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no thank you ✨

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🦮🍯🧩 cute boy seating

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LIVING — @ferragamo #vivaviva #sponsored

5 days ago

“To me, what it means to live your own li􏰁fe is to not be a􏰁fraid to take up space. Create room in there to just wander, and g􏰀et lost a little bit, and be present.” - @ferragamo #VivaViva #sponsored

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❄️👔☃️ lil snow(gentle )man

2 weeks ago

watch Horse Girl on Netflix— (we’re all pretty windblown but this picture has John Reynolds in it, are you happy John Reynolds

3 weeks ago

Horse Girl on Netflix now 📺

3 weeks ago

Launching @thereyouarepod 2020 by sitting down with @alisonbrie — Swipe to see how much I adore and admire her (white knuckle grasp ); Link in bio obviously! Listen tonight. Watch Horse Girl on @netflixfilm tomorrow ✂️

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rose + gold 👑 when I’m off work, I like to play + spray for a day (or all weekend ). I did @lorealhair #Colorista gold > into rose gold > into pink for this one but honestly it’s different every time. that’s kind of the fun of it ✨ #lorealparispartner

3 weeks ago

dude pre-ordering a book is like giving Your Future Self a surprise gift, in the form of a universe to slip into. and you know when you can’t stop watching or reading something but you want to make it last as long as possible because it’s so special you’re already sad you can’t experience it for the first time ever again? perfect, and I know everyone’s been stayed buzzing about it but Lansky’s new book Broken People properly rocked me 🪐💚💜 @samlansky

4 weeks ago

Sundance slaps and I’d like to go back to snow dusted movie camp every year. Horse Girl hits N/flix on February 7th— Swipe for the incredible people who made it and cute sights in Park City and Alison as horse coffee girl

4 weeks ago

my big brother’s the best dude anyone’s ever met. as kids we’d wrestle, but as swanky adult gentlemen on NYE we danced together, which is like wrestling but sophisticated. it’s his birthday everybody say HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHASE @thechaseryan man I wish I was with you today.

4 weeks ago

Horse Girl. Netflix. February 7th— what a ride

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maybe true love is taking your contacts out for you 👁👌🏽

last month

Oooop I’m on @latewithlilly tonight ✨👩‍👧‍👧 Stay up with us starting at 1:35/12:35c on @nbc to see what’s up with this very old picture of me n Francia, and who would get Lilly’s first impression rose? 🌹 #LateWithLilly

last month

please please take two minutes to reach out to our neighbors in Australia. I put a link in my bio to a list of ways we can help — supporting the volunteer firefighters, donating funds and supplies, wildlife rescue, even temporary housing for those displaced by the fires. here are some of my favourite memories and people from there

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scroll for teef

last month

who left that second to last pic in the photobooth? Couldn’t have put together 48hr Party Camp in 28 days without @emmacdraper @thechaseryan and my parents special shouts to @chrishoran20 @laurenjeworski @johnnyjfranco @lulus @lunya @saharsanjar @logancolephoto @yourfriendseth @erinmdesimone @alexjohnson .24 @powell43 Nik and everyone else who fought for the right to party ✨see y’all next year

last month

got all dressed up and closed out the decade with family and friends ✨little destination celebration party camp as an excuse to finally bring together our core folks from all corners of our worlds ⚡️we danced all night and had milk n cookies and I had the most fun of my life

last month

I think about this Salvador Dalí museum in Berlin a lot — “It is not me who is the clown, but this monstrously cynical and so unconsciously naive society, which plays the game of seriousness in order better to hide its madness.” wow Dalí was right you guys

last month

🛴 second in command of the most notorious tree climbing, quicksand-avoiding gang in the neighborhood (we lived by the forest in germany. and I was homeschooled. it was just me and my brother )

Dec 2019

all I want for christmas is sleep