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2 weeks ago

I’m sorry I like the pic🤷🏽‍♂️ I have a neck

last month


last month

homie out here vibing still! NASA get off em!

last month

bum adventures

last month

Alright its been some time. not enough time but enough to catch a breath on this one. The fact of coming to reality that a mentor and childhood hero is lost in the blink of an eye. I felt doing something such as a post or rant was disingenuous but i still feel that way if I don't do something. So for keeping them in memory. Rest in peace Mambas...24...8...2🙏💜

Jan 2020

🙏 Lil Jazzy 13th and Grandmas 60th >Great watching jaz grow feeling more like a big brother than a big cousin and grandma got to see all her grandkids just like she wanted to.

Dec 2019

🙏 Good to see em again

Dec 2019

Guy at the gym said he wants to be small to enjoy the journey again when I called him a monster 😅 that didn't help my motivation