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39 minutes ago

the most humble and genuine human being to ever exist. we all love you SO much Kel! ❤️

4 hours ago

Looking like a California Golden Bear again 👀

11 hours ago

one last happy birthday to tierna! i hope you have had an amazing day because you deserve nothing but the best. here’s to another year of happiness and success! i appreciate you so much and will forever be grateful for the tremendous impact you have had on my life. i owe so much to you and don’t know what i would do without you. you have helped me persevere through some of my hardest times and because of you i have made it out stronger. you are one of the few people who are always able to put a smile on my face. you have inspired me to become a better player and person, and i truly am the way i am today because of you. you are my greatest inspiration, role model and motivation. thank you for keeping me happy and going. you mean so much to me and i couldn’t be more blessed to “have” you in my life. tons of love forever and always, anna <333 @tierna_davidson pls tag her!

12 hours ago

i love her so much and she looks so damn adorable ❤️🔥

14 hours ago

happy birthday to the person who has helped me the most. thank you for everything tierna <3 @tierna_davidson 3/4

16 hours ago

Can’t believe I caught that but — (listen at the end ) Ali: You alright? Ash: yeah Awwww🥺 I really appreciate the fact that we could’ve heard the players during the game, or more likely hear Ashlyn screaming & cursing and I have absolutely no problem with that😁 • • • • • • • • • • #alikrieger #uswnt #soccergirl #carlilloyd #sydneyleroux #alexmorgan #ashlynharris #uswntsoccer #woso #nwslfallseries #christenpress #tobinheath #julieertz #roselavelle #kelleyohara #allielong #nwsl #orlandopride #preath #womensfootball #malpugh #gk #hopesolo #lindseyhoran #beckysauerbrunn #crystaldunn #emilysonnett #womenssoccer #meganrapinoe #krashlyn Credit to owner.

16 hours ago

wishing the happiest of bdays to my forever fav, i hope your day is full of nothing but smiles and laughter <3 @tierna_davidson 2/4

18 hours ago

Kelley’s just the absolute cutest!! im just so proud of her hard work, dedication, and how far she has came. my love for this gem of a human being only increases as each day passes by. 🥰

19 hours ago

what a golden response from tobin, "nah, cause you gotta do it again." 🌟🌟🌟🌟 @hardchill_

19 hours ago

Go Spurs!

21 hours ago

damn she’s so gorgeous 🥰 good luck Alex!! 💪🏼

21 hours ago

yoooo @beateverybody has dropped some dope stuff!! make sure to check it out 🔥❤️

22 hours ago

happy birthday tierna! you mean everything to me <3 @tierna_davidson 1/4


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Pure perfection #emilysonnett