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Kan niet wachten om in deze jurk van @simplethebrand te wonen als ik op ontploffen sta deze zomer.🤰🏼 Zó zacht en van zo’n mooie stof! ✨🙌🏻 #simplethebrand

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#18weekspregnant & Baby.C is now the size of a grapefruit 🧡There is no hiding this little bump now🤰🏽 - - - #pregnancyjourney #mumtobe #bumpdate

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Treasuring these moments as much as possible while you're still an only child. I can't quite believe that you're not going to be the "baby" of the family for much longer but you'll always be my baby boy and the best big brother 💙

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Incase you were wondering if the whole "you'll get bigger sooner with your second baby" thing is true... Yes. Yes it is. I am 18 weeks pregnant in both of these pictures 😂🙈 . #18weekspregnant #secondbump #firstbumpvssecondbump #bumpdate #pregnancy

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Assalamualaikum kakak bro yang Sholeh/Sholehah. Ini moment yang bikin kami takjub akan kuasa Allah SWT. Nak... tetap disamping kami dalam kondisi apapun. Sehat selalu, kuat,tangguh. Jadi anak kebanggaan keluarga,masih mungil begini aja kamu sudah banyak disukai orang. Tunggu 4 bulan lagi ya biar mama bisa meluk,cium terus biar papa juga bisa meng-Adzani kamu biar selalu taat,takwa kepada Allah SWT. Tapi kamu jangan terlalu aktif yaa,,selaww aja gitu. Khawatir takut kamu kecapean kakak broo. #18weekspregnant #boyorgirl 💗💙 ? #bumilsehatbayisehat

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I'm #18weekspregnant today - the last week in a nutshell; sore hips, heartburn, back ache and bigger boobs (shockingly I'm not too keen on that last one ), but Adam felt the baby kick on Wednesday so that made up for it all. 💕 • • • • • • • • • • • • • #2ndbaby   #2ndpregnancy   #pregnant   #pregnantblogger   #18weeks   #18w   #pregnancy   #maternityoutfit   #maternitystyle   #maternityfashion   #maternitystyleinspo   #pregnancyfashion #outfitideas   #outfits   #wiw   #whatiwore   #style #stayhome

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Hier zeigt uns unser kleiner Mann seine Hand. Auf einem anderen Foto kann man deutlich erkennen, wie er die Hand an meinem Bauch drückt. 🥰 Aktuell spüre ich ihn sehr deutlich, also ein paar Mal am Tag. Ob es jedoch seine Hand, sein Fuß oder etwas anderes ist was ich da spüre, ist noch nicht zu entziffern. 😊 Es ist ein so schönes Gefühl zu sehen, wie schön sich unser Prinz entwickelt. Diese kleine Hand darf ich bald Tag für Tag in meine legen. Die Vorfreude ist größer, als ich es mir je vorstellen könnte. 💕 Das Foto stammt wie das letzte, aus der 16. SSW. #babyboy #pregnant #mommytobe #18weekspregnant #augustbaby #septemberbaby #pictureoftheday #lovemybaby #hand #ultraschall

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First bump date, 18 weeks today ❤ trying my best to enjoy my growing body at every stage. I've never loved anyone so much ❤👶 #bumpdate #pregnant #pregnancy #18weekspregnant #babywinter2020 #iloveyou #kailua #oahu #hawaii #luckyweliveHI #ilovelife

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Ya son #18weekspregnant 😄, ayer hizo un buen día y salimos a pasear. Con buen día quiero decir que teníamos un sol de pegatina, porque hacía muchissimo frio 😅 El outfit es un total look de h&m y la sudadera es de la colección de #giambattistavalli #ootd #18semanas #embarazada

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#buncitke2 #18weekspregnant #boyorgirl 👦👧

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- - 난 원래 스스로 정한 시간까지는 작업을 마치는 편이고, 계획대로 움직이는걸 좋아하고, 상황이 변하면 비교적 빠르게 적응하는 편! 인줄 알았는데 임신해보니 너무 변수가 많다. 매일매일 무언가 변해있다. 토하는건 거의 줄었지만, 어젠 먹을 수 있을 것 같던게 오늘은 도저히 못먹겠고, 냄새도 못맡던걸 갑자기 먹기도 하고, 하지만먹어도 소화가 잘 안되고, 아직5개월 밖에 안됐는데 움직임은 날로 둔해지고, 충분히 여유를 갖고 할일을 계획해도 시간 내 되는 일이 없다. 집중력도 확연히 떨어지고 갑자기 여기저기 아프기도 한다. 갑자기 배가 나오기 시작하고, 갑자기 다리가 붓더니 쥐가 나기 시작하고.. 이런 변화들이 사실 설레기 보단 불편할 때가 더 많다. 그런데 앞으로 아가랑 같이 살려면 감당하고 지나가야할 것들이다. 그 사실 하나로 적응하고 또 부딪쳐보는 것 같다. 나밖에 모르던 내가 남편을 만나 죄금은 컸다고 생각했는데, 아직 멀었다ㅋㅋ 그래도 날씨가 좋고, 바람을 느끼고, 꽃이 예뻤고, 별로일것 같다더니 너무 맛있었던 타이거슈가도 먹고^^ 변기 앞에 누워 토만할 때 생각하면 모든게 감사하지🤩 배나와서 안예쁘고 다리가 퉁퉁 부어 속상하다고 툴툴거렸는데, 마음에 걸렸는지 오빠가 계속 사진을 찍어줬다. 그러니 이것 또한 감사할수밖에❤️ - -

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Liift4 Week 3: 4/4 ✅ Virtual Saturday 5k: ✅ Really starting to feel stronger this week and it's exciting. Thrilled that I got in all of my planned workouts for the week. Now to keep it up! 😬💪😁 The routine is helping a lot with keeping sane during quarantine. #babyvance2020 #18weekspregnant #19weekspregnanttoday #IVFbaby #hertribeathletics #beachbody #liift4 #modifying #babysteps #millenniumrunning #TrainingInProgress #RunNH #progress #soisuckatthemedrunning 🤣 #socialdistancing

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Bump love 💗 18 weeks preggo and I feel like I’m just now showing my bump some love. Being pregnant this time is a lot different. My day is consumed with running around after Zayn that I don’t pay attention to my belly the way I used to with Zayn. I find myself forgetting how many days/weeks I’m pregnant when people ask to complaining about how BIG I feel and uncomfortable I already am when people ask how I’m doing. My belly definitely got a lot bigger a lot faster this time, I’m a lot more tired, my first trimester was ROUGH, but when I pause for a second to take it all in my heart becomes overjoyed. I can’t wait to meet my baby girl. 💗 • • • #babygirl 🎀 #18weekspregnant #secondbaby #secondbabyproblems #secondbabyontheway #pregnancy

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First bump pic with Nolan 🐻 💖 #18weekspregnant #almosthalfway

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🎀It's been a weird week of emotions here but today I woke up this morning, the sun popped out, & we got to go for a peaceful drive by the lake🙌🏻. . We all see and feel the hard shit surrounding us right now but dont forget the smallest things can be the greatest source of joy. Keep looking for the small joys in your day. Before you go to sleep journal them out, meditate on them, or just replay them in your mind... this one tiny practice can make a major impact in how you walk through your day. . After this week of rollercoaster emotions I lay in bed just thinking of the good things, all of the positive feelings and what's been attached to them... not long into this mindful practice lil babes starting kicking up a storm as if to say YES! This is what we need more of! Just another small affirmation that there is still so much good to do and find in each day. . Stay healthy, stay mindful, and stay happy friends ✌🏻💖😘 . . . . . #18weekspregnant #pregnancyjourney #momofthree #pregnancydiary #pregnancyafterloss #rainbowbaby #babykicks #hellobaby #joyseeker #joyfilledlife #mindsetmakeover #bedtimeroutine #creativejournaling #mindfulnesspractice #niagaramoms #torontomoms #mymotherhoodjourney #rainbowbaby 🌈

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120 días junto a mi Andrea Isabella, 200gms arriba (54.4kg ) y me siento que tengo a una bebota creciendo dentro de mi, in love.💗 #18weekspregnant

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#18weekspregnant and #quarantinelife -Feeling baby’s kicks getting stronger! -Baby can now hear sounds: with all the barking around here, the little one may bark before speaking 😂 -Mama has so many cravings and wants all the food! Current faves are avocado, cheese, chocolate almond milk, Mac n cheese (did I say cheese? ) -Thank God for DoorDash and Instacart during quarantine! Thank God for my beautiful husband who cooks dinner every single night!! -Harley likes to sniff and kiss my bump ♥️😭 -It’s kind of a big deal on the days I get “dolled up” for a zoom conference! -We are walking or hiking every day to stay healthy 💗 #pregnancy #loveinthetimeofcorona

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Had such a great birthday at the river with my family! Baby Mary said she wanted to poke out a little more today! Here’s to turning 24! 💕 #18weekspregnant #babyHaws

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It's such an unusual time to be pregnant and this time in the second trimester I find so uncertain especially. The baby kicks haven't started yet and it's so long between scans so you're just looking at your stomach and watching for any signs of growth 😅 I haven't seen my midwife for 6 weeks due to the virus so I am unable to even hear their little heartbeats. I'm hoping they're OK tucked up in there and I'm holding out to see them again in two weeks ♥️ #twins #twinpregnancy #twinstagram #twinmama

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Gender reveal { June, 2019 } My guess: G/G Josip's guess: B/G Emi's guess: B/G Answer: 🎀🎀

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ONE•MATERNITY•DRESS Styled 8 >>different<< ways.🙌🏼 I literally wear this dress all the time! PLUS it’s comfy😍 Which one is your favorite? Tag a pregnant mama and I’ll enter you into my lip gloss giveaway💋 🙌🏼More tags=More entries🙌🏼 #18weekspregnant #maternitywear #maternityfashion #maternitydresses #maternityclothes

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Major Throwback when we were expecting at 18weeks in November 2019. Our pregnancy had been super hush hush 🤫🤫 . . #boyorgirl #babyreveal #18weekspregnant

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Perks of living in Florida during quarantine ☀️🌼 #18weekspregnant #babygirl

Aug 2019

happy birthday 2 meeee🥳 #18weekspregnant


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So this is 29! I feel so full! Almost too full! 18 weeks pregnant with twins and a 19m old living in Cleveland with my high school love! 🤪 Just saying that out loud makes me laugh! I would have loved to tell my 16 year old self all this! I have never felt so out of control yet in His control. I feel Him kindly reminding me “Hold tightly to Me, loosely to all else.” Everything I have is a borrowed gift. What great gifts I’ve been given! #18weekspregnant #twinpregnancy #identicaltwins

3 weeks ago

Probably one of my favorite days with my family 🐟 They LOVED riding on this little boat!! So so cute ! Also we just posted a new YouTube video! Link in my bio 🥰 #18weekspregnant

3 weeks ago

Alhamdulillahirobbilalamin 🖤 Terimakasih ya Allah buat amanah baiknya.. Abis nikah 16 November lalu aku sama @typm rencana langsung honeymoon dan di desembernya kita berencana pergi liburan sampe januari, jadi aku sama tyo rencanain abis pulang liburan januari kita bikin rencana hamil yuk. Tapi ternyata bulan desember sebelom berangkat aku kepikiran karena gak mens2 tapi diem2 aja karena takut ternyata cuma sugesti kepengen hamil aja (fyi mens ku selalu teratur tapi pas bulan puasa 2019 sempet telat sebulan jadi kupikir “oh mungkin lagi kayak pas bulan puasa” ) Udah tuh makin hari badan makin lemes, ngantuk mulu rasanya, gak niat ngapa2in. Terus suatu malem lagi telfonan sama @amadeasaviera iseng2 nanya “sar waktu itu dokter obgyn mu siapa ku tiba2 kepo” dan sarah langsung bilang “telat mens yah?” aku bilang “iya 10 hari tapi kayak nya bukan hamil kok” nah sarah maksa bgt aku langsung cek tapi aku gakmau karena bener2 takut banget cuma sugesti aja, tapi karena kepikiran aku cerita lah sama tyo akhirnya kita cek lah dan hasilnya positif huehue ternyata pertama tau hasil positif tuh lebih kebingung yah kita hahaha baru setelah berapa menit saling hepi 🤣 Langsung aku cek ke dokter kebenarannya sebelom berangkat liburan, ternyata bener dan usia kandungannya udah 1 bulan dan ternyata liburan disaat hamil muda berat banget cuy 🤣 lemes banget, melilit mulu, muntah mulu, ganapsu makan, ada aja lah kejadiannya sampe sempet masuk RS karena gabisa makan berhari-hari, tapi seneng banget ternyata bener ye katanya kalo hamil suami berubah total jadi jauh lebih perhatian 😏 mayan Intinya aku & tyo sangat bersyukur banget, semoga temen2 segera mendapatkan apa yg di nantikan yaahh 🖤 *maaf ku curhat tumbenan bgt ni lagi pengen #18weekspregnant

6 days ago

Baby girl has a name 🥰💕 #18weekspregnant

2 weeks ago

Çok Aşk Canım Kızım 🐣 💝💓💕 . . . . . #bebeğimibeklerken #canımkızım #18weekspregnant #18 +4 #18weeks #pregnant #pregnancy #gebeler #hamilelik #क ैकक्रित #gengerrevealparty #gengerreveal #dışçekim #çekim

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Tinha muitas expectativas pra esta gravidez. Quando este vírus apareceu, trocou me as voltas. No entanto, decidi que nenhuma circunstância vai afectar o meu bem estar durante esta gravidez. Quero aproveitá-la com a maior tranquilidade. Hoje atinjo as 18 semanas e não podia estar mais grata! O branco reflete a paz que sinto. Venha o que vier, vai ser um grande ano! Obrigado @ruben .almeida.75 porque além de seres um óptimo marido, um padrasto sem igual, és também um grande fotógrafo 😜 #pregnancy #pregnant #pregnantathome #mummy #whitemood #myhusbandtakesthebestpics #pregnantof2020 #18weekspregnant #18weeks

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Welcome to your 18th week, baby! Can’t wait to find out if I get to buy tons of ruffled floral patterns or if we’re sticking to what we know 🤪 ⠀⠀ Any gender predictions?? 💓💙 leave your guess in the comments! ⠀⠀ #18weekspregnant #bumpdate #boyorgirl

6 days ago

1, 2, 3, 4 babies! My Sunday crew. My forever bffs. 💛 Haven and I are already relaxing in our sweats again, but she couldn’t wait to try on her Easter dress, and I wanted to try on my new dress from @pinkblushmaternity ! I’ve had the joy of working with Pink Blush my past three pregnancies!! 😭💗 I absolutely love this brand and cannot wait to continue sharing pieces with you throughout my pregnancy with Kinsley! 🥰

2 weeks ago

I’m not gonna lie, with everything going on right now I’ve really neglected this sweet little girl growing inside me. Not in a bad way I just haven’t had time to really slow down and concentrate on her and this being my last pregnancy. Last night while watching a movie with the hubby she was going crazy kicking me, I was scrolling through my phone reading about everything and she was kicking at my hand where my phone was, I put it down and just cried. I feel terrible that I haven’t slowed down and really payed attention to the youngest member of our family. Stop and appreciate the little things and this time, for life as we know it is about to change in no time❤️ #goodthingsarecoming #godwins . . Also this is totally me, stretch marks and cellulite and all...keeping it real folks!!!