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drove on the highway for 30 minutes just to randomly come across the cutest place with the best pie. 10/10 pie.

3 days ago

happy Wednesday 💙

2 weeks ago

buying yourself flowers is the move this Valentine’s Day.

2 weeks ago

@coach yesterday 🤩

2 weeks ago

someone yell at her for not wearing a jacket

2 weeks ago

from walking in my first recent show to NYC this week!! it’s been a busy couple weeks but wouldn’t have it any other way : )

2 weeks ago

hi welcome to my house! Do you like what I’ve done with the place?

3 weeks ago

objects in mirror are more tired than they appear.

3 weeks ago

my solution to my coffee stained carpet is to run and take pics.

4 weeks ago

got stood up by the Salvatore brothers...

4 weeks ago

play sunflower, vol. 6 pls

4 weeks ago

Shoutout to mom for having the best film camera and saving it for all these years!!! xoxoxo

last month

avocado rolls forever!

last month

it’s the best day of the week :D (once I finish my economics test lol )

last month

today is a good day!

last month

Cut off all bad vibes today! Let’s go 2020

last month

dressing up my brows with my new fav @sc brow products!!! Check out the link in my bio to watch my vlog from Germany where we got to see the products be made! #SephoraCollection #BeautyUncomplicated #TroopSC #ad

last month

my face went 😐😜😄

last month

me, sitting in the desert, sweating. a day in my life basically!

last month

welcome to the 20s 🥂

last month

end of the decade vs the start 🤠

last month

what a year. For the last month I’ve been complaining about how rough 2019 was on me mentally but looking at all these clips made me smile and appreciate the good times. i am blessed with a beautiful life, family, job, friends, and so much more. I am looking forward to the goals I have in 2020 and the first step to that is to leave 2019 on a good note. I’m going to appreciate the good, bad, mistakes, chances to grow, and even the things about myself I hate most! I want to learn to be more of a listener and to stop holding myself back from things based on fear or what people will think. I have so many changes coming in 2020 but I’m ready! Thank you 2019 for this amazing year, I’ll look back and be grateful for all that happened cause it’s made me more mature and helped me grow into who I am. I lost some people I thought would be in my life forever, learned to appreciate the meaning behind quality over quantity, learned to be less selfish, became more empathetic, got an apartment , travelled to 6 new countries, worked with dream brands, signed with a new agency, and became closer with my family than ever before. I would say a pretty good year. To 2020🥂

last month

soaking up the last of 2019. In the sun.

last month

merry christmas from paradise!!! 🎄