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2 days ago

Rj- oye..yahi Aarhi hai Rni- Abe Meri fatt rhi hai

2 weeks ago

Start the engine hands on the brake, high fuel intake,0-100 in 2.8 because With a new slang, demonslayer's back with a bang to spit raps straight from his salivary glands, my first rap battle and I didn't qualify, gotta lotta mistakes that I gotta rectify, first of all tear thru that stage fear second, you gotta make your mind crystal clear always, try to give your best never rest no matter what, the problem is seeming to be you gotta believe, keepin' your mind at ease, findin' peace and remember that, ( I give up never, better than ever, stronger than before, lyrical skiller that's what they call me )×2 Makin' up time for 2-3 rhymes till I make my verse sound just so perfect and right my flow is too tight and I'm gainin' new heights this my 3rd rap song so ×3 times the might

4 weeks ago

Demonslayer's the name not in it for the fame, Tryna figure out the game that I'm currently playing, looks like I'm into this game so there's no backout days of sitting idle sorta like a blackout, There's a pen in my hand also got a page out, but all the lyrics and ideas start to fade out, I think my brains out still the page is blank somehow, starin' at the empty ceiling thinkin' about what now Gotta fill up the page somehow not just movin'up them eyebrows Tryna paint a lyrical masterpiece everytime new beats crash against my eardrum resulting in a new conundrum, beats start flowing but the verse dried up there's no new words and old ones used up, still gotta lotta spaces that I gotta fill up I gotta man up and pick up from where I left, complete the rest i:e the task ahead to do, there's no rest till I start murderin'this tune i:e mastery of words used in this beat, time to close the curtain on this verse capeesh? - Necro,underground instrumental

Nov 2019

@mcbamania @superfutureofficial @totheculture .records Let me try if a guy can keep up In this game with an accent that is not made up No cars no money nothing to show only pure rhythm and a criminal flow The beat starts I:e when,i forget my sweetheart Slow start I:e the basis of my first verse Too fast then the Lyrics belong in dumpspot Cold streets these are I gotta take long strides Too many rappers that I try to follow Rap is an ocean and I'm swimming in the shallows Just in case that I Wanna change the pace I gotta replace some Words and some phrases The urge to rap kicks in when I listen to freestyle Different rappers different styles, everybody spitting fire A list of things on my mind,One is to make my own style Hot like lava venemous mamba Making people groove like samba Man I don't know where to begin so I start by saying rap is my thing Not a big fan of bling,a lyrical treat I try to bring Never been a player I'm the one they call demonslayer Never been a preacher ain't here to sing a prayer Best thing's in town you better call the mayor Never been a player

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Future physicists....🤞

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Choir boys... 😁

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Random clicks be like...

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Killin' it....

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Conti !!!

Jun 2018

Credits:-Adarsh Nair

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New hairdo!!

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Coalgate is the secret of my white teeth...XD!!!!!

Dec 2017

When you owe him money and ask for more..XD...

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Weird shit!!!