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Actress and writer, RADA trained. Usually in London. Represented by Shepperd-Fox and The Agency. Liv 4 ☕ Episode 3 of Stalling 👇

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Hallo happy pride from your local skeleton, love is love 🌈🌈🌈🌈

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#Repost @sonyareneetaylor • • • • • • folks found themselves coming to the aid of Haley even though she was never attacked. the inclination of those indoctrinated into whiteness is to protect whiteness. to exalt white effort no matter how off the mark, to applaud white mediocrity no matter how beneath the bar and to protect whiteness no matter how not in danger it is. ask yourself: if you were defensive for Haley, why? If you answered the questions about whiteness by discussing what other groups have done throughout history , explore why you seek to distance yourself from true introspection? What is making you avoid looking at whiteness. what do you fear you'll find? How is your life a reflection of white supremacist delusion? what has collective white supremacist delusion created? How do you begin to divest? keep on work inward and outward. #defundpolice #whitesupremacy #blacklivesmatter #radicalselflove #thebodyisnotanapology #divestfromwhiteness

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#Repost @sonyareneetaylor • • • • • • The viral video of Haley challenging her racist parents has gone viral for Folks inspired by her desire to stand up to her parents and advocate for Black people. However, Haley missed the mark and my hunch is most white folks do. STOP arguing with your white family about Black people. START talking about the sickness that is whiteness and how you and them have ingested it. White people talk about people of color so that they don't have to deal with themselves and the culture and systems whiteness has created inside them. White people it is time to talk about WHITENESS and not about Black folks. #indefenseofblacklives #whitesupremacymustfall #whitestalkaboutwhiteness #healyourwhiteness #blacklivesmatter

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Out here gambling like Moishe 💸📟💸

Apr 2020

OK wow i put on makeup and a dress in quarantine I am now the CEO of this radiator thank u please invest in my start up 💾

Apr 2020

Oh hai there just a lil ditty from @ripbambi inspired by @jstlbby with a cool fun message! Oooh!

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Feb 2020

A V Nice Thing that Happened, ft Tiny Horse

Dec 2019

Got me tickets for this glorious play tonight! Nor Woman Neither is slick and surprising and hilarious and devastating and its really worth a watch, it's on in the tristan bates until Saturday go seeeee @killershirkdoaplay @ingridofschiller @vezzak

Nov 2019

Salty Tech Mood 📸 Greg Mosse

Nov 2019

Ah I love them, here's a photo shoot

Nov 2019

It's Joycer's birthday, so Material. Was pulled. From the archives. We've grown up together, as you'll see from our CUTE SQUISHY FACES, and I'm fucking lucky to have this brave, formidable, funny and I'm-v-sorry-but-smarter-and-more talented-than-you woman as my friend. Long may your cuntyness continue, you precious precious trash bag. Love you.

Oct 2019

Look at the BOOPS

Oct 2019

My favourite part of any corner shop. Glad someone is looking after my 🗣️BASIC NEEDS

Oct 2019

Matchey Wall-ey

Sep 2019

Wavey with Lizzie 🌊🌊🌊

Sep 2019

My beloved house plant Leona Lewis did not survive being transported to York and then Oxford and then London again. RIP. Will get someone to plant sit in future and please wish better luck to her two new siblings James Earl Jones and Caroline Flack.

Sep 2019

Back with my ♥️s. Unable to take a group photo.

Sep 2019

There's been blood snot and tears and now we've bid Romeo and Juliet good night. Cannot express how much I'll miss it, I'm being extra but whatever it was a privilege come @ me

Sep 2019

My camera does well in low light WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE ME DO???

Aug 2019

One week left with theez hunnieeez @shakespearesrosetheatre IT'S GETTING V EMOTIONAL

Aug 2019

#Repost @rachel .cargle - she's an excellent follow huns • • • • • • Good morning 🌞 . Your quarterly reminder for consideration and critical conversation: • A large percentage of the US population of black and brown people exist within a systematic racism that had determined their access to many of the things we recognize as wealth building aspects of life — housing, education, etc. • Through housing red lining (google it ) black families weren’t able to own homes. Through segregation and discrimination black families had little access to quality education that would have led to profitable jobs. Through racial profiling and mass incarceration under the guise of a “war on drugs” which imprisoned thousands on charges that white people now have whole business and make millions from in the marijuana industry.....the list goes go on. • Also taking into consideration historical instances where white people made extra efforts to completely burn down and obliterate communities where black wealth was being built like the Memphis riots of 1866 and the Tulsa riots 1921 — google them. • This racism has effected generations and generations of families, limiting their access to the things that more privileged white families had which aided in them gaining the wealth that is enjoyed/benefitted from today. • Black families had to “start over” generation after generation to catch up with what white families had been building on for generations. • Maybe you manifested all of this “access” and “opportunity” and “thousands of dollars in seed money from a family and friends fundraiser” or maybe.....it’s your white privilege. • Art by: @rainbowkimono meme by: @riseupgoodwitch

Aug 2019

The bebez 🥰🧙‍♂️🧜‍♀️👯‍♂️🗣️🏋️‍♀️🤹‍♀️🤽‍♂️💅🧡