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2 weeks ago

Welcome to Money Mondays 💰🥳🥳🥳🥳 Here are a few tips for you to achieve financial freedom. Swipe all the way to the last one and implement these steps and see your financial life take off. Personally, I think SACCOs offer great returns and dividends. Make sure you’re using a bank with online instant transfers so you can limit access to money you intend to save or invest in. Start readings books about real estate and use credit to your advantage. And, don’t be afraid to take out loans to invest in sth. Ask any questions below: 🤗 #financiallyfreemillennial #moneymondayswithfaith #financiallyindependent #debtfreemillennials

2 weeks ago

Hey beautiful people As many of you know, I am a student at Yale University with experience in educational consulting, career advising and college prep for students who want to study abroad. In response to all you lovely folk who want to know how you can also study in top international universities, or develop your academic and professional backgrounds - I’ve created a consulting platform where I can help with the following: Link is in my bio: hadithiconsulting.com 1. If you’re still in high school: how to tailor your academic and extra-curricular interests to increase your acceptance chances 2. Guide you through the application process on Common App, including financial aid application and fee waivers for sending in your test scores. 3. Test preparation skills, TOEFL preparation and SAT study tips 4. Essay writing - both Common App and Supplemental Essays 5. Getting the best letters of recommendation from your teachers/counsellors 6. Interview preparation with school alumni 7. Financial aid applications 8. How to make the best of uni abroad (if you’ve been accepted ) If you’re not interested in applying to university but you’d like to apply for some sort of academic or professional position: 1. CV/Resumé editing 2. Interview preparation 3. Cover letter composition And much more: ) Click the link in my bio and make sure to fill out the pre-consultation form before scheduling a time. Thank you: )

2 weeks ago

# Grateful Because of resilience: unlearning trauma and staying loyal to my true self. Not compromising my mental health and learning that I can only do and be so much Showing up, regardless of how hard it’s been. Meeting my professors, showing up to work meetings, outdoing myself.. Saying no, to people, events, ideas that don’t represent what I stand for Saying no to handouts because I believe in hard work, and its rewards: one of which are freedom Saying no to mediocre friendships Saying yes to growth, regardless of the discomfort Caring for this body and mind Loving my circle, however small it is Understanding that love is where it begins and where it ends Above all, showing up because this life is here to be lived. Cheers to freedom and the joys that come with it.

2 weeks ago

Dear Black Women, I love y’all. Stay Winning ❤️ #challengeaccepted

3 weeks ago

No matter how hard it gets, remember that: We are not guaranteed another day, and that means that we must learn to balance gratitude with chasing our wildest dreams. We must be simultaneously content and hungry so that we can achieve happiness, but still make this world a better, more interesting and fun place to be. Life is volatile, but while you’re at it, remember to laugh and love. Send this to sb who needs to be reminded. Love and light, xoxo Goodnight y’all

5 weeks ago

We stay working hard, we stay scheming #staytuned

last month

Some tips on how to boost your CV/be productive 🥳🥳 ⁣ 1. Learn a new skill - Udemy is a great website where you can get certified in different high utility skills like Excel, programming, forex trading etc. If you subscribe to their mailing list, you’ll know as soon as they’re having discounts. But their classes are 100% legit and can be put on your CV or LinkedIn. 2. The skill can also be a service. Find a safe spot, maybe learn how to braid hair, do nails professionally etc. it’s a great time to learn so you can save money on your own maintenance and make money while rendering a service to sb. 3. YOUTUBE - it’s not just for watching Jada and Will wholesomely discuss their entanglement 😂🤭 - YouTube and Facebook are resourceful places where you can learn through posts and videos so remember to be intentional about who you follow 😁 e.g I go to @aliabdaal ’s YouTube whenever I need some... cognitive uplifting 🤗 4. Volunteer positions with great experience. Follow up with your mentors and professors - if you don’t mind getting experience in an unpaid position, reach out to your academic and professional circle for potential opportunities they might know about. Never know they might have connects to a paid opportunity. 5. Start an online business. Sell a product or service. If you have some capital or access to a loan, take a risk and open that side-hustle 👏🏾👏🏾. And don’t be afraid to invest in consultation services and again, use free resources to learn as much as you can. ⁣ Remember to save and share ☀️ ⁣ And,,,, today is my dad’s birthday. Today is the best day 🥳❤️ #productivitytips

last month

Skin care routine: swipe for products. 1. Before anything, remember that skin care ought to be a habit integrated into your lifestyle. And that eating healthy, staying hydrated and exercising also help with skin health. ⁣ Now onto the products: ⁣ 2. I rarely wear foundation, but when I do I use the Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm to remove my makeup. You can always use baby oil or some things the oil based alternative. 3. Kiehls Face wash - this cleans so well and doesn’t dry out your skin. It also doesn’t lather much which I like - I’ve had mine for months and I use it daily. And it’s super affordable. 4. Dermalogica Daily Microfiliant Powder Exfoliant - this exfoliant is gentle enough to be used everyday. Leaves my skin leaving so so smooth. It’s kind of pricey but I’ve had mine for the looooooongest so it’s definitely worth the investment. 5. Neutrogena All-in-1 Acne Control scrub - which contains salicylic acid. I use this like a mask. I massage in and leave it on for a few min the rinse. It helps me when I have breakouts especially when my vagina is bleeding 🩸 🤷🏾‍♀️😂 - I know I didn’t have to put it like that but we are waaaay ro censored about periods so 👏🏾 I 👏🏾said👏🏾what👏🏾I👏🏾said. 6. Mask: I don’t like the one I’m using and can’t remember the name of the one I used pre-corona but please recommend some to me. 7. GlowConuts Origins Hydrating Mask - I mix this with olive oil and massage onto my face and leave overnight - for when I need some deep moisturizing 💦 8. And my personal holy grail of moisturizer: Kielh’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer - comes in a huge bottle (compared to other face products ) and it’s very affordable too : ) ⁣ Check out Sephora for the products. You can always ship via @kentex if you’re in Kenya. They charge per kg but their customer service is excellent. They’ve recently had issues because of COVID but they’re great. ⁣ You can also try Bandaribeauty on Instagram. ⁣ #darkskinappreciation . ⁣ #ipreview via @preview .app

last month

1. Imagine that your essay is a response to an in-person interview question: that means you have to be interesting and show personality. Be very personal and avoid cliche topics and be specific about your story. 2. Remember that your writing has to be strategic- tell the admissions committee more about who you are as a person and avoid being redundant. 3. Hand-write your main ideas in paragraphs - dedicate an entire notebook to this. 4. Kit simple - admissions officers already know you’re smart, don’t use big words, just keep it very simple and natural. 5. Review your essays over and over and get someone else to read it over for you. * **Soon, I’ll be creating a website where you can sign up to have your essay reviewed and edited by me, so stay tuned 🥳🥳 #collegeprep #collegeessays #internationalstudentlife #toeflprep #satpreparation #educationalconsulting #commonappessay #yale #upenn #instaboosteracademy

last month

If you’re in high school and want to apply to Ivy League schools and get financial aid: Here’s some to do’s for you: ⠀⠀ First of all, if you have questions please don’t DM me unless it’s personal. Please comment instead so that someone with a similar question can learn : ) ⠀⠀ -> remember to send this to your fave peeps in high school, or parents with kids in high school : ) ⠀⠀ 1. First off, if you’re thinking about attending prestigious universities like Ivy leagues, you’re probably worried about affording the school. Remember that as an international student, who is eligible to be admitted to an Ivy League school (most of which are need-blind ), then you can apply for financial aid and only pay what you can afford. Comment below if you have questions about that : ) 2. Make sure that your high school transcript is competitive. These universities admit some of the brightest students in the world, and if you’re planning to apply, your grades don’t have to be PERFECT ( I got a B in one of my subjects in KCSE, though it wasn’t counted, if you’re Kenyan you know how that works ), but they need to show that you can thrive academically. 3. Enroll in interesting extra-curricular activities, where you can demonstrate genuine interest and leadership. You’re better off being a part of only 2 or 3 for all 4 years than skipping from one to another - shows that you’re a committed person. 4. Begin practicing story telling and essay writing because your CommonApp essay is very important and sets you apart from other applicants. This will give you an edge if your SAT, TOEFL or high school grades are not extremely competitive - I’m really good at essay advising so hit my DMs if you need more help with this : ) 5. Start planning early, decisions just came out, so this is a new application cycle. It takes time to learn about different schools, academic programs and states you want to end up in. And it takes a while to write great essays. So start planning early : ) ⠀⠀ Remember to COMMENT your questions. ⠀⠀ #ivyleagueguide #collegecoach #africanativyleague #universitycoach #ipreview via @preview .app

last month

Everyone wants to learn how to be smart with their money. Here are a few tips I use myself: 1. Examine your expenditure. Right now, go to your account or Mpesa statement and check what you’re spending on. Is all that eating out so necessary? Did you really need that bag? That lipstick? 😂😅 I see you 🧐🧐 Next time you want to spend unnecessarily, just remember how bad you feel rn and master all the self control you can and 👏🏾do👏🏾not👏🏾purchase. 2. Set a bi-monthly financial goal. I find that a weekly goal is too often because some weeks are financially tight (I.e the last week when bills are due ). State how much you’d like to save or put away towards investments. But whatever you do, make sure that you’re staying within your goals and that you are reviewing those goals regularly. 3. Create a savings acc where you can’t touch your money. Every week when I get my paycheck, 40% goes towards savings no matter what. This goes back to point #1 , if you don’t have the money to spend, you won’t spend it, so make sure that the first thing you do with cash received is plan to invest it, or save it. Pls look up high interest SACCOs and banks for this : ) 4. Create multiple streams of income. If you’re trying to level up, you know a 9-5 is not enough. You need a side hustle to a side hustle. And this is where your cash comes in. Learning new skills is an investment so if you can, put your money towards a class, apprenticeship, online class etc. so you can find more ways to create income for yourself - I recommend. @lavishruby and her YouTube vids for recommendations. 5. Take investment risks: cash in the bank just makes investors wealthier. Borrow, invest and grow. Don’t be afraid to take out loans to start or invest in a business. Avoid taking out loans for liabilities like cars. Instead, look for shares, online agribusinesses looking for investors, land, panda maindi. Just take a risk if you’ve done your research and think the investment is worth it 👍🏾🥳 DROP YOUR QUESTIONS BELOW 👇🏾👇🏾 #womenempowerment #moneymoneymoney #financialinfependence #womengetrich #financialindependence #financialfreedom #personalfinance #debtfreecommunity #financialliteracy

last month

hey hey! 😊 ⠀⠀ Next app is about getting yourself some skills. Now that we’re home, we might as well get some skills before we’re fully back in school/at work. ⠀⠀ Which brings me to today’s app: Udemy. This is a platform where you can purchase inexpensive classes to get skills like programming, data analysis, videography, photo editing, forex trading etc. ⠀⠀ I’ve personally used it for some entrepreneurial interests and it was great. Most classes can be as cheap as Ksh 1200. And you can listen to the classes like audiobooks if the video isn’t all that important - though I highly recommend doing them like any ordinary online class. ⠀⠀ Comment below with any questions/classes you think you’ll be taking 🤗 ⠀⠀ #blackandeducated #blackbeauty #blackqueen #skinglow #darkskinnedwomen #blackandbeautiful #wocinstem #blackexcellence #melaninpoppin #melanin #blackqueenmagic #fashion #college #collegelife #collegeblogger #collegebound #collegeblogger #collegegrad #collegediaries #ipreview via @preview .app

last month

~ Abundance theory technically refers to the theory that if you align your thoughts and feelings with positivity and opportunity, you can begin attracting personal and material abundance in your own life ~ This week I’ll be posting different productivity apps I’ve been using to keep myself in check. Today’s app is about habits 😊 And on that note, if you’ve been looking for a book to read, Atomic Habits by James Clear is an excellent read to get rid of all the bad habits we have and develop better ones. Today’s app is: Momemtum. It’s $4.99 (one-time purchase ) but definitely a plug when it comes to tracking your habits. Swipe right to check out the habits I’m tracking 🤗 #womenempowerment #moneymoneymoney #financialinfependence #womengetrich #financialindependence #financialfreedom #personalfinance #debtfreecommunity #financialliteracy #debtfreejourney #investing #budgeting #money #finance #budget #financialplanning #financialeducation #debtfree #savings #moneygoals #investment #moneymanagement #financialgoals #goals #daveramsey #savingmoney #passiveincome #kenyanwomen

May 2020

A new era: To be smart and calculating. To be respected, not approved of. To take myself seriously and see myself for the value I add to myself and the parts of my world I care about. To be part of solutions, not problems. To thank my critics and grow from the pressure. To understand cultural contexts and thrive through them, despite my own beliefs. To challenge culture in a way that is empowering for those who were powerless. To give less fucks ❤️. To let God love me and the power sHe has put in me. To forgive myself for thinking less of my gifts and abilities. To be a leader. To strive for greatness and legacy. To love and be loved. To being selfish. To not talking about it for too long. To refusing to settle. To being okay with not being liked. To be a beacon. To sophistication and self love. To understanding who I am. To raising my fucking standards. To grace, ruthlessness, mercy, grit and power. To not letting them tell me who I am. To privacy and freedom. To wealth. To prayerful nights and mornings. To tears of joy. To life. 4am and thinking about self.

Apr 2020

Working and schooling at home isn’t easy. Here are a few strategies I’ve found useful. ⠀⠀ 1. Before you sleep, make a list of your tasks for the next day and add it to your phone calendar. 2. Set clear boundaries with your family about what time you have to be working/studying. 3. Utilize caffeine (I got myself a huge bottle of Nescafé and it really helps me get going in the morning ). 4. Schedule in breaks after every hour of work or every 30 min of intense studying. 5. Stay in touch with friends. Call, text, send nudes, receive nudes, laugh. Do what you can to stay in touch with all your friends and lovers during this very tough time. 6. Practice gratitude and patience. 7. Change, change, change: rearrange your room, try a new recipe/skin care routine. This helps you create some mobility when we feel especially stuck. 8. Masturbate 🥰 - yes I said it. Bring out the toys if you must. Self love is the best love. 9. Read a book 10. Avoid the news 11. Stay in touch with your higher power. ⠀⠀ Comment below what resonates with you or what you’re doing to stay sane ❤️😘 #blackandeducated #blackbeauty #blackqueen #skinglow #darkskinnedwomen #blackandbeautiful #wocinstem #blackexcellence #melaninpoppin #melanin #blackqueenmagic #fashion #blacklove #hbcus #hbcupride #hbcusmatter #college #collegelife #collegeblogger #collegebound #collegeblogger #collegegrad #collegediaries #ipreview via @preview .app

Apr 2020

In the shower: first pandemic mental breakdown. A realization about how vulnerable we all are. Thinking a lot about mental health. And feeling like because everyone is going through it, it would be impolite to reach out. Well-meaning texts, checking in. FaceTime calls that bring laughter. But really wishing for a hug. For a face to face conversation. For something more empowering than self pity. Wishing there was a way out. A temporary leave to where death doesn’t exist. Wishing we could experience love like we used to. I don’t want to exercise or read a book or sleep on time. I can’t right now. I’m scared of falling asleep. This strep throat ain’t helping. Sat on the floor in the shower and just grieved. It just feels right for now. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be stronger. #reallysad

Mar 2020

Finally @ home ❤️ with family. Every time I come home I’m reminded that there’s life beyond essays, college and poorly budgeted meal prepping 😅 and it’s so refreshing. ⠀⠀ My mom’s become our local health inspector. She told me to look for a shower at JKIA to bathe and change clothes before coming home 😂😂 ⠀⠀ Issokay 😂 I respect her healthy but sometimes not so sensible sense of paranoia. ⠀⠀ #kenyan #african #africanqueen #beautyandbrains #beautifullymade #god #kenyanqueen #nairobi #kenya #darkertheberrysweeterthejuice #selflove #selfadoration #selftalk #ilovemyself #bossnotbossy #assertive #goingplaces #clearskin #culture #fortheculture #blackandbeautiful #blackandeducated #goaloriented #kenya #nairobi #coffeeaddict #friendships #yaleeducated #yale #proudyalie via @preview .app

Feb 2020

When you look back in a couple of years you’ll be glad you didn’t wait to be disappointed That you took ownership of your own joy and stepped into unknown territory And were bold enough to unlearn and learn Were humble enough to laugh at your own mistakes and not take yourself so seriously There is a god, and that god sees you, You just need to see yourself. ⠀⠀ <3 ⠀⠀ #kenyan #african #africanqueen #beautyandbrains #beautifullymade #god #kenyanqueen #nairobi #kenya #darkertheberrysweeterthejuice #selflove #selfadoration #selftalk #ilovemyself #bossnotbossy #assertive #goingplaces #clearskin #culture #fortheculture #blackandbeautiful #blackandeducated #blackgirlwhitecoat #whitecoat #goaloriented #coffeeaddict #friendships #yaleeducated #yale #proudyalie via @preview .app

Jan 2020

Anyone have any suggestions on how to be productive at home? School’s started and it’s been the first week of actual intense work. It’s been hard to stay productive at home because I work better in libraries and coffee shops - don’t know if I should fight it or just stay out. I really want to not spend cash on coffee etc by staying at home but whooooo the discipline to stay away from my room… 😭😭😭 especially with this brutal winter 😭😭 ⠀⠀ Anyway, the weekend is going to be litty because it’s somebody special’s burfdaaaaayy 🥳🥳 #science #womeninscience #blackwomeninscience #womeninstem #yale #studygram #studyblr #ilovemyself #bossnotbossy #assertive #goingplaces #clearskin #culture #fortheculture #blackandbeautiful #blackandeducated #blackgirlwhitecoat #whitecoat #goaloriented #coffeeaddict #friendships #yaleeducated #proudyalie #ipreview via @preview .app

Jan 2020

Communicate. Be assertive. Don’t shrink because when you do, you validate your fears and you teach yourself to lie in the comfort of the lies you tell yourself. Be brave instead and allow yourself to be uncomfortable and slowly by slowly you’ll get better at whatever you’re pursuing. ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ #science #womeninscience #blackwomeninscience #womeninstem #yale #studygram #studyblr #biochemistry #chemistry #futuremd #futuredoctor #premed #med #doctor #influencer #mcat #stem #kenyan #fortheculture #blackandbeautiful #blackandeducated #blackgirlwhitecoat #whitecoat #goaloriented #coffeeaddict #friendships #yaleeducated #proudyalie #ipreview via @preview .app

Dec 2019

Wrote this caption last night, still relevant: ⠀⠀ This morning, I felt anxious, I stayed in bed an hour longer than I’m supposed to. Didn’t sleep, just felt fear. It’s now 10pm, I did a lot of ‘forcing myself’ and I think I had a good day : ) I’m on coffee number 2 but we keep grinding : ) Biochemistry is making me super anxious but a good friend reminded me that there’s no way around it, just go through it. I brought out the different colored pens and I’ve been hand-writing notes from lecture slides, coming up with silly mnemonics and feeling good when I can remember concepts from previous lectures and relating them to current ones. Hard day, but good day. ⠀⠀ #bookaddict #booksbooksbooks #readingismagic #booknerd #abundancemindset #goodthoughts #positiveenergy #selfgrowth #selftalk #thinkhappythoughts #personalgrowth #study #college #yale #premed #womeninscience #science #blackwomeninscience #womeninstem #studygram #studyblr #biochemistry #chemistry #futuremd #futuredoctor #med #doctor #influencer #mcat #stem

Dec 2019

Been quiet, been resting, been working : ) Whether I like it or not, the next weeks are going to be high pressure, high stakes and lots of work. I think I’m most worried about Biochemistry but other than that, if I do a little work on everything each day and plan adequately, I should be good. Good vibes, meditating and studying with friends, maybe going out on dates (hehehe ), investing in friendships and calling home whenever possible - are all the things I’m doing to stay sane during finals week : ) ⠀⠀ Happy finals week everybody! Yay for the coming holidays. #womeninscience #blackwomeninscience #womeninstem #yale #studygram #studyblr #biochemistry #chemistry #futuremd #futuredoctor #premed #med #doctor #influencer #mcat #stem #becauseofreading #bookaddict #booksbooksbooks #readingismagic #booknerd #abundancemindset #goodthoughts #positiveenergy #selfgrowth #selftalk #thinkhappythoughts #personalgrowth #study #college