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EVOLVE Pete Evans podcast channel✌️ The Magic Pill doco on Netflix 🙏 Free 10 week program at thepaleoway.com🌈 The Magic Plant doco...coming soon 💚

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15 hours ago

The one and only Paleo Butter Chicken (with no butter ) from Family Food 🌈✌️❤️

22 hours ago

PERTH. Save the date. One night only. Thursday 12th March an evening with Pete Evans (that’s me ) me talking all things health and nutrition. We will announce the time and venue early next week. Hope to see you there ❤️❤️

23 hours ago

Think I am going to need a canopy for the Isuzu for the foil 🤣. @foilcentre . @rydeisuzuute


So very grateful to witness the loving bond between @nicola .robinson.evans and Olly (and Benni too ). ❤️


Had an awesome time this week and last week getting to speak in front of the executive team of Tabcorp about sustainability of business, customers and also of their own health and wellness. Public speaking is one of my greatest joys and passions and to think that only a decade or two ago it was one of my great fears. I love that I conquered that fear and many others. 🌈✌️❤️


Testing out new ice bath techniques....oops #dumbanddumber 😜😜😜


Hope you are loving our lunch box cookbook school and or work lunches. All paleo and keto focussed 🌈✌️❤️

2 days ago

Some delicious food on tonight’s @mykitchenrules with Colin and his teams in the kitchen. ✌️❤️🌈

2 days ago

What more can I say. My dedication in our family food cookbook. 🌈✌️❤️

3 days ago

Gotta start somewhere. This is me learning to foil surf ( I am the one falling off ). It is so challenging as it is not like surfing so you have to let go of what you know and re train your brain and body while trying not to hurt anyone or yourself in the process. Can be a little easier when your mate isn’t right next to you too. Thanks dan 🤣🤪🤣 @takumaconcept @foilcentre

3 days ago

Back on the ramp using my @opkix camera.

3 days ago

Popped into the @murwillumbahfarmersmarket today and got some amazing produce including my favourite green veg of all time....Asian water spinach, also known as morning glory or Kang Kung. Cooked it up with @ocean_chef wild prawns, @fispannercrab and some chilli sauce. 🌈✌️❤️

3 days ago

Now let me tell you about my latest adventure following on from a paleo ketogenic diet to help people remove inflammation, feel incredible and take life to the next level. Well I am not sure if that will make it to the screens tonight on @mykitchenrules but there will definitely be some delicious food with manu in the kitchen with his teams 🌈✌️❤️

3 days ago

We have been working with the great team at @hilbilbyculturedfood to create some amazing healthy products for you (and my family ) including our own fire tonic using Australian botanicals, red wine vinegar with the mother and also fermented mustard. These are wonderful additions to spice up seafood, meat, eggs, veggies, salads, and to have as a tonic too. To order go to @hilbilbyculturedfood and ask your health food store to stock them 🌈✌️❤️

3 days ago

You can make your own botanical oils at home. To get your own magical butter machine you can go to peteevans.com and go to products and order for our own special discount from my page. 💚✌️🥰 @magicalbutteraustralia . Filmed in Florida at the @magicalbutter headquarters. @naturalrawc coconut oil

3 days ago

The classic from family food 🌈✌️❤️

4 days ago

This will be fun. Sitting between these two tonight on @mykitchenrules at 7:30 on 7 🤣🥰🌈

4 days ago

Nics homemade chocolate! Thanks Angel @nicola .robinson.evans I love coming home to your free-styled deliciousness! Toasted macadamias and seeds, dried blueberries, sea salt and heaps of love! 🌟👌🥰

4 days ago

This is the OG. The book that defined a new direction for me and for many other families health and well-being. One of our most popular cookbooks. Hope it has helped your families health over the years ✌️❤️🌈

4 days ago

Great chatting with scientist @mattylansdown for his podcast channel in melbourne today. ❤️✌️🌈

5 days ago

Great to catch up with my dad today and share a meal together. Love you dad ✌️🌈❤️

5 days ago

Fun night on @mykitchenrules tonight. Tune in on channel 7 ✌️🌈❤️

5 days ago

A delicious vegetable dish from easy keto. 🌈✌️❤️

6 days ago

Got up for the early morning surf at @urbnsurf . And yes I have a keto Choc cookie in my mouth from @primalalternative as a little treat before surfing for a few hours. 🌈✌️❤️