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Sam Darnold when asked about if he’s worried if Trevor Lawrence will take his job: “I’m just focusing on the Bills. But I have social media, I’ve seen it. It’s out of my control.” The amount of pain Sam must be going through must be indescribable. Seeing Jets fans saying they want Tlaw all over social media must hurt him. Can’t imagine what he’s going through, and you can see the pain in his eyes when he speaks. I’m still rooting for this guy to succeed every snap until the very end. And if he leaves, whatever team he goes to I’ll be supporting him💚.

2 days ago

Ladies and gents- this is what our wonderful HC makes our QBs do in practice. Embarrassing....

2 days ago

The only good Jets stat this season. Hopefully Mekhi is our franchise LT.

3 days ago

THE JETS WILL FOREVER BE A JOKE LMAO WORST ORGANIZATION IN ALL OF SPORTS #FiringRange #NYJ #AdamGase #JoeDouglas #SamDarnold #JamalAdams #GreggWilliams #PhenomenalCrew

4 days ago

After watching Sunday’s game, if you think Trevor Lawrence is going to walk on this team with these weapons and turn them around immediately, you’re wrong. Tlaw needs a good offense just like any other QB otherwise things won’t work out. I know Joe Douglas has a lot of picks, but a full team of rookies will take a while to be in sync. Us fans are acting like Trevor is going to win us a super bowl right away. Don’t forget that we’re the Jets and we’re great at ruining talent. A good head coach will be crucial for Tlaw’s development.

5 days ago

The only good jets highlight from yesterday’s game. I really hope we keep Maye, but wouldn’t blame him if he doesn’t want to resign in NY.

5 days ago

The Jets have traded former captain and nose tackle Steve McLendon to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a 2022 sixth round pick, and a 2023 seventh round pick. Thanks for everything! @bigblackmclendon

5 days ago

Adam Gase told CBS he wasn’t happy with Gregg Williams criticizing the team’s performance 🎥 #NFL #CBS #NewYorkJets #AdamGase #GreggWilliams . . . Do you have some more ideas? Share with us!👇👇👇 ————————————— 😤 Follow @nflnbamlbnhlsource ————————————— 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 ————————————— . . . #nfl #nba #mlb #nhl #football #basketball #baseball #hockey #jellyfam #jukes #hurdle #sauce #crossover #dunk #tripledouble #warriors #patriots #cubs #penguins #sports #amazingplays

6 days ago

Gameday. A picture is worth 1,000 words.

6 days ago

#Jets DC Gregg Williams seemed to throw the offense under the bus when asked about the defense allowing 32.2 points per game this season. Williams said “a lot of it is not all defensively” and when a reporter asked what he meant by that, he said “you’ll have to figure it out”. Even though the defense has been atrocious so far this year, Williams has a point. Sam Darnold threw two pick-sixes in four games this season (both against the Colts ). Also, the defense gets tired fairly early in games because of the offense’s inability to move the ball. They barely have time to gasp for air. I’m not defending the defense’s performance, but the offense isn’t doing them any favors. I don’t think Williams should’ve pointed fingers at the offense in his presser. All it did was confirm the growing tension between him and Gase. We knew things were bad. But it feels like the locker room is divided. At least from an outside perspective looking in. SWIPE to see Williams’ full response to the question. #jets #nyjets #nyj #newyorkjets #nfl #sports #football #afc #afceast #jetup #jetsnation #ganggreen #ganggreennation #takeflight #greggwilliams #adamgase #offense #defense #insta #instagram

6 days ago

Developing: There is “mounting tension” between HC Adam Gase and DC Gregg Williams, per @richcimini_espn . Williams took aim at Gase’s offense when asked about the defense allowing an average of 32.2 per game. "It's not a very good number -- and a lot of it's not all defensively," Williams said after Friday's practice. "It's points on the board and we've got to do a good job of that, and how you do that is make them kick more field goals, got to do a better job in field-position-type things. As you see, the scoring is up in the league, but it still makes me sick,” Williams said. When asked to clarify his comments about: "A lot of it's not all defensively,” Williams took a subtle jab at Gase. "You'd have to figure it out," Williams said, ending his video call with reporters. The Jets’ offense is averaging 15 points per game and ranks near the bottom of the league in total yards and time of possession. Gase did not respond to Williams’ comments. The Jets are 7-14 with Gase at head coach and Williams at defensive coordinator. #nfl #nflnews #nflnetwork #espn #football #breaking #news #fantasyfootball #fantasysports #nflbreakingnews #breakingnews 🚨 #jets #newyorkjets #adamgase #greggwilliams

1 weeks ago

Former NFL punter Pat Mcafee said that someone “high up” in the Jets organization said the jets are “trying to lose every game” to secure the #1 pick for Trevor Lawrence.

2 weeks ago

Jets OC Dowell Loggains on the Jets offensive struggles: “Very little of it was playcalling. If there was ever a problem with that, we would have no problem telling the boss, coach Gase. But that’s not the issue. We have a lot more issues that we’re working through that we need to continue to improve on.” Is it a coincidence that the Miami offense couldn’t get going with Gase and Loggains? Then they come to the Jets and they’re last in almost every category? Loggains is lying and there’s no point since he won’t have his job by the end of the season no matter what he says. Him and Gase have to stop covering up and take some blame.

2 weeks ago

Multiple NFL teams have called the Jets in regards to trade interest in Quinnen Williams per Conner Rogers. Joe Douglas said he’s listening to calls, and anyone is avaliable for the right price. I understand if Joe Douglas wants to do a full rebuild, I but I hope we keep Q and Maye at least.

2 weeks ago

I was typing this up yesterday, right when I got the notification that we released Bell, so here’s the rant: This was less than a year and a half ago. When we signed Leveon, our entire fan base went crazy. We thought we would be a playoff team, if not a contender with Bell. We thought the bad days were gone, and good ones were coming. It’s amazing to me that less than a year and a half ago, I was going crazy that we signed Bell. He’s always been one of my favorite players, and Ill never forget the second I got the notification we were signing him. We had signed the best running back in the league at the time. The unfortunate truth: Adam Gase has literally drove out our best two players in less than a 3 month span. Things were so bad, that our 2 BEST PLAYERS didn’t want to be here anymore. Bell signed a 4 year deal, and didn’t even make it halfway through his second year on his contract. Bell is in the best shape of his life, and he looked like a horrible player on this team. Gase didn’t even know how to use a top 10 RB, which is a shame. It was the same thing in Miami when Gase was there. Jarvis Landry wanted out, Pouncy wanted out, and Tannahill was regressing more every game. It’s so dysfunctional and a disgrace that Gase had to piss off our best two players. Who’s our best player now? Mekhi Becton? I’m just so done with this organization and wondering if it will be dysfunctional forever. I’ll say it again: The blame starts from the top. Christopher Johnson has done so much damage to this team, right when we had the players go trend upwards. This team needs to be sold soon before we have to go into another full rebuild in 3 years. The New York Jets are easily the most dysfunctional franchise in sports right now. I wish Leveon Bell the best and I don’t blame him one bit for wanting out.

2 weeks ago

The Jets are actively shopping Jamison Crowder and Brian Poole. These are arguably our only good WR and CB this year. Looks like we’ll be going into another full rebuild.

2 weeks ago

But Gase is the guy, right Chris Johnson?

2 weeks ago

The jets are releasing Leveon Bell per Ian Rapoport. Are you kidding me? You couldn’t even trade him for a late round pick. This team disgusts me. I was just about to post a rant about how Gase angered Bell and I got this buzz. I will rant tomorrow. Just so much pain.

2 weeks ago

The Jets are looking to trade Leveon Bell before the deadline which is October 19th, per ESPN. Don’t expect anything more than a late round pick in return.

2 weeks ago

Albert Breer shares his thoughts on the Jets next coaching candidate: “I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a college coach. Joe Douglas has a lot of connections in that area.” Also stayed tuned for a new series where I’ll go over possible coaching candidates.

2 weeks ago

You’re stunting Perine’s growth by not giving him touches. Bell and Gore will both be 100% gone by the end of the season so just give Perine touches. The things Gase says makes me lose brain cells.

2 weeks ago

Is Gase lying or is this team practicing “incredible?” If the Jets were practicing as well as Gase said, then why are we 0-5? Why did we get blown off the field against a beat up Broncos and 49ers team? Things don’t add up. #firegase

2 weeks ago

Another lose to drop us to 0-5. Horrible game consisting of bad penalties, dropped passes, and getting destroyed by Deandre Hopkins.

2 weeks ago

The Jets take on the Cardinals at 1 PM EST today. Predict today’s score for a shoutout.

2 weeks ago

Message from the NY Jets. It was a false positive, and the game will stay on schedule for Sunday.

3 weeks ago

Report from Adam Schefter: All Jets players and staff sent home today after someone supposedly tested positive for COVID 19. This will makes Sunday’s game against the Cardinals up in the air.

3 weeks ago

Here’s something I’d like to get off my chest: I’m just so tired of the way the Jets run things. We’ve been doing this for the last 10 years: Drafting/signing of players in positions of need, wasting their talent, trading or cutting them, and repeating the process. We did it with so many guys, what makes you think the same process won’t follow with Trevor Lawrence? Darnold is so talented and look what we’ve done to him. We wasted an incredible prospect and set him up for failure. There have been too many Jets players over the years that have had their talent wasted, and I’m sick of it. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

3 weeks ago

Sam Darnold has been ruled out Sunday vs the Cardinals with his shoulder injury. Joe Flacco will get the start. Odds are starting to look slim that Sam will be staying in NY.

3 weeks ago

Seattle please lose a few games.

3 weeks ago

Call the Texans organization dumb idc, but at least they fired their coach that went 0-4.

3 weeks ago

speaks on the Jets’ possibly haul to trade back if we get the 1st overall pick in the 2021 draft. He believes that a team would be willing to give up 3 first round picks and 3 second round picks just to take Trevor Lawrence. If we land at pick #1 , and this is offered to us, I say it’s a no brainer we accept. I’ve been saying this and I’ll stick to it, Sam Darnold should still be our QB next year. His “struggles” aren’t his fault and I blame it on Gase and the horrible team around him. If we use these picks on offensive weapons to build around him, there is no reason to go for another QB who will still struggle in a weak offense. We have so many positions to address on this team, and picking another QB is wasting a pick. Let me know your thoughts. Would you trade back if we got this offer for the first pick?

3 weeks ago

Adam Gase and the Jets are 0-4. Gregg Williams is just telling him players to cheap shot everyone. The Jets fans are calling for firings and ownership doesn't care.

4 weeks ago

Pierre Desir has 2 INTs, however this should’ve been a third. There was no reason that the ball should’ve went through his hands and grabbled for a TD. Props to Jerry Jeudy on the incredible grab. If he had this INT, I think the jets might’ve had the win. Horrible season from Desir thus far.

4 weeks ago

The jets trail 17-13 at half. That Jerry Jeudy touchdown really could’ve cost us the game. Desir easily should’ve had that pick or at least batted down. Need to see better blocking from the Jets to protect Sam. He played well this half especially when he had time inside the pocket.


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Jun 2020

Jets DC Gregg Williams spoke to the media today. He was asked about the Jamal Adams situation and he showed full support of Adams. “You never mess with a guy’s contract.... I have his back on that.” He means that you don’t talk about a guy’s contract when he’s seeking more money. He also was asking about how Adams has openly said he wants out playing with the Jets. “You can’t get too emotional. I want him to feel good about being here and everything that’s going on. I can’t wait to coach him again,” Williams told reporters. Gregg Williams shows nothing but respect for Jamal Adams throughout the call as he’s always done. #LNYJNews #JamalAdams #GreggWilliams

last month

Meet Sam’s bodyguards, George and Mekhi🤩🤩. Picture via @nyjets

Feb 2020

Rooney Mara, unas converse, un Oscar, Joaquin Phoenix, una hamburguesa vegana y mucho amor. Fotón de #greggwilliams @gregwilliamsphotography Felicidades! #elle #joaquinphoenix #rooneymara #joker #oscar #acting #actor #felicidad #cine

Apr 2020

The 2020 New York Jets draft class - •Mekhi Becton •Denzel Mims •Ashtyn Davis •Jabari Zuniga •La’Mical Perine •James Morgan •Cam Clarke •Bryce Hall •Braden Mann What are your thoughts on this class?! 🔥👀 - - - - - - - - - - #samdarnold #darnold #jets #newyorkjets #jamaladams #nyjets #ganggreen #takeflight #jetup #jetsnation #nyj #joedouglas #robbyanderson #denzelmims #chrisherndon #brycehall #nfl #football #denzelmims mekhibecton #leveonbell #quinnenwilliams #takeflight #jamisoncrowder #greggwilliams #youtube #nfldraft

May 2020

Sam Darnold entering his 2nd season under Gase’s system gets me excited He doesn’t have to learn everything from scratch. This is where Darnold can become another coach on the field Gase’s offensive system is complex. And we saw Sam take charge in the middle of the year and told Gase how he wants it to be ran Darnold then finished the season with 13 TDs 4 INTs Darnold is about to Take Flight in 2020✈️👀 - - - - - - #samdarnold #darnold #jets #newyorkjets #jamaladams #nyjets #ganggreen #takeflight #jetup #jetsnation #nyj #joedouglas #robbyanderson #denzelmims #chrisherndon #brycehall #nfl #football #brycehall mekhibecton #leveonbell #quinnenwilliams #takeflight #jamisoncrowder #greggwilliams #youtube #frankgore

Apr 2020

Joe Douglas on Jamal Adams today on ESPN NY 98.7: - - “He was a big reason I was excited about coming here. I feel this guy is a core player. ... The main goal that I'm trying to do right now is to surround him with like-minded players, because we know Jamal is a dog. We have to surround him with guys that play as hard as he does, that love football as much as he does and can match his intensity." Via ( @richcimini_espn ) - - - - - - - - - #samdarnold #darnold #jets #newyorkjets #jamaladams #nyjets #ganggreen #takeflight #jetup #jetsnation #nyj #joedouglas #robbyanderson #quincyenunwa #chrisherndon #adamgase #nfl #football #joenamath #newjackcity #leveonbell #quinnenwilliams #takeflight #jamisoncrowder #greggwilliams #youtube #nfldraft

Apr 2019

Leonard Williams is excited about the energy that DC Gregg Williams brings to the Jets. I am honestly excited to see what Big Cat along with the rest of the defense can do under a great DC like Williams. #jetsnation #nyj #nyjets #jets #nfl #jetsnewunis #nfldraft #greggwilliams @leonardwilliams