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12 hours ago

Okay so heres a rejected version of Vitiligo Risotto!!I liked but i decided i wanted to keep him as recognizable as possible... tho he do look metal AF here imo. 🤔 Black Metal Risotto?? Deth Metal Risotto????

5 days ago

It's a comic pls swipe >:33 I can't believe ppl are mad at me for blacktober BruAbba when we all know the 4 of them would be best of friends 😔😔😔 Still working on those requests, just thought I'd break up the flow with a bad jojoke 😤💖 *I misspelled cannoli because I don't speak italian 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

6 days ago

you're magical~ watch until the end

2 weeks ago

the thug and the gay boy.

2 weeks ago

Finally got around to doing the cute band!au DTIYS from @stcyanide Had to add a kiss 🤐💋💄 . . . #bruabba #leoneabbacchio #brunobucciarati #stcyanide_dtiys #jjbafanart #jjba #ventoaureo