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3 days ago

Continuing on with our pups “attending” our online events theme, this is Forest 🐶 who belongs to a friend and colleague 💜 He (apparently ) started out strong watching my Thyroid event last night but I think I might have lost (bored ) him somewhere between T4 and T3 😆 I hope those of you who joined us last night found it useful 🦋 #thyroid #learning #forest #puppup 🐶💜😆🦋

5 days ago

A legend of regenerative farming @charliearnott1 has started a podcast 🌱 Cannot encourage you enough to learn more about these principles, whether you grow food or simply consume it 🌱 All health begins with the quality of the soil and if farmers stop caring, human, animal and planetary health all suffer 🌱 Charlie is a great educator and I hope you love what you learn from him and those he interviews 🌱 Posted @withregram@charliearnott1 I’m stoked and super proud to announce that my podcast series ‘The Regenerative Journey’ LAUNCHES TODAY 11am AEST 26th May on Spotify and Apple Podcasts....! 🔥 Click on the bio to then click on your preferred podcast platform and SUBSCRIBE NOW......first 3 episodes are Joel Salatin of @polyfacefarm , @damon .gameau of @2040film fame and my own regenerative journey. 👌 And tell me who you’d like me to interview in series 2......and subscribe and stay tuned......🤔 ....and feel free to send and share to your buddies and anyone you think might be interested, link in profile......let’s get the regenerative journeys out there....!!!!💪 #regenerativeagriculture #biodynamic #organic #thankful4farmers #soilhealth #soulhealth #farmlife #australia #sustainable #biodiversity #whosyourfarmer #education #farming #grassfed #beef #lamb #pork #boorowa #education #legacy #paddockbetweenourears #podcast #autumn

5 days ago

When Roger the dog (who belongs to a colleague and friend ) tunes in to our online events... heart melts 🐶 I hope you found it useful Rog! Next one in the series is tomorrow night, all about the thyroid 🦋For those of you who have been “attending” our online events, I hope you are enjoying learning in this way! #roger #learning 🐶🦋

2 weeks ago

Six tiny weeks 🌱 From seeds to the most yum scrum vegies 🌱 Bok choy, rocket, lettuce, coriander being their bountiful selves 🥬 Super grateful for soil, sun and rain ☺️ #growyourown #soil #sun #rain #nummy 🌱

3 weeks ago

Loved my chat with lovely Georgie, founder of @thegracetales recently 🧡 We delved into all sorts of women’s health topics, including ways to get to the heart of what stress really is for an individual- it can be very different person to person 🧡 The link to listen is available at the bio of @thegracetales 🧡 #support #care #question #innerwork #perception 🧡

4 weeks ago

#innerpeace #pause #grateful #love

4 weeks ago

When you work at a friend’s house and it’s time for a nature walk and this is what you discover! The sweetest little twosome 😍😍 Thanks for sharing the joy with me @maddy__westbrook 💜✨🌿

4 weeks ago

We’ve just released THREE brand new, never-been-heard-before online events with Dr Libby! Swipe ➡️ to find out what the other two events are about... . Open worldwide and everyone who signs up gets access to the recording 🤓. . More info and link to purchase tickets in bio 💜.

last month

Tomorrow, I’m honored to be joining this group of pioneering women for a day of online learning with @businesschicks 💕 Hear from @ljclarkson @laynebeachley @keminekvapil @ronni .kahn and I as we discuss what it takes to build a business, shift your mindset when all you see are road blocks and ways to take care of your health and energy in the process 💕 Tickets and more info are available in the @businesschicks bio 💕 #businesschicks #care #support #learn 💕

last month

Ummm yep. Count me in 🙋🏻‍♀️ Pretty much every day 💜📷: @stylerunner 💜 #bighair 💜

last month

The clever, creative and generous souls at @thisnzlife created an online edition of their beautiful magazine this month 💚 They are sharing it with everyone as a gift 💚 The stories are always about inspiring New Zealanders and the imagery is a treat for your eyeballs 💚 The link to read NZ Life & Leisure is available from the bio at @thisnzlife 💚 Posted @withregram@thisnzlife Our May/June issue ( #91 ) of NZ Life & Leisure is our gift to Aotearoa. ❤️🇳🇿 Click through in the link in the bio to start reading the digital edition! As we have been unable to print in the lockdown restrictions we have made our latest edition available as a digital edition for you to give to family, friends, neighbours and anyone in need of uplifting reading right now. It's free for everyone for a limited time. Subscribers to NZ Life & Leisure, this issue is yours to keep. Help us keep going — please share this far and wide. . #nzlifeandleisure #issuu #digitaledition #lesterhall #ebook #magazine #linkinbio #blog #longreads

last month

Super grateful to my mates at @ground_grocer for their superb organic produce 🌿 Love being able to order online and rock up to your “shed door” at the Currumbin Eco Village on the weekends to collect my box, lovingly packed by you 💚 And it’s such a pretty setting 💚 It’s more important than ever to support the businesses you love and want to see continue, where you can 💚 Thanks to those of you supporting my online offerings too 🙏🏼 I am so grateful to be able to continue to share what I hope is deeply useful health education 🤓 #care #share #support #grateful 💚

last month

Thank you to everyone who was booked to hear me speak live at The Hormone Factor event 🌿 Instead, I delivered this via a webinar to ticket holders last night and it was such fun 🌿 I loved the interaction and all of your questions and I sincerely hope your understanding and appreciation for your extraordinary body was enhanced as a result! 🌿 Stay tuned for more online events like this soon! 🌿 📷: @mikeyh 🌿 #thehormonefactor #webinar #betweentwoferns 😂

last month

Newness in the early morning light 🌱 Rocket and boy choy sprouting 🌱 #grateful #nourish #grow 🌱

last month

Wow, thank you to all of you who have signed up to join me for our next Weight Loss for Women online course. I have been absolutely blown away by the number of you who are so willing and open to learn more about how to improve your health as well as come to really understand, appreciate and look after your body during this time of uncertainty. My team and I are very much looking forward to sharing this online bubble with you that will be full of ongoing support. For those of you who are still considering this course, you might like to read more about it from the link in my bio - there are spaces left and we’d love to share this experience with you. Let’s come through these times physically energised and healthier and with an uplifting mental clarity 💜

Apr 2020

I considered postponing the next intake of my online Weight Loss for Women course. So many people have had their worlds tipped upside down recently and I recognise that priorities may have changed significantly in certain households. However, I see that people are craving community right now and how anything that brings us together, even though we’re physically separated, may be incredibly helpful at this time. . So, we're going ahead with the next intake and we're starting on 20 April. . Given the immense uncertainty out there, I'm also offering 50% OFF (a saving of $150 ) to everyone who joins this next intake—this will automatically be applied at the checkout. The investment is $149. Plus, all participants to the April intake access will be enrolled to the Real Food Chef video series for free (valued at $99 ). . In this nine-week course, not only do you get daily emails from me, educational videos, recipes and downloadable resources. You also get access to our incredibility supportive forum where you can interact with me, the Dr Libby team and the other women on the same journey as you. . Perhaps this is the one time where you feel you have space to slow down from everyday life and learn more about yourself and your body. . Or it’s an opportunity for you to heal those health challenges—things like thyroid imbalances, PMS, menopausal complaints or emotional eating—things that may have been bothering you for years. . Ultimately this course teaches you how to be the healthiest version of yourself, and the world needs more people in great health right now. . So, if it feels right for you, I look forward to welcoming you into our little online bubble from 20 April, and supporting you, alongside my team, through this unprecedented time. . Visit the website to find out more about the specifics of the course and enrol. Link in my bio ❤️

Mar 2020

Nothing cuter than 4 fluffy bottoms 🐣🐣🐣🐣 #cutesteverest 🐣🐣🐣🐣

Mar 2020

Feel like you could use some support right now? Dr Libby shares how take to care of yourself nutritionally, biochemically and emotionally during these unprecedented times. She talks about different nutrients that are helpful, and what foods are rich in them. She also offers you techniques to help reduce stress and anxious feelings - ones you can teach to children, and other ways to deeply care for yourself as we all navigate these uncertain times together. To access the recipes she talks about in the video, see the link in her bio.

Mar 2020

So thankful for farmers 🧡 📷: @thankful4farmers 💚 #share #expressgratitude #nourishment #thankful 🧡💚

Mar 2020

If you find yourself emptying the contents of your pantry into your mouth or baking up a pile of biscuits and devouring them before they’ve even cooled, please know that it’s not a lack of willpower that’s driving you to do this. So, what is it? One of the things it can be is our attempt to soothe an emotion we initially might not even know is there. The first step to overcoming emotional eating is to bring awareness to it, and then ask yourself “what emotion or feeling am I really trying to soothe? And how else could I care for that emotion?” You might be amazed at what the mind can come up with when you ask yourself different questions. #solveyourpuzzle #weightlossforwomenonlinecourse #wlfw #drlibbyinsights #drlibby Disclaimer: this information is for general education only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, or to form the basis of a diagnosis.

Mar 2020

The human body runs on two main fuels—glucose is our fast-burning fuel (think kindling on a fire ) and fat is our slow-burning fuel (picture a log on a fire ). So what gets in the way of efficient fat burning? When the sympathetic nervous system (SNS ) is activated, this drives our ‘fight-or-flight’ response. This is designed to help us survive physical danger—it primes our body to either fight for our life or flee the scene. So, which fuel do you think the body is going to rely on more, in such a life-or-death, rapid response kind of situation? The fast-burning fuel, of course—glucose. Nowadays, the situations that activate our SNS usually aren’t life-threatening and thankfully don’t require us to take the same kind of physical action, but our body doesn’t know that. So, it still preps you with an ample supply of fast-burning fuel, thinking it’s saving your life. You will primarily utilise glucose rather than body fat as a fuel when this is going on when in fact it is very ‘safe’ for you to use your body fat. We just need to make sure your body knows this! #solveyourpuzzle #weightlossforwomenonlinecourse #wlfw #drlibbyinsights #drlibby Disclaimer: this information is for general education only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, or to form the basis of a diagnosis.

Mar 2020

The things you see when you look up 🐨🌿 What a joy 💚 What a gift for the eyeballs and the Soul 🐨🌿💚 #grateful #lookup #joy 💚

Mar 2020

Did you know that chronic stress can influence where your body stores fat? Cortisol, our chronic stress hormone, promotes body fat storage in the tummy, for example. Historically, our long-term stresses were things like floods, famines and wars—all times of food scarcity. So, to give you the best chance of surviving the “food shortage” your body perceives, it promotes more fat storage, particularly in the belly where it can cushion and protect your vital organs. It is possible to reverse this, and it starts with teaching your body to ease up on its stress response. Remember, your body responds to the information you give it and excess cortisol today is still interpreted by the body to mean what it meant thousands of years ago. We need to teach our body the truth – that our overflowing emails and to-do lists does not mean there is a shortage of food! #solveyourpuzzle #weightlossforwomenonlinecourse #wlfw #drlibbyinsights #drlibby Disclaimer: this information is for general education only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, or to form the basis of a diagnosis.

Mar 2020

Thank you to beautiful Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat and everyone who attended my Condition Your Calm retreat over the past few days 💚 It was a joy and an honour to be back guest lecturing in a place whose essence captured my heart a long time ago 💚 #grateful #gwinganna #growyourownfood #trees #calm 💚