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📽 from @orangeisthenewblackandtan "For those new friends who don't know Phin very well yet, he has a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia. This means that the part of his brain that coordinates movement never fully developed. He's not in any pain, and he won't get worse over time, though there also aren't any treatments that would help him. He adapts to his condition by walking with his paws a bit wider, leaning against the wall for support, and using claws to climb up and down things. Phin is a very happy kitty who loves playing with his siblings (Tyrion, the bigger cat, and Holly, a dog ), eating meals and treats, and cuddling with his parents." 💖💖💖💖💖 ~ double tap ❤❤ #catsweek

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📹 from azuazu3121 | TikTok “I think I made a mistake by choosing the upper bed” #catsweek

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Ameowica’s Next Top Meowdel 😻 - 📹: @rover_thecat 🥰

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oh my god she on x games mode 😳 - TikTok: @thefurryherd

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From @mistylilkitty : “The story behind this video that went viral on TikTok: Ever since quarantine, she has major fear of missing out with my husband and I home all day and tries to stay awake with us 😭 She’s not zooted, just looks really derpy when falling asleep or trying to stay awake 😂 She’s part of the smol percentage of cats that does not care for catnip interestingly enough! How ironic that the highest looking cat on the internet right now doesn’t even care for that meowi waui!

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Wrigley’s wildin 😻 - 🎥: TikTok @ savtread