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As humans we are constantly admiring others, showering people with compliments ⭐️ As beautiful as it is to make another persons day, PLEASE don’t forget to be kind to yourself. It is so easy to turn this admiration into comparison. I’ve found myself feeling really disappointed with the reflection I’ve seen in the mirror recently.. and whilst life may have got in the way and I’ve let myself go.. I am not being forgiving of myself ⭐️ Your body is the one thing you’re always going to have. It looks after you & carries you through every single day, the good & the bad ⭐️ Unfortunately it is easy to look at my stomach and notice an extra roll or new stretch marks when I haven’t been so active or my diets slipped. But my brain has been working SO hard. Slowly I’m coming to terms with the fact my body fluctuates so much with the slightest lifestyle change.. but my body is still pretty damn COOL ⭐️ Join me by rejecting the negative responses to the mirror tonight. I’m not going to ‘squidge’ my stomach, bend my body so I can see every roll or prod my little marks. It’s so cringe but I’m just going to smile & tell me that I love me.. she’s strong and she’s powerful 💛 That’s not just because of your body { even though it is still so great } I am also working on becoming so much more in this little noggin’ of mine & that is important too💛 #BodyPosiPals

2 days ago

If I ever meet a guy that makes me as excited as food does, I am absolutelyyy screwed ✌🏼 The healthiest, tastiest breckie fit for a queeeen 🥰👑🤍 Thank you so much for this post #LFW feast @atisfoodldn ! 🍳🥑 #Gifted

3 days ago

Cosy knits have become ya girls best friend ⭐️⭐️ { the more I look at this photo the more I’m freaked out by how white this filter makes my teeth 😬 free teeth whitening?! Ummmmm } || *Gifted outfit @noisymay

4 days ago

Reach out, ring them, listen to them, surprise them, turn up when they’re not expecting it ⭐️ Life is too short to be holding back the “love you’s“ ⭐️ Support them when nobody else is, understand when they can’t make it, ask them how they are even if they seem OK 💛 I am going to be working so hard this year on being this person for all my loved ones, life is precious. Thank you @hxrrietday for being my ‘person’ 👯‍♀️ for the past 11 years 🙏🏼 *Gifted outfit @noisymay

4 days ago

My favourite day of the week is here.. I love an excuse to start over & get things done ✌🏼 Monday M🤍🤍D ! Thank you @toniandguyworld for an amazing weekend & for this bouncy blow dry 🥰 #LFW #AW20 #BabesOfMissguided 💖 || *Gifted items tagged.

5 days ago

The last thing I’d want to do is be in Storm Dennis today ☔️ BUT maybe I would face it for the food at @gammagammasoho , crab bao buns & prawn pad Thai sounds like a shout right now 🤤 delivery to my bed pls 🥺🥺 *Gifted items tagged. || #gammagamma #japanesetapas #soho #tapasbar

6 days ago

I spent last FW sweating my balls off working, and this one as a guest { but drenched in the que, thanks Denis } ☔️ I’ve still had a blast, thank you @toniandguyworld ! The before pictures are cominggggg of my mane.. the blow dry was so beautiful ffs 🤍 *Outfit gifted @missguided #AW20 #LFW

6 days ago

Shirts aren’t just for boyfriendsss ☁️ ☁️ @lazyoaf #LazyOaf

1 weeks ago

Today is simply an excuse to share a little more love.. what’s not to like?! Valentine or not, I’m sending bundles of love to all the wonderful people in my life 🥰 This is the first year I can say I’m truly content & at peace with being just me, myself & I 🌹One day a man will fit perfectly into this little life of mine, and I will fit into his (exciting ) - but until then, honestly? I’m having way too much fun doing life on my own! Have the loveliest day whatever you are doing; with lovers, friends, family, PETS?! A pizza night is on the cardsssss for me & i’m not mad about it 🤍♥️ *Gifted dress. #HappyValentinesDay

2 weeks ago

Buy YOURSELF flowers 🌹🌸🌺 *Gifted items tagged. #LondonbyLondoners #BabesOfMissguided

2 weeks ago

There really is some talented eggs in this industry!📸 How lovely that they agreed to get a photo with a fan?! (me ) 🤍💛 #LFW

2 weeks ago

So when we say that copious amount of coffee is needed for Hump Day.. are we talking latte’s or espresso martinis?🍸☕️ Clarification would be GREAAAAAT { either way I’d be heading to the @Grind } 🤍 I was invited down last week to try some goooood food & cocktails off their evening menu. These are my ‘pinch me moments’ on Instagram, I’ve been a huge fan of the Grind for years - I wrote my WHOLE dissertation in there 😅😅 Thank you so much to the team { shout out Tiwalade 🔊} for being so attentive & lovely, you really made our experience 🙌🏼 *Gifted

2 weeks ago

I grew up hating my curves 🤍 Seeing my body change through puberty was really difficult for me to accept, as I’d never been a slim girl, and had such a negative attitude towards any fatty parts appearing on my body. Through puberty so much is changing! I remember the girls at school looking back on photos of themselves at ages 14/15, *sighs* ‘I wish I still looked like that’ 👶🏼 The women in my family are curvy, and they’d always tell me ‘I’d love my curves one day’. It’s weird how the things we once hated grow to become the things we love. I was called ‘chewbacca’ for my hair when I was younger, ‘you look like you’ve been electric shocked’ - I’d desperately try any hairstyle I could to de-tame it, overjoyed when I found hair straighteners! I’m now the girl that wears dresses to accentuate her handlebars, boootyyy & thighs 🍑 and who let’s her hair down & curly to feel like a POWERFUL lioness 🦁 I’ll have so many people on here that are in school trying to morphe themselves into everybody else. Hiding the bits that make them who they are so they’re not pointed out anymore. Darlinggggg, one day you will realise these little parts that make you, ‘you’ are your SUPERPOWERS. These years are ruthless - listen to the people that have got through it, who are a little bit older, because maybe they do have a clearer perception of the world 💛 #BodyPosiPals

2 weeks ago

Today has been a really good Monday, a good day in general for my head 🤍 I had a recharge day, fueled by good coffee & good company. I am so lucky that the people around me motivate me to work harder on my goals & inspire me with what they’ve achieved 🙏🏼 Nobody is talking enough about the feeling you get post University. Not having a job straight away in your chosen field, not being able to afford to live in your own house straight away - therefore losing your freedom, feeling like a failure. Having so much ‘empty time’ which was once fuelled with deadlines, housemates & social events. I believe in myself, I know I have so much to offer the world if I keep hustling, maintain hope & focus on what I’ve been manifesting. BUT it can be lonely and this ‘empty time’ can feel so uninspiring. I told a friend the other day that I was scared too much time away from what I love might affect my ‘spark’ - but she said that life has a funny way of working out for me. Today I’m not just waiting, I’m making a promise that I will be kinder to myself, but that I will make things happen so I never have to ponder on the ‘what ifs’ 💛 Your 20’s are hard, the things you dream of aren’t going to happen instantly, but they’re not far away ☁️ #WeGotThis | * #Gifted @woolleys_london

2 weeks ago

We spent all our money on some old CDs.. 💿 💿{ #Gifted outfit @noisymay }

2 weeks ago

Looking at u..❣️ My baby Burna Boy to TikTok dances, we mix it up here 😂✌🏼 #1947London

2 weeks ago

This is me strutting out of the theatre last night singing gimme gimme gimme a man after mindnight.. 🤩🤩 Questioning whether I’m destined to a life like the mum.. single, independent & sexually liberated af 🤷🏻‍♀️I am so obsessed with this show I need an ABBA night out ASAP 😍 #MummaMia | *Gifted items tagged.

3 weeks ago

Somebody told me that Thursday is the new Friday, not that I ever need an excuse 👀🤭 #LondonNightlife #LuxeGal 🤍 *Gifted items tagged.

3 weeks ago

You can’t dance? Don’t let ANYBODY stop you from achieving your #TikTok dreams 💛🤍 { wait for it.. } @dualipa 🤪 #humble

3 weeks ago

Sisters not twins 👯‍♀️ thank you so much to @archshoreditch - you’ve saved me from the most tedious part of my makeup routine 👼🏼 { #Gifted }

3 weeks ago

Turns out I’ve got a lifetime supply of Bali content to cry over whilst I delve into my third serving of pasta bake.. ✌🏼✌🏼 #Uluwatu #BodyPosiPals

3 weeks ago

February is a hard month for a lot of people - FACTS unfortunately 🙏🏼 The New Year hype is starting to come to an end, those resolutions we promised ourselves we’d stick to are becoming harder to maintain, and it feels like everybody is slowly getting more pessimistic. Whether that be from general anxiety, struggling finances, or the impact of our working environment changing - when the people around you start to feel a little low and demotivated, it can really affect you!🌟 If I’m honest I’m really struggling at the moment, so I’m trying to be mindful & do things that will keep me feeling uplifted and on track 💛 I’m looking to limit my social media usage, eat healthier & see friends without alcohol being involved all the time! I’d love it if people would comment their top tips for managing this weird time.. how do you insure your mental health is being looked after?☀️☀️☀️ ( it will help me & everybody else that sees this! )

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Happiest in sunny, sunny London ☀️ surrounded by good #peruvianfood at @mirafloreslondon 🍤🍝 { *Gifted Meal #MirafloresLondon & Gifted Jumper @femmeluxefinery 💗💗} #FoodPorn #Peru