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3 days ago

I found this gem when scrolling through my pictures today. It’s amazing how much joy these little creatures bring to our lives. #Nova

last month

Are you ready for this?? I know I am & I want you to experience the awesomeness of F&F! Please join us on Saturday from 4-7pm for our Grand Opening Party. Meet some awesome people, our great coaches, and try some of the healthy fabulous food from @planit_eats we will be selling. - - #blessed #excited #gymownernow

Nov 2019

Big News!!! I’m opening my own gym! This has been a secret for far too long, and I can’t wait to share my vision with the world. Fitness & Fuel combines top level personal training with healthy food options & education to help our members achieve the best results possible. We are located at 390 Western Ave. in Brighton MA, and should be open next month if the city examiners give us the green light 🤞🏻. I look forward to having everyone over for an opening celebration 🎉 Check our the progress @fitnessandfuelboston and follow us too!! #excited #bigmoves #brighton #boston #personaltraining #fitness

Nov 2019

Thank you @tonygentilcore and @nehrsa_fitness for a great day of learning. He says he’s not a wizard, but I saw some magic being performed 🔮 #squats #deadlifts #alwayslearning

Nov 2019

Tonight my best friend at Jiu Jitsu & I got our first stripes on our blue belts. Thank you @anthonyaccorsi for constantly challenging me to be better, and Thank you Professor @keithflorian for showing us the way. #bjj #jiujitsu #humanchess #oss

Sep 2019

Wednesday wisdom.

Sep 2019

Focus on what’s important & let go of what’s holding you back. #focus #1 %everyday #changeisgood #boston

Sep 2019

Food for the brain. 🤔

Aug 2019

Sharpening the sword... @performbetter #learning #1 %better #coach #lifechanger

Jul 2019

9,000 mile cross country road trip, and she still looks pretty! #sti #subiegang #circuitdemon #subienation

Jul 2019

The end... the past few days we stopped at Niagra Falls, stopped in Buffalo for wings, visited the vineyards & breweries of the Finger Lakes, and lastly stopped at Watkins Glen. Boston here we come!

Jul 2019

Today we started with a hike in the Black Hills (Devils Bath Tub Trail ), which was fun, challenging, and wet! After lunch we headed down to Mt. Rushmore. Overall South Dakota is not that bad. Plus! We went to Deadwood for dinner last night.

Jul 2019

Day 2 in Yellowstone was full of Bison, Geysers, and beautiful waterfalls. We snuck nova into a geyser area early on in the day, and then left her in the car when we went to explore a herd of bison & got caught in the middle of the herd! #yellowstone #bison #trapped

Jul 2019

Day 1 in Yellowstone. Beautiful rivers, random geysers & old faithful. Plus a lone buffalo.

Jul 2019

Fun moments from the past few days. Thank you Becca & Brad for the great times on the fourth, and thank you Jayne for another awesome side trip. Finally hanging out at Yellowstone campground relaxing.

Jul 2019

Yesterday we explored Zion National Park the best we could seeing they don’t allow dogs. On the way in we came across an awesome herd of buffalo, Nova had a blast in the river, and we finished the night off properly with some fireside cooking.

Jul 2019

Today we explored Bryce Canyon National Park, and it was beautiful, hot, and tiring hiking the Navajo trail. Thanks to @jayfrankie505 Nova & I took a nap on the way back to our campground.

Jun 2019

Today we decided to call an audible & head to the beach! We have many more national parks to visit, but you can’t drive cross country without actually seeing the ocean. Oh, and we checked out Pebble Beach! #roadtrip

Jun 2019

Yesterday we explored the giant forest in Sequoia National Park, and it totally made driving this far worth it! The winding road was a blast & the Sequoia trees were tremendous. If you ever get a chance to come out this way, you have to go! I’m pretty sure I have never used the word WOW as much as I have over the past two weeks. Onto Yosemite...

Jun 2019

Another long day of driving led us through Las Vegas (with a minor legal delay 🤷🏼‍♂️ ), through the Mojave Desert, & to a tasty dinner at the Joshua Tree KOA. Thanks to @jayfrankie505 I didn’t go nuts while driving through endless desert. ❤️

Jun 2019

Today we explored the Grand Canyon. Pic 1 is from our campground, while the rest are from various views from the North & East Rim. Of course we have some great pics of my ladies, and a super tasty camp dinner. 🔥 time... until our next adventure.

Jun 2019

Jayne & I had an amazing drive to get to the Grand Canyon North Rim Campground. It went from 150 miles of nothing, but you could see for 100 miles, to red rock, to high mountain, to lush forest & fields. So amazing!

Jun 2019

After a long 15 hour drive, we made it to Albuquerque (where @jayfrankie505 ) is from! Luckily we had some fun stops along the way in Oklahoma & Texas.

Jun 2019

Camping in the Ozarks. Gunner pool was one of the most beautiful and amazing places, the water was so clear it almost looked like glass. I highly recommend this $10 camp site!