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3 days ago

We’ve rounded up some new mobile wallpapers in our Stories! Check it out and head to our story highlights to see even more. #LetsDoTheWork

1 weeks ago

This postcard from the early 1900s shows a customer in Western Canada plowing with a Holt Caterpillar engine. We’ve been proudly supporting our Canadian customers, along with Cat® dealers Finning Canada and Toromont Cat, since way back then. Explore more of our history at caterpillar.com/history. #LetsDoTheWork #Archives #Caterpillar95 #Canada

2 weeks ago

Whether it’s on the track or moving dirt, success has a lot to do with training. #CatRacing driver @TylerReddick recently experienced that when he used racing simulators to stay sharp when he couldn't go to the track. Machine operators can use similar technology in Cat Simulators. While nothing can replace stick time in a real machine, our simulators offer a great way to get started — whether it’s introducing a new operator to the controls or giving an experienced operator the opportunity to refine skills. Visit cat.com/95 for more. #LetsDoTheWork #Caterpillar95

2 weeks ago

The fully overhauled, next generation 6060 Hydraulic Mining Shovel is more durable and nearly 30 tons heavier than legacy machines, which translates into longer service life and better performance. Thanks to collaboration between our team and our customers who know mining best, the next generation 6060 is ready for the next era of mining and will work harder and last longer. Find out how our customer's input helped in the redesign of the 6060 at caterpillar.com/annualreport. #LetsDoTheWork

3 weeks ago

For over 45 years, we’ve given end-of-life products a rebirth through the sustainable practice called remanufacturing. Believe it or not, this process starts well before the product is nearing its final days. Engineers use design guidelines to build key products with remanufacturing in mind. When a component reaches the end of its initial serviceable life, dealers return the used component, referred to as core, to us. Then, our Reman team gets to work cleaning, inspecting and remanufacturing it to its original factory specifications. In doing so, we reduce waste and minimize the need for the raw material, energy and water required to produce new parts. Sustainability is a core part of our company. Follow @wearecaterpillar to find out how to join the team that builds (and rebuilds ) what matters. #iAmCaterpillar

3 weeks ago

Check out this video looking at Caterpillar in the 1940s! In the mid-40s, we introduced the first company-designed-and-built bulldozer blade and the first company-designed-and-built pull-type scraper. Just like today, our products helped customers complete major infrastructure projects like highways and dams around the world. Learn more: caterpillar.com/history #caterpillar95

3 weeks ago

Check out this medium track-type tractor! It was one of three special edition tractors made to commemorate the 175,000 MTTT high drive production milestone. Introduced in 1985, the MTTT meant improved durability and ease of service of the powertrain components for our customers. The medium tractors also took advantage of one additional high drive benefit – the ability to extend the tracks forward or rearward to optimize tractor balance for unique applications. See the link in our bio for more about the milestone. #LetsDoTheWork

4 weeks ago

When #NationalTattooDay meets #WorldEmojiDay .

4 weeks ago

It’s Wednesday and we’re celebrating with a fresh batch of phone wallpapers available in our stories! What else would you like to see for upcoming wallpapers? Drop your suggestions in a comment 👇 and check out our wallpaper highlights for even more! #LetsDoTheWork #WallpaperWednesday

last month

Wishing our U.S. fans a Happy 4th of July! #LetsDoTheWork #4thofJuly #Fireworks

last month

#SWEEPSTAKES ! We’re celebrating 95 years in business — and 95 years of customers doing the work — with a year of giveaways. Throughout our anniversary year we’re giving away different prizes to help you show off your Cat pride. This month, we're giving away a Cat pressure washer, 4 pairs of Cat gloves and 20 special edition anniversary Cat hats. Visit cat.com/95 to enter to win! #Caterpillar95

last month

What does it look like to lead by example? True safety leadership goes beyond wearing proper PPE and ensuring others do the same. Join us tomorrow LIVE on Facebook and YouTube to hear from Caterpillar Safety Expert Justin Ganschow as he shares how to: - Understand the elements of a strong safety culture - Use accountability to drive safety - Reinforce desired outcomes with positive recognition Learn more at cat.com/safetyleadership. #LetsDoTheWork #SafetyLeadership #SafetyCulture

last month

During our latest Beyond Safety Basics webinar Abby Fansler shared how safety communication strategies influence employee behavior and help build a positive safety culture. Her tips included reinforcing safe behaviors with positive recognition, taking the time to ask employees “what are we doing right?” and recognizing employees that take personal accountability for safety. Watch the webinar recording at cat.com/safetyleadership. #LetsDoTheWork #SafetyLeadership

last month

Check out the Caterpillar Diesel Seventy-Fives pulling scrapers on the north of Grand Coulee Dam in 1935! For contractors in the 1930s, our machines were top choice for power, stamina, and low operating and maintenance costs. For us, the 1930s saw our company on a path of innovation, customer commitment and industry leadership – things that are still in our DNA today. Check our story today to see more of our machines at work around the world in the '30s. #Caterpillar95 #LetsDoTheWork

last month

What leaders do and say influences the beliefs and behaviors of people around them. Mastering these skills will help you create a safer workplace. Join our webinar to: 1 ) Understand how your words and actions influence others (as a leader with or without a title ) 2 ) Learn how communication fits into safety culture 3 ) Leave with tactical strategies for effective communication Join us LIVE on Facebook or YouTube to hear from Caterpillar Safety Services expert Abby Fansler. Visit cat.com/safetyleadership for the full schedule. #LetsDoTheWork

last month

To all the dad's who inspire the next generation of builders, fixers, doers and creators. Happy #FathersDay .

last month

As many of our customers around the world are getting back to work, the China Basketball Association is getting back on the court with games starting June 20th. Beijing Royal Fighters coach and former NBA/CBA star @starburymarbury says for players, it’s all about mental and physical preparation. It’s no different for our customers when it comes to safety. That’s why we’re launching an educational webinar series on safety with a focus on physical and mental health. See the schedule at cat.com/safetyleadership. #LetsDoTheWork #ChinaBasketball

last month

In the age of analytics, quality data is a game changer. We see it with our #CatRacing team, who uses it to improve their results on the track. And our customers use data from Cat machines to make their job sites more productive and to make better equipment management decisions. Our fleet management quiz will show you what good data can mean for your business. Check out our Stories for the link. #LetsDoTheWork

last month

As COVID-19 began to affect people across the country, the company behind Cat Workwear ramped up production of masks for those in need. After delivering 15,000 to local medical workers they received an order for 250,000 to support Caterpillar employees at work, and those who would soon return. “We were able to use our company’s values to be nimble and find a solution to an urgent need that was there and that’s kind of how we got behind it. It was our supply chain, our freight forwarder, people in the office breaking shipments down into smaller packers for delivery. Everyone was pitching in.” See more at cat.com/95. #LetsDoTheWork #Caterpillar95

last month

This month we're launching a free webinar series on safety psychology, human behavior, #leadership and #mentalhealth on the jobsite. Join us June 16 on Facebook or YouTube for a presentation and live Q&A with Jenny Krasny from Caterpillar Safety Services. During this #webinar we’re talking about the psychology of safety and understanding why people behave the way they do, especially in uncertain or stressful circumstances. Find out: - Why do people take unnecessary risks on the job? - Why don’t they speak up when they feel unsafe? - How can you support your employees and coworkers during stressful, uncertain times? Visit cat.com/safetyleadership for the full schedule. #LetsDoTheWork

last month

Check out the fan-favorite dozer! Our dozers have worked on some of the modern world’s greatest engineering projects, including the U.S. Interstate Highway System, the Three Gorges Dam in China, and the widening of the Panama Canal, just to name a few. This year we're celebrating the 75th anniversary of dozer blade.

Jun 2020

Many hospitals have veered into uncharted territory during the COVID-19 pandemic, requiring them to operate differently to limit virus spread, while also still caring for patients. For many Atlanta hospitals, that new way of working now includes tents. Lots of them. This isn’t your typical camping or tailgating tent set up; these tents need plenty of power for lights, medical equipment and AC to ensure patients and staff are both safe and comfortable. For Cat Dealer @yanceypowersystems , it’s been an opportunity to step up and help local hospitals adapt to a new way of working. From the very beginning, the Yancey team considered every detail of the medical tent set up: the exact equipment and generators required, the equipment set up as well as the type of generator power required to ensure the sites could stay up and running without interruption. “It’s about taking care of the customer, and that’s ingrained in our culture. It’s really about follow-up, follow through, and truly caring during this time when lives are on the line,” said Drew Eckford, Yancey Rental Power manager. See more at cat.com/95. #LetsDoTheWork #Caterpillar95

Jun 2020

We stand with those who are fighting against racism and injustice in our communities. Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect and have access to equal justice. To support this, the Caterpillar Foundation will donate to an organization that will be announced soon. To read our CEO’s message, see the link in our bio.

May 2020

We just hit a huge milestone! Our fleet of autonomous haul trucks (the largest in the world ) have safely hauled 2 billion tonnes in just over six years. 👏Our trucks use Cat MineStar Command for hauling — a technology that's all about safety, considering every movement, reducing waste and making miners' work more repeatable. We're proud to be a global leader in providing solutions to help our customers build a better world. Visit caterpillar.com for more on this technology and milestone.