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A new study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health found that roughly 45 minutes of vigorous exercise during the pandemic sufficiently reduced negative emotions. Strict social distancing measures implemented during the pandemic have impacted the daily lives of citizens around the world. Despite the mental health impact of such prolonged social isolation, little research has considered possible mitigating factors that might reduce mental suffering. - Psypost

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If you’re like me and your Persistent Concussion Symptoms include reading difficulties, check out @natasha .wilch ‘s page and one of her recent video posts “Concussion Q&A: How do I get back to reading”. I love how Natasha explains why you may have difficulties reading, which types of medical providers may be able to help, and some ideas of things you can do at home. @natasha .wilch is a Concussion Coach, Physical Therapist, Speaker and Educator. She is also the creator of @concussioncompass ➡️ to see the notes I made to help me process and remember what Natasha said 😊 #readingdifficulties #eyeproblems #visualdifficulties #mtbi #concussion #concussionawareness #pcs #pcsawareness #postconcussion #postconcussionsyndrome #concussionnz #postconcussionsyndromenz #mtbinz

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THROWBACK PIC 📸. This is me Setting up to reopen after working from home for quite a while… Can you tell how excited I was? . . . . . . . . #treatment #neckpain #migraines #headaches #painfree #athletes #athlete #sports #football #soccer #hockey #basketball #rollerderby #rugby #life #concussion #vancouver #canada #northamerica #feelbetter #dmso #neuraltherapy #Prolotherapy #PlateletRichPlasma #PRP #Acupuncture #covid19

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Words matter. So many of us have heard these phrases on the left, and it can be quite belittling. I know I don’t always say the right thing, my brain fog can be so thick somedays, but I think we all need to try to aim for the phrases on right side of this graphic. We need to always try to be compassionate and understanding of others. #compassion #ableism #wordsmatter #ehlersdanlossyndrome #eds #chronicpain #chronicfatigue #chronicillness #invisibleillness #mcas #mastcellactivationsyndrome #brainfog #gastroparesis #sibo #pots #posturalorthostatictachycardiasyndrome #hyperpots #cci #aai #pain #neurologicaldisorder #fibromyalgia #migraines #concussion #postconcussionsyndrome #tbi #spoonie #spoonielife #medicalzebra #zebrastrong

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Expert #HarborviewMedicalCenter panel about a team-based approach to #concussion treatment for athletes and the general public. #2020VirtualConference . Find a link to register in our profile.

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It's #mountainday . All our providers love living so close to the mountains. What's your favorite thing to do in the mountains? Let us know in the comments below.⠀ ~⠀ Learn more about mountain day using the #linkinbio

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#currentlyreading So glad I picked this up from the ads on my #kindle Already a quarter of the way through! Hope that qualifies as the light reading for my #concussion protocol recovery. Hope the be done with this soon, been super restricting on screentime and work for too long. Ready to get back to #writingnovels #writingcommunity and #bookreviews #thedevildrinkscoffee #toberead #summerreading #readingcommunity #readersofinstagram #writersofinstagram #womenwriters

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Such a great reminder 🙌 Posted @withregram@theorangebutterfly_ For a long time I believed that what happened to me, my accident and my injury, had taken away all the control I once had over my life. Suddenly all my choices and decisions were determined by factors out of my hands, based on opinions of my medical team which I am always grateful for! But it stripped me of all the things I once identified with, and has put my future plans on hold too. My future plans are the ones that get me down the most. Nothing was definite, I had no idea what I was planning or working towards or looking forward to anymore. Towards the end of last year I remember sitting with my psychologist saying “Most of the time I can accept that my present life has taken a massive detour, but when I think about all my future plans and notice them slipping away too, this injury is just taking all that I have left away”. ⠀ ⠀ What a sad and lonely mindset to be living in hey!⠀ ⠀ I had seen this quote above a few times throughout my recovery, but came across it again this week and it was just the little reminder I needed. I WAS getting bitter, I WAS letting my injury get the better of me, and I WAS choosing to let my injury take away my control. It’s so easy to fall back into this mindset over and over again, because I do it all the time. It takes even more strength, determination and courage to conquer those feelings and choose to be a better person because of all that you’ve been through, and all that you’re learning about yourself and others along the way. ⠀ ⠀ If anybody needed a reminder this week like I did, I hope you find the strength to allow what you’re going through at this present time, make you a better person. Take back the control you’ve always had! Sending you healing and strength💪🏻🧡⠀ ⠀ #healthymindset #braininjurysa #braininjuryawareness #concussion #invisibledisability

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Check out this video, where I unpack the importance of restoring the sensation of safety for the nervous system. These are things you can do everyday to start you on the path to healing. #neuroception #mentalhealth #fightandflight #concussionnaturopath #brainhealth #torontonaturopathicdoctor #tbi #traumaticbraininjury #caraccident #personalinjury #concussion #stress #weightloss #heal #vaughan #gta #toronto #brainawareness #gentleparenting #gentleparent #neuroceptionofsafety

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It’s not everyday you’re featured on @jerryoftheday but when your’re hanging with @uncleronnie69 and @chucksun63 you know something’s about to go down! #hospitalvisit #emergencyroom #concussion #fullsend #epicfail #goldcreeklodge #stilldidasecondtry

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Order BRAIN BEAST now and start your day with stimulant free energy or use it as a pick me up during your mid day break! BRAIN BEAST simultaneously supports healthy brain function & recovery! Order NOW at bennettschoice.com • • #wellness #brainhealth #health #energy #energyboost #middaypickmeup #concussion #concussionrecovery #sportsinjury #recovery

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Expert #HarborviewMedicalCenter panel, including #physicaltherapist Becky Hansen, about a team-based approach to #concussion treatment for athletes and the general public. #2020VirtualConference . Find a link to register in our profile.

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What is the number seven reason an athlete does not report a concussion? ⠀ They thought their coach would think they are weak. ⠀ Reporting a concussion, or any injury, is a sign of strength. Coaches should appraise their players and create a welcoming culture where they feel safe and comfortable to approach with any type of injury. Strong and smart athletes know that playing with an injury could hurt themselves even more, as well as their team. #TeamUpSpeakUp

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This morning I entered Day 2 of a migraine deep behind my left eye. Thanks #postconcussionsyndrome . I woke up yesterday with it and the jerk refuses to budge. Yesterday I tried to push through; gotta love being Type A. I joined an exercise crew and if I didn't start on the first day, I never would. My muscles were happy, but my brain definitely was not. This morning, I just had to get out of the house. I walked down to the main street to do a few easy errands, stretch my leg muscles, and get myself a coffee. The gal behind our favourite @globalpetfoods_ottawa also owns @freshii .westboro and their coffee is strong and I love it. Two perfect iced coffees for the rest of my walk, down the street then winding my way home. Just a bit of self care. #happiness #realitybites #braininjurywarrior #concussion #concussionrecovery #tbi

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Our support workers focus on facilitating "enhanced attendant care" and have a specific focus and specialty in supporting individuals with post-concussion syndrome and traumatic brain injury. Enhanced attendant care is needed when an individual requires a front-line support that has a specific set of skills, experience and/or background directly related to the individual's injuries. Personal support is not always the right solution for an injured person with concussion or noncomplex or complex traumatic brain injury. As such, the individual may require support based on their symptomatology such as but not limited to;, mental health difficulties, problematic and/or high risk behaviour psychiatric difficulties or general symptomatology that stems from a traumatic brain injury.

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Taking it one day at a time. Slowing things down this summer has forced me to pay attention to my symptoms and how long it takes me to get back to 'baseline' if I push too far. I can function but there's a price to pay afterwards. So my focus for the next while is "sustainability" - how do i manage to do what I need to/want to and not be wiped out for hours/days/weeks afterwards. In other words, figure out how to live in small spurts so I can still manage activities of daily living (showering, making meals, cleaning up after myself, etc ). #lifewithpcs #postconcussionsyndrome #concussion #roadtorecovery #13monthsandcounting #livingandlearning

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Head over to iTunes to listen to an incredible podcast about concussions in collegiate athletics. Founder Kaitlyn Behnke is featured in the last 15 minutes, but the entire thing is worth a listen! Thank you @whydontweknowpod for all you’re doing. #postconcussionsyndrome #concussion #concussions #collegeathlete #collegeathletics #collegeathletes #pcs #concussionawareness #collegefootball #collegesports

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❗️New blog post alert❗️ @Columbia PhD candidate Rishi Agrawal shares how his research on mouse brains helps us learn about concussions and dementia. Read more on our website! 🐭 🧠 ~ . . . #brain #brainscience #neuroscience #scicomm #sciencecommunication #tbi #concussion #dementia

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😴Sleeping is crucial for brain health and wellness. If you don’t have issues sleeping, keep scrolling— but for the other 65% of brain injury survivors with sleep difficulties, here we go! 🥱hopefully it won’t be a snore... 🧼🛁🧼Sleep Hygiene🧼🛁🧼 It is defined as a group of practices or habits to optimize your sleep. ⏰It’s also where we provide a few ideas to help you clean up your sleep preparation patterns. 1. Brains crave routine. Try being consistent and wind down for bed, go to sleep and wake up around the same time daily (👋🏻adios 11am Saturdays ). Make your wind down a ritual 2. Turn off those lights. More and more evidence suggest lights from technology 📱💻⌚️🖥 (phone, TV... ) stimulate the brain and negatively impact falling and staying asleep. 3. Setup and monitor your environment. Too hot, too cold, too bright, too loud? Dim the lights as you wind down and make a cozy spot for sleep 🛌 4. ⏳Timing is everything! Watch your water intake 2 hours before bed🚽, time your exercise (not right before bed ), last time you eat... these things can cause more stimulation 👀 than relaxation 🥱 5. Kids like boundaries and routine as well. The whole family can benefit from more structure 🧸 6. Use your bed for sleep and sex. Don’t do things throughout the day in bed, such as work, which creates more active associations in your brain 🧠 Pick a favorite tip and try it all week (remember the brain loves consistency to learn ). Keep us posted if it worked or if you have any tips for others struggling to snooze!

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Physical Therapy day three • I was dreading today. I have been feeling very overwhelmed with my at home exercises and I didn’t want to report back to my therapist that I haven’t been able to complete everything she has given me to do. • “I really want to praise you” was what I was greeted with when she sat me down and listened to my rundown of the week. • “A lot of my clients say ‘this is too challenging’ and just stop doing their exercises. But what you’re doing is perfect.” I admittedly teared up a bit when she lavished so much encouragement on me. It was exactly what I needed at the end of a defeating week. • We did not add any new exercises to my regime this week or even increase the difficulty of those that I am already doing. In fact, my therapist still hasn’t completed her initial assessment of me that is usually done on the first day because my body and brain are so complicated and sensitive that she doesn’t know if my system can handle it yet. Yikes. But we did learn that my eyes move in different directions at the same time when my system is overwhelmed. So... there’s that. • [image description: a tall woman with brown hair and glasses, wearing a yellow shirt with black leggings and a black face mask, is standing next to a human skeleton model while looking at it lovingly and holding its bony hand over her heart.] • • • #brockstring #convergenceinsufficiency #vestibulardisorder #vestibular #vestibulartherapy #vestibularrehabilitation #functionalneurologicaldisorder #fnd #functionalmovementdisorder #fmd #movementdisorder #movementdisorders #physicaltherapy #mask #maskitorcasket #maskoftheday #chronicillness #chronicallyill #spoonie #spoonielife #visiontherapy #dizzy #dizzyspells #vertigo #balanceproblems #offbalance #fallrisk #concussion #concussionrecovery

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🧠 A concussão gera uma crise energética no nosso cérebro, diminuindo o fluxo cerebral em até 50% da sua capacidade. Com o cérebro mais vulnerável e as suas capacidades reduzidas, uma segunda lesão até mais leve pode se tornar irreversível. ❗️Uma boa avaliação e o afastamento do atleta da partida é o mais recomendado e seguro, pois evita uma lesão mais grave e ajuda no processo de recuperação desse atleta. #concussion #soccer #fifa #nba #sindromedoimpacto #lesao #sonafebrasil #sonafe #brain #injury

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“Don’t go chasing waterfalls” they say.. Oh well, I learnt my lesson this month for sure. Battling bad concussion, I reached the bottom, experienced the lowest thoughts.. Lesson learned...Just.Dont.Stop- believing, loving life and be kind to yourself.. #wanderlust #concussion #travelgram #concussionrecovery #concussionawareness

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A study showing your intestinal walls breaking down within 72 hours of a brain injury 😱🤯 . Meaning you suffer a concussion or TBI, it is essential to also heal the gut. . Likewise if you’re trying to improve brain function (focus, concentration, sitting still, reading comprehension, behavior, etc ), you must take measures to heal the gut. . Only focusing on one of the two means you’re only focusing on half the problem.

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Sensorimotor Integration Therapy In order to respond in real time to our environment and navigate our world safely, we must utilize our sensory input to appropriately modulate our motor output. A simple example of this is when a person slips on ice when walking. The foot perceives a sudden lack of traction, which sends signals up to the spinal cord and brain. The brain, as the central computer, processes the information and integrates multiple systems to create the appropriate motor function response to regain balance and avoid falling. Commonly after a brain injury or stroke, these systems are not integrating properly, which can result in slower processing speeds and inappropriate responses. In our example of ice, the person would fall instead of regaining balance. The integration of our sensory and motor systems is paramount to regaining independence after a brain injury. When one’s sensorimotor integration is compromised, it can be likened to poor cell phone service. The sensory organs of the body have poor “cell service” when trying to communicate with the brain, so messages do not arrive in a timely manner and are often incomplete. Sensorimotor (sensory motor ) Integration is one of the tools we use at Revive. We often use touch screens to help work with reaction time, visual scanning, spatial orientation, and to be able to drive balance and drive memory and cognition. At Revive, we utilize two main technologies to help restore a patient’s sensory motor integration and improve the “cell service” (using the metaphor from earlier ) between the sensory organs and brain. Sometimes we’ll also use metronome to be able to do a planned motor activity to the beat of a metronome, and to measure how many milliseconds ahead of the beat or behind the beat the patient is to be able to see if the patient is anticipating something or if the patient is having processing speed issues and falling behind. We can take this information and we can utilize it both diagnostically and therapeutically to achieve the outcomes we’re looking for. At Revive, we utilize two main technologies to help restore a patient’s sensory motor integration and improve their “cell service”.


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1 YEAR 🧠 ⠀ ⠀ Today marks one year since I sustained a concussion back at work. It has been a year filled with lots of ups and downs, but I am so grateful for all the lessons I have learned along the way. I do think things happen for a reason, and although I don’t wish this injury to anyone. It has been incredible to see all the new skills I have learnt like resilience and self compassion. ⠀ ⠀ Self compassion is a skill that did not come easy to me for the first half of my recovery and I have many people that have helped me build this skill. One of these special people is @ummulpatrawala , who has taught me the importance of self compassion through yin yoga. She explains how not accepting and forgiving yourself throughout ones recovery journey can be very draining and fatiguing in itself (no wonder I had such intense fatigue for the first 3-4 months of my recovery!? ). Once you are able to give yourself the love and acceptance you need, your body does a much better job focusing its energy on the healing 💛⠀ ⠀ I am so proud of the progress I’ve made over this past year and will continue pushing forward towards my new goals like driving & running! 🙌⠀ ⠀ To anyone else out there on your own recovery and healing journey - stay positive, with the right mindset, things will get better! ⠀ ⠀ 📷: @saraillamas

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#challengeaccepted @bhavp19 thanks for the nomination #womensupportingwomen 2020 has been a wild year so far, filled with a lot of different highs and lows. Here’s to the next 6 months and my slow but steady concussion recovery! ✌️ To all other women out there on their own healing journey, you got this! No matter all the bumps along the road, small steps forward go a long way.


Hello from our little family to yours 👋🏼 . . . Throughout the pandemic, it has allowed us to appreciate more than ever the support of our community. Small businesses thrive because people like you book appointments at our clinic, order take out at local restaurants, buy from farmers markets, and purchase goods from small vendors. . . . Thank you for #SupportingLocal and thank you for allowing & trusting us to serve Simcoe County with your healthcare needs 🤍

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Shades of yellow⁣ ⁣⁣ I’m sitting⁣ in the neuro psychiatrist’s chair⁣ staring at the wall.⁣ I wonder what shade of yellow that is ⁣ Did they pick that yellow because it’s supposed to be a 𝘩𝘢𝘱𝘱𝘺 colour?⁣ Or, because it kind of looks like sick? ⁣ ⁣⁣ When I see my psychologist she leads me upstairs & unlocks the metal bars against her door. ⁣ Then she unlocks the door.⁣ I sit down in my chair.⁣ She locks the door again⁣ ⁣⁣ Every time ⁣ the light pours through the window ⁣ it pierces my brain⁣ like a dagger. ⁣ Because of the time of day my appointment is⁣ it’s always like this⁣ ⁣⁣ Shouldn’t I be grateful for the sun on my face?⁣ ⁣⁣ I wonder,⁣ is it necessary ⁣ to have two locks against a barred door?⁣ ⁣⁣ I am reminded ⁣ more of prison ⁣ than a place of refuge⁣ ⁣⁣ The same person I tell my darkest secrets to⁣ is the very doctor that said ⁣ 𝘐𝘵’𝘴 𝘢𝘭𝘭 𝘪𝘯 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘩𝘦𝘢𝘥⁣ ⁣⁣ 1 year later⁣ and I realise;⁣ as the light streams through the window⁣ into my eyes it is no longer piercing me like a dagger⁣ ⁣⁣ But the paint on the wall is still a shade of sick yellow — [image description: a photo side of me, side on at the beach. My torso and head are in frame. My blonde hair is tied into a low bun, some falling out at the side onto my neck. I am wearing a cream corduroy jacket. The light of the photo is tinted yellow from the sun, which is below the horizon. The sea is still, a wave is coming in, just about to lap the shore. In the background there is a spit of land which meets the sea to form the loop of the bay.]

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The awareness of how serious concussions and head injuries are has been increasing in recent years, which is great. 🤕 However, I feel the awareness of what to do if you get a concussion is lagging behind a bit. GO SEE A CONCUSSION SPECIALIST AS SOON AS YOU CAN, no matter how mild it is!!! The evidence shows that your life will resume to normal and you'll get over your symptoms quicker the sooner you see a concussion specialist. General doctors usually aren't much help, go see a concussion specialist! If a medical professional is ONLY TELLING YOU TO REST AND DO NOTHING ELSE FOR MORE THAN A COUPLE OF DAYS AFTER THE INJURY, THEN GO SEE SOMEONE ELSE!! This is important because rest alone isn't going to help you get better. GO SEE A CONCUSSION SPECIALIST!! Hearing about a lot of people getting concussions lately, with many who haven't seen a concussion specialist weeks down the track. Just putting this post up to help get more awareness about what TO DO if you get a concussion... GO SEE A CONCUSSION SPECIALIST!! Thanks for reading ✌️ #concussionrecovery #headinjury #concussion

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No matter how bad of a day I’m having or how terrible I’m feeling, whenever I’m around you, you make me feel like the old Lauren again. This has been one of the hardest things to explain to people, but it’s so hard to connect with others when you can’t even connect with yourself anymore. ⠀ It took her a while, but she’s starting to flourish again✨⠀ ⠀ No rehab, no problems or sadness. Just Lauren when I’m with you.⠀ ⠀ Thank you for making all the time we spend together the most fun I’ve had in a long time🧡⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #braininjury #neurofatigue #braininjuryawareness #braininjurysa #braininjuryaustralia #concussion #concussionrecovery #mentalhealth #isolation #invisibledisability #stigmastopswithme #tbi #tbirecovery #theorangebutterfly #tob #personalblog #blogger #traumaticbraininjury #strength #rehab #recovery #braininjuryrehab #rebuilding #positivemindset #nevergiveup #babystepsforward #love

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I had a whole post written filled with information and positivity to share with this community, but posting it tonight just seemed very fake, especially when I’m not in a mood myself to take on positive advice right now. All I really want to say is how flat I’m feeling. ⠀ ⠀ Do you ever wonder how much of you is getting better, verses how much of your body is just getting use to this way of living? Almost as if you’ve become numb? Numb to emotions and feelings, numb to pain, to connections, to everything.⠀ ⠀ Does it actually get better? Or do you just get better at hiding it? ⠀ Faking it. ⠀ ⠀ Who can blame you if you decide to shut your emotions off for a while?! This is something I’m working through with my psychologist at the moment. One thing he reminded me of today which I’ll share with you all...⠀ ⠀ “ We cannot selectively numb emotions. When we numb painful emotions, we also numb the positive ones”. ⠀ ⠀ I’ll leave that with you all 🧡🧡🧡⠀

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😎 Today I’m feeling grateful for life’s simple pleasures as I sit on a bench and enjoy this beautiful day 😴 I had a fab time seeing a friend on Wednesday morning then as soon as I got home my brain sent me to my bed with a stinking headache, exhausted me and made all symptoms worse. Nearly 2 1/2 years since I sustained my brain injury and I’m still recovering but determined to make the most of my new normal 💖 Since Wednesday I’ve felt so weak, especially my arms, hands and fingers but the sun is out and I’m going to enjoy it for a while. I’m resting in nature and that feels so good in my soul 🤔 Do you like to be in nature too? ✨ Keep sparkling one day at a time! ✨

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Are you changing the world, or conforming to it? » I’ll be honest - most of the time, I have no clue what I’m doing. Taking photos: no clue. Posting on social media: no clue. Writing content: no clue. Engaging in conversation: no clue. » What I’ve come to realize, is that I would much rather bring my unique self to the world rather than conform to it. I would much rather post what I feel lead to post rather than posting what/how everyone else does. I would much rather give the gifts that I recognize I have. I would much rather share the wisdom and knowledge that are in my own heart. While I learn, observe, and collaborate, I would much rather be myself while referring you to someone else that has what you’re looking for. » Looking for how you can act on justice? Great, here is @hadiel .mohamed . Need ethical fashion advice? Great, meet @melissa .lynn.smith . Want beauty and skin care help? @nataliafryebeauty . Desire to observe modeling? @madzfrye and @xaangiee . Photography? @headstrongimagery @laplantephotog and @inourimagephotos . Detoxing and holistic living? @drstephyoung . Jesus? Well, the Bible. Concussion tips and community? @natasha .wilch and @mollyparkerpt . Heartfelt music? @cristabellebraden . The list goes on and on. » Change doesn’t come from doing what everybody else is doing. Change comes from doing what you’re called to do.