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Friday night after wod ...22.20 dinner time ..pasta ,tuna,tomato,parsley olives capers tomato Dopo l'allenamento del venerdì sera la mia cena è stata spaghetti pomodoro tonno prezzemolo olive e capperi... . . . . #homemadefood #healthymeals #healthyfood #pasta #spaghetti #tuna #tonno #pomodoro #tomato #olives #olive #prezzemolo #parsley #capperi #capers #homemade #cucinaitaliana #cucinare #cucinaresano #cucinareitaliano #food #foodphotography #dinner #foodporn #delicious #sano #carbs #protein #gusto #cooking

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Add some colour to your plate every time you sit down to dine. Vegetables and fruits are fiber rich with antioxidants & great micro nutrient profile. Adding a bowl of vegetables to every meal not only balances your meal but also improves your immune health. Try it yourself and see the difference. . . . #squaremealskitchen #healthyfood #balancedfood #balancedmeals #vegetables #fruits #fiber #protein #carbs #healthylifestyle #mealplanservices #hyderabad

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Un applauso per la Mulino Bianco per aver creato le tenerezze al limone con crema di limone! Dei biscotti davvero favolosi, che entrano nella mia TOP FIVE, ovviamente dopo I Milka choco minis I biscocrema Pan Di Stelle E I Nutella biscuit Che mondo sarebbe senza... biscotti 🍪 #food #foodporn #foodchallenge #video #calories #foodie #foodstagram #picoftheday #videooftheday #youtube #carbs #chocolate #hungry #followme #christmas #funnyvideos #chocolate #yellow #donuts #saturday

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Desayuno de sábado: Sandwich de sardina con mostaza dijon, pimentón al piquillo , espinaca , zanahoria rallada , tomate y aguacate #desayuno #breakfast #esmorzar #sardine #sandwich #sardina #mostaza #dijon #mustard #tomatoes 🍅 #tomates 🍅 #carrots 🥕 #spinach #espinaca #pepper #avocadolover #avocado #aguacate 🥑 #proteínas #carbs #healthycarbs #weekendvibes #saturday #sabado #quarantined

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SurFRIES! #couchpotato #potato #fries #frenchfries #carbs

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SACHARIDY🍌🌽 🔸Jsou jednou ze základních složek všech živých organismů a zároveň nejrozšířenější skupinou organických látek, ale i základním pohotovým zdrojem energie ✔️ 🔸Sacharidy dělíme na 1️⃣jednoduché monosacharidy - (CUKRY ) a ) glukóza - ovoce,med b ) fruktóza- ovoce,med c ) galaktóza - mléko 2️⃣složené oligosacharidy - (CUKRY ) a ) sacharóza- cukrová řepa,třtina stolní cukr b ) laktóza - mléko a mléčné výrobky c ) maltóza- obilí, pivo 3️⃣polysacharidy - (KOMPLEXNÍ SACHARIDY ) a ) rostlinný škrob - obiloviny, brambory, rýže b ) glykogen - maso, játra c ) inulin - čekanka, cibule, česnek✔️ 🔸Optimální příjem sacharidů odpovídá zhruba 40-55% celkového energetického příjmu zejména v závislosti na oblibě dávkování tuků✔️ 🔸Hmotnost nezvyšují sacharidy, ale nadbytečný příjem energie tzn. větší kaloricky příjem než výdej✔️ #Nutrabool #fitnesslifestyle #nutrition #healthylifestyle #fitness #fitnessfood #gym #gymmotivation #muscle #carbs #sacharidy 💪

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Good morning folks Its a wonderful day to be alive indeed. All praise and thanks to the Almighty for granting us another day to praise Him. This morning I made some egg muffins. Do check out the page stories for how I made them. I simply love these and often make them with different veggies and meats. You can also make them in a pan as a crust less quiche /caserole vibe. Delicious and nutritious 👌

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I don’t play favorites with my recipes, but this sauce is something I’ve made for many family holidays. Real talk, both adults and kids will love it, and it’s simple to make. Toss in any pasta, but if you’re feeling hella extra, make some lemony malfatti like I did. *recipe on the website*

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PORRIDGE 🥣⁣ ⁣ Nothing like a warm bowl of oats to start the day 🙏🏼 here we have 1 cup of oats cooked on the stove in almond milk. ⁣ ⁣ Topped with: caramelised banana, soy yoghurt, almond butter, sliced plum, toasted pumpkin seeds & desiccated coconut. ⁣ ⁣ Keep up with my story for my training / daily eats 💪🏼

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What’s for merienda? Pwede na ba ang buns na may palamang pansit guisado? Kasi ngaaaa, #CarbsOnCarbsisLife ! 😂 Kagat na! 😋😋😋 . . . #psilovefoodph #merienda #filipinofood #pansit #carbs #pinoystyle #philippines #pilipinas

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Otro día echándole un par de 🥚🥚, una ración de fruta 🍌😏 y un dosis de grasas saludables (🥜🥜butter ) para darle al body el desayuno anti-covid-19. BUENOS DÍAS! GOOD MORNING! BUONGIORNO! 💪😜 dia23 #quedateencasa #stayhome #staiacasa #andràtuttobene #nonmollaremai #comida #dinner #pranzo #lunch #cena #food #healthy #intermitentfasting #bulk #carbs #gym #postworkoutmeal #yummy #instafood #instapic #healthymeal #flexibledieting #workout #iifym #protein #veggies #diet #foodshare #realfood #health

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Threw some veggies in the pan and ended up with zucchini and tomato pasta for lunch today🍅🌶🍝 I love mixing pasta with my zoodles as I find it keeps me fuller for longer without needing as much of it! . . . . . #lunch #zoodles #healthyfood #healthyswaps #fitfood #fitspo #fitfam #vegetarian #weekend #carbs #pastalover #macros #cleaneating #intuitiveeating #healthylifestyle #gymgirl #foodblogger #healthyrecipes #veggies #eathealthy

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Schon ausreichend versorgt❓😛 Für ein stabiles Immunsystem schwört @becci .langrehr auf unsere Omega 3 Kapseln & unser BasicH+ Während des Trainings dürfen natürlich die schnell verfügbare Kohlenhydrate & Mineralstoffe nicht fehlen! 💪🏼💯 👉🏼 https://amsport-shop.de

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Alissa's Quarantine Cooking Adventures: Day 18 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- When you really want to go to the McDonald's next door but they only do drive through or delivery 😭 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- #alissascookingadventures #tryingnewrecipes #quarantinecooking #stayhome #stayhomeandcook #homemadefries #homemade #ovenbaked #cookingadventures #fries #frenchfries #fatteningup #deelishis #yummyinmytummy #quarantineandchill #cookingadventures #allthecarbs #trynewrecipes #gottacookmore #shouldexercise #balancethecalories #stretchypants #carbs #carbloading #deliciouscarbs #allthefries #mmfries

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Dreamy Focaccia. Topped with fresh rosemary, green olives and sea salt. It’s soft, pillowy, salty and full of flavour🤤 . . . . #homemade #focaccia #carbs #olives #rosemary #tasty #delicious #epicurious #goodfoodau #freshlybaked #saturdaynightin #melbournefood #foodphotography #greekfood #foodie #melbournefoodie #greekgirls #feedfeed

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Quinoa vs. brown rice - which side are you? 😋 (*nutrition info is per 1 cup* )⠀ .⠀ Both are great options when choosing a nutritious complex carb to even out your meal! They’re both packed with antioxidants and minerals, support healthy digestion, taste delicious, and will keep you on track with your goals.✔️⠀ . ⠀ Quinoa is great because it provides all 9 essential amino acids, making it a complete protein! It’s also a wonderful source of fiber which helps you feel full longer, and in turn possibly help with weight loss. Quinoa is also a good source of minerals like iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc, and more.⠀ .⠀ Brown rice is full of minerals like phosphorus, manganese, selenium & magnesium. Additionally, brown rice contains phenols and flavonoids which are antioxidants that help protect the body from oxidative stress. Similar to quinoa, it’s also high in fiber and may help you lose weight by making you feel fuller longer🤗⠀ .⠀ Ultimately both quinoa and brown rice are nutritious choices that have similar health benefits. They’re both gluten-free, support healthy digestion, and are full of minerals and fiber.⠀ .⠀ Carbs can have a beneficial effect on energy levels and athletic performance, so no matter which side you’re on make sure to eat the right amount for you. Also make sure to take your activity levels, insulin sensitivity, and goals into consideration when determining the right amount. 😁⠀ .⠀ .info ig meowmeix .⠀ . #slimfitwithkakima #cooltargetonlinecoaching #teamimaandii #cleaneating #healthyeating #nutrition #stayhome #dudukrumah #mealprep #foodprep #fitfood #protein #weightloss #mealplan #healthychoices #healthyfood #mealprepping #macros #fitmom #instahealth #quinoa #glutenfree #brownrice #meals #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #carbs

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Vi lever under 2020-talet. Världen har drabbats av Corona men utvecklingen inom kost och hälsa går hela tiden framåt. Mitt mål är att alla ska få känna sig värdefulla, oavsett om man olyckligtvis har fått diagnosen glutenintolerant, har bestämt sig för att bli vegan eller utesluter vitt socker. Vissa påstår att vi lever i en värld med osunda direktiv kring huruvida man ska äta. Att en Kosthållning med färre kolhydrater eller Glutenfria livsmedel bara är hysteri, en dum idé och ett löjligt val. Så är inte fallet. Att man väljer att bli Vegan av olika personliga och enskilda själ är inget jag som Kostrådgivare har belägg att ha synpunkter på. Det är ett val en människa gör utifrån sina personliga och kroppsliga förutsättningar och jag som rådgivare inom kost är neural och förespråkar alla typer av dieter såvida de innehåller bra och näringsrika livsmedel. Mina bars är gjorda på naturliga och väl utvalda livsmedel. Dem innehåller inget vitt socker, ingen gluten eller ingen Laktos och är heller inte gjorda på levande djur och passar alltså alla oavsett kropp eller val av kost. Min Kostrådgivning innehåller inga synpunkter på dig som enskild individ kring val av diet. Att du har kört detox i 3 månader för att återställa balansen i kroppen gör inte dig till en sämre människa. Att du väljer bort att äta djur för att du inte klarar av att se deras lidande gör inte dig till en sämre människa heller. Att du väljer bort att äta gluten för att du upplever att din mage blir orolig av bröd gör dig heller inte till en sämre människa. Kostrådgivare behövs och framför allt sådana med neutralt arbetssätt. Faktum är att de finns klara bevis genom forskning att en detox kan läka sköldkörtelsjukdomar och att en person med magproblem kan bli bättre genom att äta Glutenfritt. Vi kan alltså ” läka ” kroppen genom rätt val av kost och livsmedel därav någon kom på dieten Detox eller Vegetarisk diet. Vad passar dig? Det kanske du inte vet ännu men jag är här för att hjälpa dig så låt oss utforska din kropps förutsättningar för att hitta en ” diet ” som passar just dig. /Nicole Lindberg Lic.Kostrådgivare

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ПОДПИШИСЬ НА @HOME_RECEPTY_ Дорогие мои сегодня хочу поделиться с Вами рецептом очень вкусного и сытного салата из печени. Ингредиенты этого салатика найдутся у каждой хозяйки. Сохраняем и готовим с удовольствием. Незабываемые про лайк❤ Автор: @home_recepty_ ♨"САЛАТ ИЗ ПЕЧЕНИ"♨ 🍒 ИНГРЕДИЕНТЫ: • Печень говяжья (можно использовать любую ) -400гр • Соленые огурцы-5 шт(средних ) • Морковь-2 шт • Лук-1 крупный • Масло растительное(для жарки ) • Чеснок-3 зуб. • Майонез-4 ст.л • Соль, перец • Мука(для печени ) • Зелень для украшения 📌ПРИГОТОВЛЕНИЕ: 1. Печень помыть, снять пленку и нарезать пластами средней толщины, чтоб потом нарезать соломкой. Присыпать солью, перцем и мукой. Обжарить на среднем огне под крышкой по 3 мин с каждой стороны. Остудить и нарезать соломкой. 2. Огурцы нарезать соломкой 3. Морковь натереть на терке для корейской моркови и обжарить до золотистого цвета. 4. Лук нарезать полукольцами и замариновать в пропорции вода и уксус 1:1 мин 7,затем воду слить. 5. Чеснок мелко нарезать. 6. Все ингредиенты смешать, добавить майонез и еще раз все перемешать. 7. Дать постоять в холодильнике 2 часа и наш очень вкусный салат готов, при подаче украсить зеленью. Приятного аппетита! #топ #топчик #салат #рецепты #home_recepty_ #топсохранки #вкусно


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I chedDARE you to add extra cheese to your Mac #thesecarbsdontcount

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HOW ABOUT AN EPIC FRIDAY WITH BRISKET SUBS!!😋😋😍 Our Brisket is Slowly Smoked with our 3 wood blend (Apple, Hickory, & Pecan ) 🤤🤤You can order our Brisket Sub with our Regular or Spicy Call' Em BBQ Sauce🤠 We offer Easy Online Ordering @ BigalsPizzeria.com 🤠👊 . . . TAG YOUR FRIDAY PALS!👇


🌱F İ T L A H M A C U N🌱 (find the translation in comments ) evde lahmacun yapacaksın deseler inanmazdım ama bu gerçekten harika oldu! tarifin orijinali @ardaturkmen ‘e ait. ben sadece ufak birkaç değişiklik yaptım. iç harcı için; *250. gr yağsız dana kıyma *2 büyük soğan *2 büyük domates *1/4 demet maydanoz *2 yk biber salçası *1 yk zeytinyağı hamuru için; *2 sb tam buğday unu *3/4 (1 sb’dan 2 parmak az ) su (oda sıcaklığında ) *1 çk tuz bir kabın içinde un ve tuzu karıştırıp ortasını açın. suyun bir kısmını döküp yavaşça karıştırmaya başlayın. yumuşak bir kıvam elde edene kadar yoğurun. tam buğday unu normal una göre daha fazla su kaldırdığından ihtiyacı kadar su ekleyebilirsiniz. hamur yapışmayan ama yumuşak bir kıvam alınca üzerini nemli bir bezle örtüp dinlendirin. başka bir kabın içine minik küpler halinde doğradığınız soğan, domates ve incecik kıyılmış maydonozu ekleyin. salça, zeytinyağı, tuz, karabiber ve dilerseniz acı biberi ekleyip kıyma ile birlikte iyice yoğurun. karışım biraz sulu olacak, suyunu süzmeyin, hatta kuru olursa çok az su ekleyebilirsiniz. dinlenen hamurunuzu unladığınız zemin üzerinde hafifçe açıp 4 eşit parçaya bölün. benim yaptığım gibi daha küçük olmasını isterseniz 6’ya bölebilirsiniz. pidenizin tabanının odun fırınında pişmiş gibi olması için fırınınızı önceden en yüksek ısıda ve turboda ısıtın. pideyi fırının içine koymadan önce ayarını sadece alt ayara getirin. (bu önemli! ) elinizi hafifçe unlayıp hamuru ince olacak şekilde açın. üzerine hazırladığınız harçtan koyun ve tabanını unladığınız fırın tepsisinin içine aktarıp en yüksek ısıda ısınan fırınınızda tabanı iyice pişene kadar (yaklaşık 3-4” ) pişirin. odun fırını seven biri olarak fırınımdan çıkan bu lahmacuna inanamadım😍 . . . . #nutrition #foodporn #calories #carbs #diet #wholefoods #eating #foodphotography #f52grams

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Hungry between meals or should I say hungry every 20 mins? While I’ve been stuck in the house, all I can think about is what I’m going to eat next!! I am a big time snacker so I generally like sticking to 100 calories on average a snack. That way I can have more of a variety of different snacks 🤤 These snacks are under 100 calories and are full of nutrients… - 30 Grapes 4 pitted Dates 2 cups of Watermelon 🍉 1 cup of Berries 14 Almonds 1 Rice cake and ½ tbsp of Peanut Butter ½ cup Edamame beans Glass of wine 🍷 😉 YOLO because it’s quarantine life 😂. - 👤Tag a friend that would like this 👭 • Xoxo Elaine @change_begins_with_you . . . . . . . . . . #healthylifestyle #healthyfood #snackideas #snack #sweet #wine #fruit #vegetables #foodie #weightlossjourney #healthyme #cleaneating #bbg #weightloss #diet #goodmoodfood #carbs #realfood #instahealth #iifym #organic #mealprep #mealprepmonday #protein #fitfood #nutrition #healthyliving #healthyeating #weightlossjourney #goalsetting #fatloss

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Some people struggle with self control. - They want to lose fat but have difficulty saying “no.” - Often times they mentally justify it in saying they’re “flexible dieting.” - But flexible dieting doesn’t mean “eat junk and lose fat.” It means “don’t feel guilty for having a treat - but you still have to be wicked consistent to make significant, lasting changes.” - For them, practicing self control and saying “no” more often might help them achieve their goal. - Other people struggle with food anxiety. - They get anxious at the thought of going out to eat at a restaurant because they don’t want to “ruin their progress.” - They feel bad for having a slice of cake at their own birthday party. - They, logically, know it sounds silly and they often give their friends/family/clients amazing nutrition advice that promotes a more flexible approach...but they struggle with it themselves. - For them, saying “yes” more often and having a treat might help them achieve their goals. - Progress is not only measured in weight loss or fat loss or measurements or numbers or quantifiable data. - Progress is also measured in mental, emotional, and behavioral changes. - And, candidly, if you don’t improve your mindset first, any physical changes/improvements are going to be short-lived. - Because sustainable results only happen with a sustainable mindset. - Sending you and your family and friends my love and support. - ♥️🙏 - J - #sustainability #flexibledieting #moderation #ifitfitsyourmacros #iifym #calories #caloriecounting #macros #healthyeating #cleaneating #carbs #carbohydrates #preworkout #postworkout #fitness #fitnessaddicted #nutritioncoach #healthymind


Despite all that is going on in the world right now, allergy season is still gonna hit us. If it hits you pretty hard (me! ) and your head is in a fog from all the sniffling and sneezing, a delicious soothing bowl of chicken soup with @bibigousa ’s Korean-style chicken + vegetable steamed dumplings, simmered daikon + bok choy + shiitake + heady hit of aromatics are here to the rescue. #ad It may not entirely cure what ails you, but at least it’ll make you feel better. After all, chicken soup, ginger, garlic, daikon, shiitake and scallions are known to have decongestant and anti-inflammatory properties! This box of @bibigousa Korean-style chicken + vegetable steamed dumplings comes fully cooked + frozen, and includes a flavorful dipping sauce so you can have a comforting meal in very little time. Also delicious and satisfying even when you’re feeling 100% 😅! Here’s a super easy recipe for you to try (serves 2 ): __________________ In a medium-large saucepan, bring about 4 cups of homemade or store-bought chicken stock to a boil, then turn heat down to med-low. Season stock with either salt or a touch of fish sauce. Simmer a small peeled + sliced daikon for about 10-15 min until softened, but not mushy. Add in a handful of baby bok choy and a couple sliced fresh shiitake. At this point, take out two boxes of @bibigousa ’s Korean-style chicken + vegetable steamed dumplings out of the freezer and warm up according to package directions or place dumplings directly into the simmering broth for about 3-5 min to warm through, along with the bok choy + shiitake. Don’t forget to thaw out + warm the dipping sauce that’s included. __________________ To serve, divide the warmed dumplings and simmered veg between two bowls. Carefully ladle in the hot broth, toss in some sliced scallions, sesame seeds and thai chili pepper (optional ). Drizzle on toasted sesame oil (and chili oil if you’d like ). Serve with a mix of freshly grated ginger + crushed garlic and the dipping sauce. Enjoy immediately! 🍲🥟


Perfect time to repost this! Now is the perfect time to start focusing on yourself & creating new habits. Take this as a once in a lifetime opportunity. We are already in April, the days are flying by. If you don’t start now, before you know it, you’ll be thinking of your New Years resolution. Did you stick your New Years resolution? The statistics on how many people actually follow through & accomplish their New Year’s resolutions are rather grim. Studies have shown that less than 25% of people actually stay committed to their resolutions after just 30 days, & only 8% actually accomplish them. Don’t be part of that statistic. If you weren’t able to stick to your resolutions its probably because you didn’t plan it out properly. Instead of setting resolutions, set goals. Simple - because goals are specific, whereas resolutions tend to be broad & vague. Goals are much more actionable, which is what makes them more effective. So, write down what your goal is. Make a proper plan. Regularly review your goals & progress. Find mentors – a mentor is someone who is experienced in the habit you want to change. Start TODAY. Start NOW! Otherwise your “I’ll start tomorrow” or “I’ll start on Monday’ will become the new habit as you find an excuse each day of why it isn't the right day to start. There is a simple rule called 21/90 rule. The 21/90 rule states that it takes 21 days to make a habit and 90 days to make a lifestyle. Commit a goal for straight 21 days and it will become a habit. And beyond that, if you are able to do a thing for consecutively 90 days, it will become a part of your daily routine. Habit is a difficult thing to achieve if it is a good habit and also equally difficult to quit if it's a bad habit. Even if you have the strongest will, you may find it extremely difficult to make a habit. But that's where you need to remember to be PATIENT. Being PATIENT & CONSISTENT is the key to your success. You CAN and WILL do ANYTHING you put your mind to just - BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. What's your new goal that you’re going to set and start working towards it today? Hope you’re all well x XØXØ Elaine 💖 @change_begins_with_you .

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Pesto is the besto💚 #thesecarbsdontcount


One of the best #pantrypasta dishes in olive history. 👏🍝 I’ve been making aglio e olio on repeat. So good with fresh lemon juice and red pepper flakes and literally takes 0% effort unlike the very needy banana bread chocolate chip cookies I’ve been a slave to for the past 48 hours lol. Aglio e olio recipe on my highlights!!