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Deep Thought for The Day - #DTTD ⁠ ⁠ Train your mind to see the good in everything. Positivity is a choice. The happiness of your life depends of the quality of your thoughts.

2 days ago

Deep Thought for The Day - #DTTD ⁠ ⁠ Today is the oldest you've ever been and the youngest you'll ever be again.

2 weeks ago

Design Tip of the Day: "Repeat Patterns" Creating reapeat patterns can be done in multiple ways. Play and experiment with different lines, forms and elements. Sometimes the most unique and striking ones are made by accident. #interiordesign #DTTD

2 weeks ago

Deep Thought for The Day - #DTTD ⁠ ⁠ Though times never last, but though people do.

3 weeks ago

Snowboy Stay-at-Home Deep Dive 017 | This original plan was for today to be the first of five rad days up at @timberlinelodge for #Its_Tits ! Instead I'm gonna share some photos and stories over the next three days. The first event I remember meeting @jess .kimura was the Holy Oly Revival in 2010. I dug around online for hours but couldn't find any photos but she took the "Hardest Charging Y Chromosome" and "Best Crash" titles. Two titles that still ring true to this day. It seems like way more than ten years though. A rad trip to Red Mountain with @think_thank featured in a story I wrote for issue 10.1 of @thesnowboardersjournal , a loud and blurry night in Denver when she took home the first of many TWS awards, the first female to compete in the #DTTD in Seattle, year one of #HolyBowly in Japan and watching the world premier of @the__uninvited in Whistler are some of the first stories that come to mind. At the first #BARRELyanevent in 2015 with DWD at Grouse I asked Jess if she wanted to team up on what I basically described as a women's version of Holy Bowly and she was down (literally photo #6 by @joelfraser )! Shit, running out of room here so I'll get into the name and year one antics on tomorrow's post. ALSO! Our partner @b4bc is doing an online fundraiser and we're trying to get 1000 / $5 donations. Hit their link if you're able to help. Stay safe! ❤️😷🤘🏼 | #pursuitofconstantradness #sniwboydeepdive

4 weeks ago

Snowboy Stay-at-Home Deep Dive 015 | It's @jesseburtner 's birthday so I dug deep in the hard drives! I first met Jesse in the winter of 2002 when he and @patrickmccarthy asked if they could get their money back after signing up for a sus' slopestyle contest at Snoqualmie. Totally fucking awkward. 🤣🤣🤣 I said no problem but asked if I could get Jesse's number so that he could help give feedback so we could get better. Guess we figured shit out cause we've been hanging and plotting for the past 18 years now. From countless events and film/photo shoots during the @think_thank days at Snoqualmie to being a huge part of launching and supporting the Downtown Throwdown and #HolyBowly as Snowboy started to move outside of the NW, to now supporting our events on a global scale as the Marketing Director at @mervinmfg . Damn dude, it's been a blur and a blast. Thanks for being a great friend, enjoy your day and long live the King of Ballard! ❤️😷🤘🏼 | 2004 - Cue The Birds premier, 2007 - #HolyOlyRevival , 2009 - #DTTD rider dinner, 2010 - Sick Days Shoot, 2011 - #GreenhornGames , 2012 - Holy Bowly Hakuba, 2014 Holy Bowly Park City, 2016 - Holy Bowly Mammoth, 2019 - #BowlyDownUnder #snowboydeepdive #pursuitofconstantradness

last month

Snowboy Stay-at-Home Deep Dive 003 | So during the 23 years of Snowboy, I also spent ten years (2001-10 ) as the Youth Marketing Manager at the @summitatsnoqualmie and then four years at @mervinmfg as their Global Events Manager. One of the raddest parts of the Snoqualmie years was being able to help throw some shine to my team riders with ads we were running at the time in @thesnowboardersjournal , @snowboardermag and #FutureSnowboarding (RIP ). While a lot of the big resorts filled their teams/ads with hired uber-pros that maybe spent a handful of days a season at the resort, I wanted to invest specifically on the kids who rode at our resort every day. To this day I still love to drop the fact that we were able to give @hironakasan , @austensweetin and @krugs_ their first ads and I'm fucking proud of what they have been able to do with the opportunity. So, minus one ad of Hiro (I never liked how it came out ), here are all the ads we did with these guys during that time, as well as a lifey from the Seattle Downtown Throwdown by @plwp for good measure. 😷🤘🏼 | #pursuitofconstantradness #snowboydeepdive #DTTD

Mar 2020

Snowboy Stay-at-Home Deep Dive 002 | Fall of 2007 was year two of the Downtown Throwdown at Qwest Field, Seattle...home of the @seahawks . @jesseburtner , @seangenovese and I wanted to create a pre-season urban snowboarding event in Seattle that focused on up and coming riders who focused more on video parts than contests. No heats, no bullshit, just 20 riders putting on a show. The lineup was insane. Especially when you consider that at that time, nobody outside of the NW really even knew we existed. We had @zacmarben , @chris_beresford , @benbogart , @patmilbery , @hironakasan , @latexmansion , @sleepystevens , @nickvisconti , @satansdeathkult , @gusenglehorn , @andrew_geeves , @sammy_luebke , #JedHoffman and a few more that I'm forgetting. Cardboard IOU's went out to Jed Anderson (1st ), Johnny Miller (2nd ), Ben Bogart (3rd ) and Nick Visconti (Best Trick ). Came across the @think_thank edit too. 👍🏼 Gonna try and upload that real soon. Thanks and we'll do another Deep Dive tomorrow. Stay safe! 😷🤘🏼 | Bogart photo by Jimmy Greeley. All other photos by @plwp #pursuitofconstantradness #snowboydeepdive #DTTD

Mar 2020

Had to run to @ebcpetsupplies real quick like... #essentialbusiness #supplies #safaree #dttd

Mar 2020

Downtown Throw Down Event 4 . . Knock Out . . Presented by @usehuron . . 3 rounds for time 15 cal @assaultairbike 10 burpees . 1 round for time 45 cal @assaultairbike 30 burpees . . As we approach the date for the Downtown Throw Down, we are monitoring our ability to host the competition at its intended time. . . Looking forward to seeing you at the box in less than 2 weeks! . . #dttd #willbfit

Mar 2020

Find the Clue. . . The Downtown Throw Down is 2 weeks away! . . Have you found your partner yet? . . There's still time to sign up! . . #willbfit #dttd 📸 @juandrn

Mar 2020

Workout 3: Phamily - Presented by @1stphorm . . At WillyB, we are about supporting those around us on a journey towards health. . . We believe, that together we can take on each day, each WOD, each and every challenge that life throws at us. . . For time: 120 Wall Balls 14 # 80 Box Jump Overs 20" 60 Synchronized Kettlebell Swings 53/35 . . #willbfit #DTTD #iam1stphorm

Mar 2020

YOOOOOOO! . . Calling all athletes! . . We have a few spots left for the Downtown Throw Down! . . If you want to throw down and do not have a partner email cavan @willybcrossfit .com to get matched up! . . #willyouthrowdownwithme #dttd #willbfit

Mar 2020

Day 29/29: Dama To The Death 3! . . . First video is me lacing on @chadcovington big ass dama 😂 (also hit a jugg spike on it hahaha ) I won my first two matches and lost my next two got kicked out round 3! Im super happy with my progress this month has been amazing for dama and i cant wait for next year fam! 🖤 S/o all the homies ! @honedmedia @solkendamas @kendamausa @lotuskendamas . . . #DTTD #DTTD3 #kendama

Mar 2020

( video coming soon ) The month of February was literally a life changing event. Anywhere between #28trickslater to #damatothedeath3 #dttd #dttd3 I learn that I'm capable of alot more than I thought I was, not only that I met over 20 people that now are family. This experience was the best I ever had in life if it wasnt for @khoa_to_spike and @bmack_0526 I would have never gave kendama another chance. Kendama has literally changed my life and I love it. So here's to my kendama family, and here's to shredding/ destroying all dama's @sweetskendamas @solkendamas @activekendama_ @lotuskendamas @analogkendamas Thank you @honedmedia @ryan_reese_ @chadcovington @kencastlekd @joshkim10 @lyndonwhalen @wonderfuzzz @alexmitchellkendama @cdfraser9 @zbmags77 @waterloojams @dama_mama0 @alexg_war @theonlytrinityever @kash .hbk @dizzy_dama @kimb_dama @dama .natrix @terry .kendama and I know there is more please comment below I can't remember everyone's Insta's ( I apologise if I missed you guys or girls ) #kendama #kendamalife #dama #damalife #sweetskendamas #solkendamas #activekendama #lotuskendamas #analogkendamas

Mar 2020

Taught myself a new one at Dama to the Death 💢 Inward Airplane, 1-tap turn to lighthouse, back in ✅ #Kendama #DamaToTheDeath #DttD #20DaysPlaying

Feb 2020

Day 2️⃣3️⃣/2️⃣9️⃣ • This one defeated me on the final earth turn on several occasions but in this clip I have emerged victorious. This one is called “All American” for those who don’t know, I didn’t feel like editing it in there today 🤷🏻‍♂️ Less than a week left!! We’re nearly there!! Dama To The Death 3 is gonna be here before we know it! • #28trickslater #sweetskendamas #dttd #dttd3 #allamerican #consistency #kendamalife #kendamaculture #kendamacommunity #kendamalove

Feb 2020

He found the one. Still got that book in his hand tho. Reading & Ridin... 🏍 #DTTD

Feb 2020

These days we can’t get a still picture of the boss. He bike show ready. #DTTD


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Jan 2020

Genelde bu çocukları unutkan, aklı bir karış havada diye etiketlerler. Ailelerin kendisi bile. Haklılık payları da var. Öyle görünürler fakat öyle değiller. Hafızalarında hiçbir problem olmamasına karşın çalışan hafızaları(WM ) bozuktur. '''Anlık, şuan, anda kalmak'' yetileri kötü etkilenir. Annelerin çocuklarına hazırlanmaları için verdikleri komutları almıyorlar görünmelerinin asıl sebebi budur. Alırlar, fakat kısa süreli hafızaları için bu bile fazladır. Uçup gider. Çocuklar unutmazlar. Bilgiyi alırlar ve diğer normal çalışan beyinler gibi depolarlar. Fakat bilginin asıl lazım olduğu anda geri çağırmakta zorlanırlar. Belleklerindeki bilgiyi çalışan belleğe getirmekte problem yaşıyorlar. Hepimiz ''dilimin ucunda, biliyorum ama bir türlü anımsayamıyorum'' deriz. Bu çocuklar ise fazlasıyla. Sınava çok çalışırlar. Herkesten fazla. Fakat sınav esnasında bütün bildiğimi unuttum, hatırlayamıyorum sıkıntısını çekerler. İhtiyaçları olduklarında öğrendikleri bilgiyi ortaya koyamayabilirler. #dehb #dikkat #dikkateksikliği #dikkateksikliğivehiperaktivite #hiperaktivite #dürtüsellik #izmirpsikolog #istanbulpsikolog #ebeveyn #dttd #psikolog #psikoloji #psikologkaganay #dikkatinitoplayantürkdehaları

Nov 2016

When everyone's working Melbourne Cup, including you, but you actually like your job 👍🏼 #ay #solidchoice #dancerlife Absolutely loved performing today with the incredible @dargieent team! #dargieentertainment #melbournecup #dttd #show #2016

Oct 2013

Regram @diecutstickersdotcom #dttd #countdown 4 days away #Minneapolis Oct 19th

Oct 2013

Need directions just follow the map! #dttd #mn #minneapolis #now

Oct 2013

#MINNEAPOLIS WE HAVE SO MANY GIFTS FOR YOU! About to pack up some fluorescent green and sparkle black die-cuts for @libtechnologies ' Downtown Throwdown this Saturday. Come for the snowboarding, stay for the ludicrous amount of free stuff. #DTTD #Diecutstickers #FeelingMinnesota

Oct 2013

We're ramping up production big time today with large format, digitally-printed collateral and signs for @libtechnologies ' Downtown Throwdown! You might say we're "on a roll," if you're into cheesy puns. We aren't. #LiveFreeOrDieCut #DTTD #ThrowdownCountdown #Diecutstickers #Signs #Bitchin @snowboyproductions

Oct 2014

Snapped this of @shaunmurphy413 at the #libtech #DTTD this weekend. @carinthiaparks #boston