #familyfarm #homesteadlife

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Old Crow Ranch is a Forever Farm, which means its land will always stay in agriculture. Its meticulously planned pastures, infrastructure, and miles of pristinely maintained fencing are just half an hour from Portland. I’d encourage everyone concerned with food justice and the environmental impacts of producing and shipping food to learn more about local-to-you pastured meat and dairy. Simply knowing who produces your food has a huge impact! @oldcrowranch @getrealmaine @royalriverconservationtrust

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Advice from a Pumpkin 🎃 🧡Be well-rounded 🧡Get plenty of Sunshine ☀️ 🧡Give thanks for life’s bounty 🧡Have a think skin 🧡Keep growing 🧡Be outstanding in your field 🧡Think big! A perfect pumpkin is always imperfect 🧡

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It’s Monday!! Who is on their third cup of coffee ☕️ already? Not me- I worked at the hospital and was lucky enough to get to sleep all night! Now I’m off for a few days (with Kenneth home trying to do paperwork, pray for me ) Anyways- Here is your interesting fact for the day you can talk about at the supper table 😉 During the Civil War, coffee was scarce. Soybeans were brewed and used in their place- and were actually a nice alternative that people enjoyed! Also, did you know people still brew soybeans today as a healthier alternative to coffee? It’s made in the same way as regular coffee too! Soy coffee is naturally caffeine free so it’s often mixed with regular coffee and provides a nice, nutty flavor. Soybeans also have a lot of antioxidants! So... who’s going to try it!? And for all you tractor geeks- yes that’s an old 4020 in the background 😉 #soybeans #soycoffee #usssoy #illinoissoybean #illinoissoybeans #familyfarm #knowyourfood #farming #supportlocal #stillfarming #agdaily #agfacts #ageducation #agnowmorethanever #agmorethanever #womeninagriculture #womeninag #farmwife #johndeere #johndeere4020 #antiquetractor

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Everybody pulled together last week to finish harvest on time. Thanks to all who helped. #familyfarm @e .l.i.ve @grooovyk8 #blacksheepfarms #hempflower @lannenormanwaits @nanogrowth

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As some know, we sent our FIRST ever 100% produced here Pig off to freezer camp recently. This is what we got back! We've so far tried some chops and some sausage (we had our butcher make us some sausage but we also have enough ground pork and pork fat to grind some ourselves too! 😄 ) and let me ask you this.... have you ever seen a pork chop with MARBLEING?! Cause we've never! It was an awesome experience, the pork wasn't dried out, it was juicy and flavorful on its own without much doctoring up as far as seasoning or marinades, and the color of the meat is absolutely beautiful! We're so excited to cure and smoke our own bacon, cure our own fat back, render down our own home made lard, smoke some jowls and hocks, and feast on our 100% home grown Ham this coming holiday season. We've been blessed with great pigs to raise and work with daily, they've been better than we expected honestly as far as temperament, including our one pig who is a "factory rescue" from when the big C happened and pork manufacturers We're putting down piglets left and right out of fear of not being able to get them to process date. That rescue pig is a little wild and silly sometimes but shes not mean at all, just playful. All in all we've come so far in this first year and there's still plenty of "firsts" to celebrate coming soon. There's nothing better than raising your own meat. You get to interact with the animal, treat them the way you think they should be treated, you get to learn about them and the experience of raising them, and you value the sacrifice of their life much more than store bought meat in a plastic and Styrofoam package. We have a very good friend and neighbor, Linda, and she had a wonderful saying "A good life and only one bad day". . (We received the meat a few days after when we sent this pig to butcher, we forgot to post this photo after because we became busy with so many other things that following week 😅 ) #ncfarms #homestead #homesteading #womenwhofarm #familyfarm #farmlife #pork #raiseyourownfood #raiseyourownpork #pasturedpork #localpork #fillyourfreezer #selfsufficient #selfreliance #foodsecurity #homesteadskills #homesteadersofinstagram

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It's our pleasure to introduce John Wolk, partner & Director of Operations! John has worked as the head of operations for the family landscaping and planting business for 35 years, and now, has a similar role for Sugarloaf Organics. With a wide range of experience in project management, planting, and the business side of farming. John organizes and communicates with seeders and suppliers. He also manages equipment and material purchases. John has three children with his wife, Lisa. When John is not on the farm, he enjoys going on hikes, biking ice-skating, hunting, and spending time with his family. 💚 . . . . . #sugarloaforganics #welcometothefamily #pahemp #pennsylvaniahemp #pennsylvania #farmtotable #farmlife #familyfarm #CBD #hemp

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These two. They make my heart explode with happiness. How did I ever get so lucky ❤️💙

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It really takes a team of #harvestheros to #getthegrainin and if it wasn’t for these people who have devoted their time to help us it would take a lot longer! Dennis- husband, dad to 4 girls, business owner, volunteer fireman. He can drive anything from ripper to grain cart, truck and sprayer. Nights when he’s driving grain cart you can catch him live streaming his daughters volleyball games. Jeff- husband, also a dad to 4 girls. I think God blessed Jeff and Dennis with 4 girls for a reason. Volunteer fireman and church elder. During the fall when he’s not driving grain truck he hauling manure for another local farmer. Jason- husband and dad to 3. During the day you can find him in his business clothes selling insurance. On weekends he’s driving truck and cracking jokes. Andy- brother, son to Jason. After long hours of driving concrete truck he is always willing to haul grain late in to the night. Ian- also my brother. Graduated college last spring and is back on my families dairy farm full time. Could be feeding cows but is here driving grain cart. These are just a few of the great guys that help out during the busy season, and when we get farther from home we will add to the group. I want to know! Who are your harvest hero’s?

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Release the Cluckin! Last one out is a rotten egg! #TheSevenSavageChickens ❤❤🎀🐓🎀🐓🎀🐓🎀🐓🎀🐓🎀🐓🎀🐓🎀❤❤ #RhinestoneRobinsonFamily #RhinestoneRobinsonFarm #RhinestoneFarmGirls #RhinestoneRobinsonFarmChickens #FarmLivinIsTheLifeWeLead #FarmLivinInTheCity #FamilyFarm #HomeIntoHomestead #WeGrowOurOwn #RaiseChickens #BackyardFlock #CrazyChickenLady #ChickenLoversUnderstand #ITakePicturesOfChickens #11ChicksAnd1Rooster #👸🏻👩🏻‍🌾RhinestoneFarmGirls👸🏼👩🏼‍🌾

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Our @queenburgerdurham smash burger is made with local, grassfed @baldwinbeef . “I was always interested in cattle,” says V. Mac Baldwin of Baldwin Family Farms in Caswell County, North Carolina.  As a child, Baldwin made a cattle scrapbook, using photos he cut out of magazines.  He bought his first calf for sixty dollars when he was ten years old and kept it watered and fed in the yard of his childhood home in Durham, North Carolina. By the time he left for the Navy, he had seven head of cattle, which was more than the family’s two-acre yard could support.  He brought home food scraps from a local store to feed the cattle. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we share the story of Baldwin Family Farms and the care they take in raising animals. 📸: @baldwinbeef #grassfedbeef #pastureraised #charolaiscattle #eatlocal #localmeat #familyfarm #multigenerationalfarm #farmstories #queenburgerdurham #smashburger #durhamnc #durm

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Good morning! Sunrise on the Rappahannock to start a beautiful day! @honeyriverfarm


Who's cozied up with a hot apple cider right now? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️


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FALL ON THE FARM 👩‍🌾 . There's nothing better than a wheelbarrow full of pumpkins, a shock of corn on the porch, hayrides, cooler weather and a pile of multicolored leaves on the ground. . I’m sharing one of my favorite pictures of fall on our farm! I love the leaves! Come along as my friends and I take you on a mini tour of our farms. . These ladies have all been SO supportive of me from day #1 ! They are lovely and I know you’ll love their farms too! . 🍂 @azurefarm 🍂 @blueberryfieldsfarm 🍂 @bryartonfarm 🍂 @happydaysfarm 🍂 @downshilohroad 🍂 @pennypenningtonweeks 🍂 @sugarmaplefarmhouse 🍂 @sweckerfarm . See my stories later for more! What is your #1 favorite thing about fall? good night friends 🍂

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Yağmur yağdı, güneşle büyüdü, ve zeytinler toplanmaya hazır✨

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Let’s talk about dahlias this morning!! To dig up a tuber or not? (The tubur is the stem of the plant that grows underground ) . If you’re zone 8 and above and don’t freeze you can leave your tuburs in the ground! But if you do freeze like my zone 7B you’ve got to dig them up! They can survive a few cold nights if the ground stays warm but if the ground is frozen they will not. . Dig them up and let them dry. Store in pine chips in a cool dry place with good air circulation. Then they’ll be ready to plant again next year!! . Happy thursday friends!! What is everyone doing today? #happyfarmily #azurefarmlife

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Our bluebell + borage patch has been the most rewarding in the garden this year. They are both proving to be frost tolerant and the bees are loving their blooms this late into fall. Plus, the two flowers look like they’re meant to be planted together 🌸

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After such a difficult start to the year, we have a strong feeling of gratitude as we continue to be busy, at a time of year which is usually quiet. 🌱 It seems now more then ever, people are in need of rest and relaxation in nature; whether that is in the form of a yoga retreat or just family time away from it all. 🌱 We are so happy that our vision which became a reality is providing guests with a place to replenish the body and soul. 🌱 We love to share this special place; and love that you love it too! 🙏 🇫🇷 Après un début d’année aussi difficile, nous avons maintenant un fort sentiment de gratitude alors que nous continuons à être occupés à une période l’année qui est généralement calme. 🌱Il semble que maintenant, plus que jamais, les gens ont besoin de repos et de détente dans la nature; que ce soit sous la forme d’une retraite de yoga ou simplement du temps en famille loin de tout. 🌱Nous sommes si contents que notre vision, qui est devenue réalité, offre aux clients un endroit pour se ressourcer corps et âme. 🌱Nous aimons partager cet endroit spécial, et aimer que vous l’aimez aussi! 🙏 #yogaretreatvenue #renovationpeoject #frenchproperty #familyfarm #familybusiness #specialplaces #naturelovers #insearchofnature #seresourcer #bienetre #wellbeing #bodyandsoul #getaway #naturetime #peaceandnature #prenezsoindevous #retraitedeyoga #mountaintime #gratitude #gratitudedaily

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You & me right here in 365 days- LETS GET MARRIED. Cheers to 10/16/2021 🥂 ⁣ #familyfarm ⁣ ⁣ @thepicnicperspective came through with the cutest picnic basket for our #datenight . Complete with charcuterie, wine, & even fun question cards that kept us laughing. Their personalized details made our evening so memorable! ❤️ #thepicnicperspective

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We sold our steer calves at BC Livestock Producer’s Coop in Kamloops today. Thank you to all of the bidders and our buyers, Clint Ellis from Ellis Cattle Co. and Jim Knight. We would also like to thank the staff and auctioneers at BC Livestock.

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You guys...the weatherman is saying it’s going to be cold this weekend. Like 14 degrees overnight with a chance for the S word 😩 We still have one section that still has irrigation out which means we will be watching frost over the weekend. But don’t worry, I’m prepared for the long nights. They don’t call em cranberry beds for nothin, right!? 🥴 #CrAMBERryChats EDIT TO ADD: If you are looking to stay in this cozy Airbnb, plz send me $300 for a one night stay $350 if you would like me to provide a pillow. Thank u 🙏🏻