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My heart is still full of gratitude from the magical @modernmuze event last Sunday @calamigos .beachclub with these two bright shining lights @julieskon @zulay_henao what a wonderful day!🙏 Thank you @joegretophoto for capturing these moments 💕 #womensupportingwomen #wellness

2 days ago

Headed into my office in my @wallacecotton ph’s this evening to meditate and play my @crystaltones sound bowls to de-stress after a busy day. Sharing it with you in case you are feeling overwhelmed or stress and feel like you need a hug this evening, hug coming your way in form of a sound bath! Candles my fav @lindenleaves #sleep #relaxation

3 days ago

I dig this threesome @zulay_henao & @julieskon 😜 today was simply magical! The event you created @modernmuze was 🥰 I didn’t stop connecting and having wonderful and meaningful conversations with wonderful humans, from the minute I arrived to the minute I left today, the space felt so safe and loving! I’m so grateful that you asked me to part of your special day to talk about the principles of IT’S NOT YOU IT’S ME and guide everyone through a deep hypnotic journey into self-love, filling up their love cup within ❤️ the location today was so fabulous too @calamigos .beachclub 🙏 #author #selflove

5 days ago

Thought for the weekend💜! Is it time yet to start celebrating how wonderful you are? Is it time to stop putting yourself down and talking yourself out of the things you know deep down you are born to do and start talking yourself into those things, owning who you are, to stand in your power and CHOOSE kind words when speaking to yourself and about yourself? No one is going to hand you validation or the feeling of feeling worthy but the good news is you can claim it!!! It’s who you are at the core of your soul, you have just detoured and forgotten! You can actually choose to validate yourself to say on repeat to yourself I AM WORTHY every time the doubt of worthiness creeps in repeat again and again I AM WORTHY! Feeling worthy isn’t an outside job, the likes on Instagram may hand it to you for a second, a relationship might hand it to you for a bit but it’s not sustainable. Choosing to say to yourself I AM WORTHY and choosing kind self-talk daily is a choice you get to make over and over again and each time you do your self-worth grows and no one can ever take that away from you, it’s yours it’s who you are! WORTHY!!! The more you do this you train your mind to believe and remind you that you are worthy! Happy Friday beautiful human 💕 #itsnotyouitsme #book

1 weeks ago

Join us for this fab event! I can’t wait to be part of this day @modernmuze have done an amazing day of putting this day together! It’s happening this Sunday💕. There will be self-love, salsa dancing and a great vibe as we all come together here! I will be hosting the workshop in this special place @calamigos .beachclub 😍 See you there? Head to @modernmuze to book your spot #event #selflove

2 weeks ago

Meditation for raising the frequency of the heart chakra rain and ocean effect curtesy @kevsacre 😀teamwork 🥰 @crystaltones #soundbath #frequency

2 weeks ago

It’s been a busy week of coaching so this is what my Sunday recharge looks like today! Some “me” time by the ocean 💙 nowhere to be, nothing to say or do just to be 🙏 grateful! #selfcare #selfcaresunday

2 weeks ago

12 years on, my valentine ❤️ 🥰 I’m not really into the whole Valentine’s Day thing as it feels a bit commercial to me and I believe we should celebrate love every day and we don’t need to be in a relationship even to celebrate love. I love my partner in life @kevsacre so much but I’m fully aware that the way to finding each other was through learning to love ourselves first, to practice self-love and to know ourselves so we knew fully what we were looking for in another person. If you are on your own today then frigging celebrate YOU, the most important relationships you will ever have is the one with yourself, YOU are the one who you will be walking through life with, so make sure you allow yourself the time to fall deeply in love with yourself! ❤️ Ps. Since we are talking about self-love 😍❤️ I’ll be hosting a self-love workshop tomorrow Saturday 2.30pm @unplugmeditation if you want to dive into this self-love journey now 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 Photo credit @matrixphotographyuk

3 weeks ago

Thank you San Francisco for a wonderful time❤️I love this city and this time the weather was beyond stunning too☀️! Was such a special evening yesterday being invited to speak about how to implement self-care into a busy schedule, for people in business, I’m grateful for all that we got to share last night! 🙏 The word that comes up in most conversations is how overwhelmed everyone is in their day to day lives and how everyone is struggling to keep up. I send everyone to the 7 day self-care plan in IT’S NOT YOU IT’S ME and teach them how to set boundaries and be ok with choosing themselves first! It doesn’t matter how kind we want to be, or how much we want to please everyone else. we cannot pour from an empty cup. It’s vital to listen to yourself and honour how you feel before you find yourself completely burnt out. Be kind to yourself, you deserve it! #keynotespeaker #selfcareinbusiness

3 weeks ago

Yep feeling a little “naked” posting this pic but I teach the importance of Self-love in my business and in my book so its important for me to walk the walk too. Taking off the mask that make-up can sometimes represents feels good. We often don’t do something because of the fear of what others would say or think and the fear of being judged however the more you practise self-love the less you feel the need to judge yourself and others and become comfortable just being YOU! I do also love dressing up and wearing make-up however this is fully me and I love make-up free days and looking after my skin. I enjoy being an ambassador for @lindenleaves having used their products over the last 6 months I feel my skin is less dry and more fresh which means more days make-up free. And I love that they are natural products. I’m as fussy about what I put on my skin as I’m about what foods I eat and what thoughts I think. 💕 I use the facial moisturiser and facial oil every morning! If you fancy trying their products you can use my 20% off discount code “CAMILLA20” 😍 #spon #lindenleavespartner .

3 weeks ago

Excited to announce I’ll be back as head judge for another series of @dwtsnz with this one @julztocker swipe to see who will also be joining us on the judging panel......that’s right @lauradaniel25 she did some epic dancing as a contestant last year😍welcome to the panel Laura. Look forward to being back in the ballroom with our lovely hosts @sharyncasey and @dai_henwood too and beyond excited to see this years cast! Countdown has begun😀 #dwtsnz #nz

3 weeks ago

Happy Birthday to this wonderful human being @suzeyalofschwartz and thank you for being such a great mentor and for the beautiful community you have created for us all both at the studios @unplugmeditation in LA and online on the Unplug meditation app @unplugmeditationapp one of the things I admire so much about you is your passion to keep learning, moving forward and your willingness to bring us all along with you! Have a gorgeous day 🎉💜🤗 #youmakeadifference #meditation

3 weeks ago

I started using infrared light therapy a year ago and it quickly became a go to for my self-care. With the @joovvsocial mini I’m able to use it in my home and so saves me time which is great! I mix it up and use it for different purposes, some days to boost my energy, support tired muscles and to help lower inflammation in the body. However I have also really felt a difference using it for my skin, I feel it feels more glowing, fresh and radiant after. Supporting others daily in their lives, having my own self-care rituals I follow, such as meditation, walking and red light therapy, is vital and none negotiable to me because it helps me feel better emotionally and physically and therefore be able to show up more centred for myself and others! #redlighttherapy #spon

3 weeks ago

Lovely article and mention of my book IT’S NOT YOU IT’S ME in @hellomag thank uuu🥰🥰🥰 #author #itsnotyouitsme

4 weeks ago

Everyday I teach the importance of the thoughts we feed our mind and the effect they can have on the body, what we drink and eat is as vital of course. I have been so curious lately about understanding how different spices and herbs can be used in a holistic way to support our health and to help lower inflammation in the body. Atm I’m reading my dear friend and 👩‍🍳 @toniabuxton latest book THE SECRET OF SPICE and today I’m learning more about mint whilst drinking my @numiorganictea . I have attached some of the info here to share it with you. I for one always used to drink mint tea for more of an energised feeling and digestive benefits and didn’t realise until now that’s it can also work calming and soothing and be good to aid sleep. The whole ritual of actually making fresh mint tea feels really nurturing and grounding too. I always carry peppermint aromatherapy oil with me and use it when I need to concentrate or focus quickly, helps me get into the zone by breathing in the scent! It’s fascinating to learn so many new things about how we can use the different spices in a holistic way! Thank you Tonia for all the wonderful and enlightening info in your book, it’s now a staple in our kitchen!🙏💙 #spices #holistichealth

4 weeks ago

Me getting excited as if it’s Christmas all over again😀. You know how I have been banging on about how I love red light sessions. I’m over the moon to collaborate with @joovvsocial and start using the Joove mini and have red and near infrared light available at home. Can’t think of a better way to meditate than sitting in front of this one. If you are new to using red/near infrared red light than check out all of the benefits on @joovvsocial page. Personally I feel it helps my immune system by reducing inflammation in the body, relaxation, skin and muscle recovery to mention just a few 💜meditation and near Infrared are two of my fav things to do for self-care and have been for the last year! 🙏 #joovv #redlighttherapy #spon

4 weeks ago

Do you prefer to read books or listen to them on @audible ? Or are you like me and like to do both🤷‍♀️? I often buy a book and whilst reading it I also download the audible version too so I can carry on listening to it in the car 😂. IT’S NOT YOU IT’S ME is now available on @audible_uk and @audible , read by me, and I would like to give away a couple of download codes here so some of you can listen to it for FREE. 🎉 Just let me know in the comments below if you prefer to read or listen to books or both and I’ll pick some winners over the weekend💜 Have a beautiful day! #audiobooks #author

5 weeks ago

I love collaborating with brands, however it’s vital to me to only work with companies I feel aligned with and when I became a @lindenleaves partner 6 months ago I did it because I absolutely love the products, how they feel on my skin, the scent and the natural ingredients that’s in them plus the integrity of the company💕. Thank you to everyone at Linden Leaves🙏 for going above and beyond so everyone, who came to my workshops and talks on my IT’S NOT YOU IT’S ME book tour in NZ, US and UK, got a chance to take home samples of some of my fav @lindenleaves products❤️ This weekend I’m hosting a self-love workshop @cultivatemeditation 😀and i don’t want you to miss out so I’ll be giving out samples of the miraculous facial oil to everyone attending 💜 so you can try it too! Remember if you are shopping online at Linden Leaves to use my discount code “CAMILLA20” to get 20% off your order! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 #sponsored #skincare

5 weeks ago

How are you feeling today? If you are feeling like you need a boost of positivity and happy thoughts, try this right now! Start smiling for no reason just do the action turning that frown upside down, that it’s. Smile slowly doing the action and notice how your body changes when you are smiling. It’s a fantastic way to boost your mood immediately because studies show that smiling releases endorphins and serotonin in the body and those chemicals boosts your mood! I know it feels a bit silly at first when you are forcing that smile but after a few smiles it starts to feel good! And also there is a chance you might uplift others in the process especially anyone around you who sees you doing it 🤣😀 it’s good to smile and laugh and not take ourselves too serious. Let me know how you get on in the comments below. Let’s smile together! 💕 #smile #goodmood

last month

Saturdays at the doggie park makes my ❤️happy! I have a ton of work I could be doing today, I could have pushed through this afternoon and paid for it later. However, that would be me doing my old “athlete” behaviour the one that landed me heading straight for a burnout at 35 🤦‍♀️so instead I tuned into what my mind and body needed today........it was obvious as soon as I asked myself “what do I need” take it slow today, power nap, chill time with you loved ones, nature🥰. Feels so good, feeling energised for my coaching sessions tonight now! We always know, when we dare to listen, what is best for us! Fill yourself up first 💜 If you don’t know how to get started with the self-care, I created a 7 day plan for you in IT’S NOT YOU IT’S ME🙏 #selfcare #itsnotyouitsme

last month

Coming back home means more than just me being back in my home in LA today. After travelling and being in a “busy” mode for 3 months touring and launching IT’S NOT YOU IT’S ME in New Zealand, the US and the UK “coming home” also means me being mindful over the next few days to be still and through different acts of self-care like meditation, sound healing, infrared light therapy and massage that I want to come home to me, align myself fully before I step into the serving space to be present for my clients in my coaching and hypnosis business! We have to fill up our own cup before we can give to others!🙏 What’s your favourite way of coming home to you? My absolute must do daily for this is my meditation practice 💕however walking also helps me daily! #cominghome #mindful

last month

It was so wonderful to sit down with these two fabulous humans @flavia_cacace @mistryeats we talked about how all relationships are mirrors to ourselves, the struggles and joy when reinventing ourselves and the importance of self-love and self-care and of course my book IT’S NOT YOU IT’S ME. It really felt like a magical morning, I have know @flavia_cacace for many many years and always respected her as a colleague on Strictly Come Dancing but it took us both a journey to bring us to having this deep and honest conversation about life and work on their new podcast @fcmfit_ click on the link in their bio on @fcmfit_ and take a listen, could be just what you need to hear today! My heart felt so happy after our chat ❤️🙏 #podcast #wellness

last month

The way you speak to yourself can be an act of self-care or way or self-sabotaging, in IT’S NOT YOU IT’S ME we get into the power of words and acts of self-care and how it can affect our mental and physical health in a positive way and improve not just the relationship you have with yourself but others too💕 #author #book

last month

When you casually turn up @gazellihouse , for your speaking event about self-care and morning ritual, in the shirt you have labelled your “moon shirt” because it has 🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌒🌔all over it and they show you through to the event space and announce “we thought you could sit on the moon”🌙 you somehow feel that things are aligned 😀 what a cute space, you feel relaxed as soon as you walk through the door🙏 thank you to everyone who came💜and shared this evening with me! #author #itsnotyouitsme