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"Sound Art is the most direct way of engaging with art - you can literally do it with your eyes closed - and if music is any indication, sound can affect your emotions immediately, without any thought or explanation". #alyssabuffenstein @artnet ...... Los Veri is married couple Leo and Mariele. They are Sound Artists and freelance Creative Directors using music and sound to reach unconventional solutions to problems across creative disciplines and for their clients personal growth. We are proud to have them as members of our collective! Stay tuned for their profile coming up on our website later today 😊👌🏼 ...... #soundart #collective #interdisciplinary #creativearts #wellness #yoga #nutrition #personaldevelopment #creatives #onlineplatform #showcase #onlineservices #global #collectiveconsciousness #symbiosis #healingarts

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My collective: Star (me, host body ) Cindy (1st altar ) Demona Jade Sasha Syn Lucy (formerly Nameless ) Loops Alyanna A . . DID can seem scary and weird to the common person. However it is a psychological reaction that your brain creates to protect itself during trauma. I tried to hide my DID for most of my life, and in doing so i was broken and my other mental illnesses were horribly out of control. I have been letting myself and my collective live over the past few months "out" and i am becoming a healthier person mentally, physically, and emotionally. By accepting myself i am finally feeling like an actual person in my body; something that i veryyyy rarely feel due to dissociative depersonalisation and derealisation disorder. It's nice to actually feel fully in the body. If you have questions about DID or my other mental illnesses and disabilities feel free to ask. Anyways, happy friday everyone. Dont forget to hug someone for 20 seconds. It is magic. I love you. I see you. You matter. . . #DID #DIDartist #collective #mentalillness #disabilities #queer #pride #pagan #spellwork #queerartist #pansexual #speakupaboutmentalillness #christianwitch #witchchywoman #witch #nonbinary #depression #bipolar #suicideawareness #semicolonproject #selfharm #ocd #trichotillomania #narcolepsy #anxietydisorder

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[News] Membuka Lembaran Album Kedua, The Telephone Rilis Lagu "Cermin bagian 2" . . Selengkapnya kunjungi portal kami (link tercantum pada bio ) atau unduh secara gratis aplikasi Heartcorner Collective melalui Play Store. #news #heartcorner #collective #indikeple

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The unknown energy that can help humanity is that which lies hidden in the inner child... . . . #unity #innerchildwork #innerchild #symbiosis #collectiveconsciousness #collective #healing #freedom

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When you ‘pay’ attention to something, you buy that experience. So when you allow your consciousness to focus on someone or something that annoys you, you feed it your energy and it reciprocates the experience of being annoyed. Be selective where you focus your energy and attention, because your attention feeds the energy of it and keeps it alive. #energy #currency #universe #life #frequency #consciousness #collective #attention #be positive #spiritual #thezenden

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#🌬💨SMOKY🌬💨🃏CARD🃏REVEAL 4. SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA ~ Radiant Illumination 51. THE SOUND OF THE UNIVERSE 16. LOVING COMPASSION I LOVE YOU!!! GK👑 DECK: BEYOND LEMURIA By: Izzy Ivy You're in the building & you're feeling yourself? I feeeel youuuuu! The Solar Plexus is on pop & lock & won't stop! Is it possibly because you hear the beat of the drum in the sound of the Universe? You're feeling jazzy & snazzy from the love bomb Uni just dropped down into all of us. You know you wanna dance...all up in you room...in the bathroom in the mirror...in the shower...in the living room on the slick ass floor. Go for it! The love energy, the juice, is a cosmically sent, divine gift especially for you. It is sent to inspire, to create to share. Move your Godbody...your sexy body! Get sexy wit it! 😜😁😘 #GK 👑'STAROT #TAROT #COLLECTIVEREADING #COLLECTIVE #LIGHTWORKERS #STARSEEDS #EMPATHS #WAYSHOWERS #SOLARPLEXUSCHAKRA #DANCEDOESABODYGOOD #LOVELYFE #VYBRATEHYGHER #INNERLIGHT #SHYNIN &BLYNDIN🌕😎 #ENERGYWORK #ELEVATEDCONSCIOUSNESS #MAGIC #POPLOCK &DROPIT #SEXY

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Great news for all the geniuses @sunrisemvmt & elsewhere who have been convinced by totally not #nefarious #socialmediabots that #America is fundamentally #evil & #Communism is where it's at. They are already building that #utopia all over the world, go see for yourself! In the meantime, we'll regulate #capitalism here & create social #investment programs while still honoring the #freedom from not using total #state / #collective control, because we value the ability to #dissent as well as solve problems effectively, #innovate , #create as #individuals & #thrive as a #healthy #community with a #greeneconomy & #smallbusinesses , #consciousbusinesses . Bye, now! 👋🌿

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"We ain't picture perfect but We are worth the picture " . . . . . #jcole #unapologetically #style #fallcollection #droppingsoon #worldwide #fashion #streetstyle #fashionstatement #fashionbrand #collective

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Hey, beautiful souls 🌹 I wanted to make another intro post, because thank you so much for the 100 followers! 💖💖 I’m so grateful for y’all, really, y’all have no idea. I started this page to give my insight to the Collective, and I love the community on here so much! I can’t wait to connect more with y’all and engage more, I’m really excited and really want to talk with everyone! So, here’s a little bit about me. 💖 My name is Sydney, I’m 25 and I’ve been doing tarot for about 8 years now. I’ve always been drawn to spirituality and I’m constantly growing and evolving in that realm. I have my BA in psychology, one day I’ll get my PhD in cognitive neuropsychology, but due to covid, school has been put to a halt for me. A lot of masters programs near me aren’t accepting new students (and I want the in person experience, not online, so I’m picky ), as two of my mentors have told me, so for now I’m focusing my energy into other things. And I’m loving it! This year was supposed to be a break year for me anyways (lucked out a little too hard there😅 ) so I could focus on getting my health back together and in general just relax and focus on myself after graduating. I have a chronic illness, and I know it runs deep in my ancestral lines, and I’ll be able to heal myself soon. I’ll get to that level, I know I will! I’m also a p big gamer and sometimes I’ll stream. Maybe I’ll put my info on here one of these days. Eventually, though, I do plan on doing a tarot stream on twitch! That’d be really cool. I also love to garden! My plants give me life 🌵 🌹 Anyways, thank you again for following my page! I really want to engage more with everyone and get to know others. I really love this community! Much Love and Light ✨ #smajortarot #majortarot #intro #self #love #light #energy #abundance #spirituality #spiritualcommunity #collective

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Are you feeling the collective grief as the 3D grid is dissolving? We’re being asked to ascend higher by letting go of attachment and become more aware of the cosmic picture. We’re here to heal period. This is all a simulation. We’re eternal beings.

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✨🌚🧡🌚✨ Did you know that this October there will be TWO FULL MOONS!?!?  First Full Moon will be in Aries and happening on 10/01 & 10/02. This Full Moon will also be the ‘Harvest Moon!’  🎃Just a few weeks later, on HALLOWEEN, we will experience the Full Moon in Taurus. How freaking magical is that!?!?  📝There’s lots of crazy stuff happening astrologically right now. Lots of intense energies, excitements, and frustrations are going around. I figured that I’d get a jump start and post an energy update on my blog. You’ll find a tarot spread and free worksheet for your Full Moon rituals there. ♈️Swipe right for the collective oracle message to help you harvest what you’ve learned, release what is holding you back, and to reset your mindset. 💌Go ahead and try this spread out & tag me if you do! I’d love to share it!  In the meantime, hang in there; we’re all in this together! 🧡Decks Used: Sacred Destiny, @deniselinn33 Moonology, @planetyasminboland Vintage Wisdom Oracle, Victoria Moseley

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New YouTube video up! Go check it out ! Fall equinox charm casting if you missed the post a few days ago. YouTube: The Epiphany Dreams Life ☀️🌛Book your Spiritual/Life Guidance/tarot reading session with me through my website via link in bio or email epiphanydreamslife @gmail .com. $5.55 Charm Casting Readings now until Sep. 30. (Love, Money, Life, etc questions ) Donations paypal.me/epiphanydreams #unconditionallove #tarotreading #tarotreadersofinstagram #love #spiritualawakening #spiritualadvisor #lovereading #goodvibes #energy #oracle #higherconsciousness #innerwork #reflection #enlightenment #positivevibesonly #charmcasting #youtubechannel #theepiphanydreamslife #fallequinox #collective

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For a limited time get free Maple Keychains with all Maple AND Walnut orders! Email or DM us for pricing, and send us your logo for a picture of a free sample keychain!

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ATTENTION ALL ARTISTS!!! THIS PAGE IS DEDICATED TO SHINING LIGHT ON THE HIDDEN GEMS!!! DM US A VIDEO YOU’D LIKE POSTED OR AN AUDIO CLIP! 💎🔥 TAG 3 ARTISTS AFTER YOU DM US! #world #Music #indipendent #label #collective #rap #hiphop #Miami #Arizona #california #texas #newyork #atlanta #culture #new #top #daily #instagram #instagood #instamood #instalike #instamusic #detroit #westcoast #best #chicago #florida #seattle #losangeles #hiddengems

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If you've been waiting for an invitation towards doing something that matters, your moment is now. The human history that we are collectively creating is calling for us to move forward (even in our fear ) towards collective action and unity. Ways you can act are to donate money or time to an organization. You can also register to vote and get friends to register too. You can also start a group or a club at you high school or university. #hope #unity #action #collective #teamwork #idle #motion #choice #together #community #empowerment #personalpower #chakra #solarplexus #3rdchakra #vote #election2020 #illuminatedvoice #blogger #coach #coachinglife #lifecoach

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We have the cutest clothes in the shop! Both @babe_and_co and Tobacco Leaf keep us looking good! Come in tomorrow and see what’s new! #nomadson6th #shoplocalamarillo #shopamarillo #amarillotx #boutiqueshopping #historicroute66 #collective

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“Meet them where they meet you”, “how people treat you is how you should respond”, “I adjust my energy according to yours”. Hmm. An interesting thought process, to lower yourself to the vibration of the people who piss you off. How has that worked out for you? What if instead? We start paying attention to what our own heart truly needs on day one. What if we understand solitude isn’t loneliness? Depending on people who use you, but don’t stick around when you no longer serve them, can be a special type of abandonment. A type that leads to resentment, the “I’m not worthy anymore” energy. The, they got what they wanted and left, type of narrative. But what if from day one, you prioritize you? Your own soul? From day one, you listen to the triggers and intuitive hunches about someone, and instead of “meeting them where they are” because drama runs the world, instead you assess your moves forward in that interaction altogether? What if instead? You choose truth, integrity, and peace? Think about it, in your personal space, your journal, the space you don’t edit yourself in. Food for thought. As always, I love you.

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Works for me! 🤣🤣

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🌱🧿💖 #cocoon in progress, out of area. A #safespace #WIP#donotdisturb #artistsoninstagram #aftercare #worldwide #quietlife #collective


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I originally shared this message on 1/4/2020 and yesterday Spirit had me go back & touch on it in a personal reading with a client so I’m being guided to share it again with the collective. MESSAGE FOR THE COLLECTIVE 💜 “It’s all good even when it doesn’t ‘look’ good”. The message here is about having more faith than fear & trusting the Universe so much that even when you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel you know that there is one. Don’t become so fixated on the end of the tunnel that you get lost trying to navigate your way through it. All you have to do is calm your mind enough to focus & put one foot in front of the other - you got this. 💪🏽 Speak positivity over your life every day - incorporate some positive affirmations into your morning routine. Even if you can’t see why things are happening in the moment, it’s important to remind yourself that ‘It’s All Good’ because it always is. Everything always ends up working out exactly how it’s supposed to - in divine timing. 💜: click the link in my bio to book a personal reading


This is before a class at Yoga Shala. This is a moment of appreciation of the space we have for coming together to practice. I do take a moment before every class to give my gratitude and I also make sure I know why I am doing what I am doing before I even say or do anything. Recently more than ever before, I look over the room and give my gratitude to everyone who came. In these times when practicing together has become almost a privilege ... I really appreciate and value every single person who shows up for themselves on the mat. And I thank them after every class for taking care of themselves... hoping that they too realise how important this act is. It doesn’t just happen. They make it happen, they decide to come and practice 🙏 Recently, more than ever before... people are ready. They are so ready for anything and everything that I too must take it a bit further. I do choose my words when leading people into their inner space and I am not holding back in sharing knowledge I have gained. It’s hard for me to judge how present I manage to be in my personal life but when I enter the space of a Shala ( place where we practice Yoga ), I am present. Shalas have that effect on our brain, that’s why it’s so important to have a designated place for practicing and when we are building up that collective energy when practicing together and if each and every person is fully present ... something indescribable happens ... recently, more than ever before ... this indescribable moments are happening 🙏 ... .. . @yogashalareykjavik ... .. . #contemplation #gratitude #collective #energy #yoga #yogashala #yogashalareykjavik

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Kasteel van Gravenwezel in Schilde, Belgium by Axel Vervoordt Photography by Jake Curtis @axelvervoordt @jakecurtisphoto #axelvervoordt #photography #jakecurtis #comforting #collective #castle

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Very happy to be featured on @das_arthaus website! A lovely artist residency just outside of Berlin. We rehearsed there with my theater collective @monstressmess before the lockdown. . . Judith ist Schauspielerin, Tänzerin, Theater- und Filmproduzentin aus Berlin. Auf der Bühne stand sie bereits mit sechs Jahren als Teil des Balletensembles der @deutscheoperberlin . Ihr weiterer Weg führte über das Schauspielstudium in Berlin ( @fritz_kirchhoff_schule ), London ( @cssdlondon ) und New York ( @esperstudio ), hinzu Arbeit als freiberufliche Schauspielerin für Bühne und Kamera in ihrer Heimatstadt. Ihre Erfahrungen als Produzentin reichen von Kindertheater ( @platypustheater ), über Independent Film Produktion bis hin zur Mitbegründung des Theaterkollektivs @monstressmess , wobei sie immer in ihren beiden Muttersprachen deutsch und englisch arbeitet. . Hair and Make up: @jennajenjensmith Photographer: @smweissbach . #actress #bio #artistresidency #schauspielerin #theater #film #collective #berlin #producer #womeninfilm


REBUILDING THE FUTURE🌎 . JOIN ME tomorrow, FRIDAY, at 2:30PM PST/5:30PM EST with the one and only, Zach Bush MD ( @zachbushmd ), renowned, multi-disciplinary physician of internal medicine, endocrinology, hospice care and internationally recognized educator on the microbiome as it relates to human health, soil health, food systems, and a regenerative future.🤩💯 Our topic today is all about the power of biodiversity, our connection to nature, and how we can create a better future!🙌🏼 . Dr. Zach founded Seraphic Group and the non-profit Farmer’s Footprint ( @FarmersFootprint ) to develop root-cause solutions for human and ecological health. He is also the founder and CEO of ION* BIOME ( @ionbiome ), providing carbon-rich alkaline liquid products that promote an optimal gut environment and facilitates the gut-brain connection.🧠 His education has highlighted the need for a radical departure from chemical farming and pharmacy, and his ongoing efforts are providing a path for consumers, farmers, and mega-industries to work together for a healthy future for people and planet.✨🙏🏼 His work is creating avenues for collaborative action for all stakeholders in our global community for a regenerative future of health for the planet and our children!💖 . TUNE IN for this incredible talk! 💯 Have any questions?? 📲TEXT ME at 310-317-7852 in advance! We will answer them in the LIVE!🔜 Replays will ONLY be available in our private FB group (link in bio ).🔗 #SerenaLoves ♥️ #Biodiversity 🌟


Happy faces during our Vernissage @schmuck_galerie_hannah_rembeck 😍 Thank you Hannah for all your effort and happiness💎 It was so wonderful showing our pieces at a real life exhibition.💜💎💜 The show is on until the 2nd of october. -------- #happy #faces #reallife #exhibition #with #real #guests #vernissage #galerie #galeriehannahrembeck #galerienabendregensburg #regensburg #jewelry #jewellery #contemporaryjewellery #artjewellery #joyeriacontemporanea #bijouxcontemporains #schmuck #astonish #collective #birthday #celebration #boomboomgem