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3 hours ago

Been trying to familiarize myself with pendulum use lately and it’s been accurate so far! Using this with a clear frame of mind and good intentions is great for beginner witches 🔮 • Wanted to try out a warmer look and I really love it! 😍 the new UFOMFG palette by @freck is so perfect! I used the shades Low Key and The Most around the eye with Big Bang on the lid ✨👽 Used @freck ’s new liquid eyeliners in shades Martian and Hit The Dip Extra faux freckles also by @freck Lip is Mural by @meltcosmetics (these are my fav lipsticks rn! So creamy and matter and so long lasting! )

2 days ago

10 year challenge? Sure, why not 👀 SWIPE to see me in 2010, first year I was allowed to put color in my hair, and my first year of high school ⚰️ • Rings from @izandco ⛓🖤 Photo by @kotawadephotography

3 days ago

Your crypt or mine? ⚰️🖤💀 • Hoodie, ouija board joggers, bandanna, and pillow from @blackcraftcult Pentagram shelf from @killstar

4 days ago

Had a very cute date night for Valentine’s Day with @alexismontalvo 🥰 He asked if I wanted to get dressed up and have dinner together, then I suggested we cook together also and make the same thing! (well similar cuz we both have our own dietary restrictions lol ) So we got fancy and did an outfit reveal, made and ate dinner, got in our matching @blackcraftcult joggers and binge watched Steven Universe until we fell asleep 🖤✨ Best Valentine’s Day ever 💚 (also yes I’m on tiktok, not sorry, same username lol ) • Dress is from @hellbunnyofficial (picked this out with Alexis in mind cuz he loves Japanese culture/styles ) 🐉 💖

5 days ago

Love you to death ⚰️🧛🏻‍♀️🖤🩸 • Dedicated to my immortal love @alexismontalvo 😘 • Used @bennyemakeup white cream makeup, translucent powder, and fake blood @nyxcosmetics black and white liquid liner @meltcosmetics black eyeshadow shade Dark Matter @prettyzombiecosmetics Black Cat liquid lipstick @blackmooncosmetics Squid highlight Lashes are Eye Da Hoe from @shopvioletvoss • Wig is from @rockstarwigs Ring by @poppyangeloff Necklace and dress from @killstar

6 days ago

what color is your aura? ✨🔮 • I still can’t get over these amazing photos and this HAIR!! I feel like a goddess 😭🙏 SWIPE FOR THE HAIR! 📸 @sofimak Hair by @cintiapjasso

2 weeks ago

Hope everyone is having a great day 💚 You got this! 🖤💀 • Shoes are my collab with @strangecvlt 💚🖤 100% vegan and super comfy!^ Skirt is from @hellbunnyofficial Top is from @forest__ink 📸 by @kotawadephotography

2 weeks ago

Definitely getting emo edit Jim Hawkins from Treasure Planet vibes with this look and I’m not mad

2 weeks ago

What’s the worst that I can say? Things are better if I stay So long and goodnight.... • Thank you @roseshireco for the gorgeous/spooky Nightmare Before Christmas bouquet 🥀👻 Still time to order from them for Vday! • Since I did the Gerard look last year for Valentines, I feel like I HAD to do this one this year! I’ve been to the church where they filmed Helena and really considered trying to take this picture there but got anxious haha But very excited I’ve got all my creativity back and want to do all these cosplay looks lately! Expect more!

2 weeks ago

I’m the one they should be scared of! Not you! Not Mister J! Because I’m Harley freaking Quinn! 💖💙🎪 • Saw @birdsofprey last night and I already want to see it again! I’m so obsessed!! Literally could not recommend this movie more, it is everything I wanted it to be and so much more! The action, the humor, the costumes/makeup, it was all so fantastical, crazy, thrilling!! Thank you @linabugz & @whatsnoovie for hosting the screening! 🖤🎥🍿 OUT IN THEATERS NOW!! • Thank you @wbpictures for the choker and T-shirt from @hottopic ! ⛓ And the PERFECT Harley shade of red lipstick called BAWSE by @smashboxcosmetics ! 💋 #WBpartner • Used the pink and blue shades Becky & Cloud from the Bright Lights palette by @pinkyrosecosmetics Ambrosia red lipliner by @meltcosmetics Highlight is shade Squid by @blackmooncosmetics Brows are @anastasiabeverlyhills dip brow in shade Granite Black liquid eyeliner by @nyxcosmetics

2 weeks ago

Picked up this lil guy at Disneyland 🥰⚰️🎃 I’m so happy they finally made the evil teddy come to life and the correct size! Literally looks straight out of the movie! Disneyland has definitely stepped up its merch game, everywhere I went I saw more stuff I wanted!! They seem to be taking into account stuff fans will actually want instead of just slapping logos on stuff yay! • Lip is Illusion by @blackmooncosmetics Beret from @hellbunnyofficial Rings by @izandco Crossbones necklace from @alexstreeternyc

3 weeks ago

At the happiest place on earth for 2 days ✨🌈 much needed 💚 • Testing out how long all this new @meltcosmetics will wear all day and so far it’s been perfect! I don’t wear classic lipsticks too much anymore but this one in shade By Starlight paired with 1979 lip liner has lasted for 4 hours with no touch-ups or feathering so far! And I used the green shades in both the Vida and Radioactive palettes for this eye look 💚🦠 Topped with Shadowplay blushlight highlighter ✨ • Overalls from @hellbunnyofficial And the ears were made for me by a super talented fan! Her shop on Etsy is called FancyEarsShop 💜

3 weeks ago

Which is your fav? 1, 2, or 3? 💚🖤🤍 (silly bonus pic at the end lol ) All 3 of my Beetle Shoe collab designs with @strangecvlt 💚🖤🤍 100% vegan 🌱 and comfy as hell 🤘 Pics by @kotawadephotography

3 weeks ago

Neon Valkyrie vibes 💚✨💚✨ So excited to get pics back from my shoot with @sofimak !! And amazing hair stylist @cintiapjasso 🔥 • Neon green pigment is from @stargazerproducts Eyeshadows from the Soft Glam palette by @anastasiabeverlyhills Lashes by @shopvioletvoss Lip is Bones by @blackmooncosmetics with some clear gloss on top Brows are @anastasiabeverlyhills Dip Brow in shade Granite

3 weeks ago

If I have a heart, why am I so cold? 🖤🌙 • I’ve had the album Sleeptalk by @dayseeker on repeat lately, I’m so glad they came out with a new one finally! And their new merch (as always ) has been 🔥! What album is getting you thru the week?

3 weeks ago

Just saw @gandhmovie and it was so creepy! An awesome, and somehow even more eerie, spin on the classic folklore we all know. The cast *killed* it (big Sophia Lillie fan, loved her in IT ), I loved seeing a horror film with a young, badass female lead! And the whole evil forest vibe is so terrifyingly alluring. The moral of not taking from others unless you expect them to want something in return was unsettling but a perfect fit for this story! Also I am so glad I don’t eat meat! 😅 🍖🥘🍞🍗🧇🥧🥩 Be sure to #FollowTheCrumbs to theaters January 31st to catch this movie yourself! A horror must see! Thank you for having me @3blackdot ! #ad

3 weeks ago

The more I face my demons the more I see my own reflection 🥀🖤 • Ring from @poppyangeloff 💍 • Eye look inspired by @filipasousantos Using @nyxcosmetics liquid eyeliner @meltcosmetics Dark Matter eyeshadow @blackmooncosmetics Bones liquid lipstick with clear gloss @blackmooncosmetics Squid highlight

4 weeks ago

New hair, same freckles 💚 • 💇‍♀️ by @teganfiorehair using Toxic UV hair color by @crazycolorltd 📸 by @anthonyvanity Necklace by @onch Lip color is Earthling by @meltcosmetics

4 weeks ago

You’re in control of your own life.

4 weeks ago

Didn’t realize there was so much cake at the top of Chipinque 👀🎂🔥 (also made this cute mini vlog of our little adventure, I’ve been doing more of them on tiktok lately hehe ) • Sweatshirt, purse, & leggings from @blackcraftcult 📸 @alexismontalvo

4 weeks ago

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @kotawade !!!!! I am so happy I get to call you one of my bestest friends! You are one of the most loving people I know, you always welcome people into your life and home with open arms. Your talent and creativity literally knows no end! Music, styling, editing, decorating, photography...you are amazing at anything you put your mind to! It’s so inspiring 🥰 Making music with you and @wearefuturemoons is some of my favorite memories, it still means everything how much you believed in me. Watching you flourish over the years has truly been an honor to be a part of. Finding your beautiful home in the mountains, getting married to @tommyorobot (relationship goals ), making your gothy artistic community, and of course all the amazing twists and turns you take with your music, I am so freakin proud and happy for you! OH AND NOW you have merch available in @hottopic !!!! You are so deserving of all these amazing things, you are such a positive and loving force in the world, and in my life. I hope you have an amazing day and I love you so much you beautiful, gothy, musical, rainbow, witchy, whimsical, forest fae!! 🧚‍♂️🔮🖤

5 weeks ago

Throwback to 18 year old Dre (2014 ), still rocking the green hair (I tried to do yellow roots to green, dark blue, then purple, can’t really tell in this pic but it looked kinda cool ). • also 2020 is gonna be full of throwbacks/recreating pics cuz 2010 is when I started taking pics more and being more emo lol yaaaay sorry in advance

5 weeks ago

when am I gonna admit to myself that maybe green is my favorite color? 😅💚 Eyeshadows from the Neon Green palette by @hudabeauty & the Creepy Cute palette by @shroudcosmetics Highlight is Glowworm by @blackmooncosmetics Lip is Black Cat by @prettyzombiecosmetics Brows are the @nyxcosmetics precision brow pencil in Charcoal Eyeliner is black liquid liner also by @nyxcosmetics

last month

Of course we got photobombed by a minion on our arcade date night last night 🤣 but hey we won 100 tickets completely by random and then lost horrible at almost everything else sooooo not the worst lol 🎮 👾