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3 days ago

Mental #skimboarding tubes this morning. Feeling warm,comfy,light and flexible in my @buellsurf wetsuit. Stoked we linked up on this one @m .paul.photo thanks again!🙏 #finless - @smkflwr #smkflwr @nanocraftcbd @buellsurf @freak_traction @theabbeylagunabeach @bearflagfishco @brawnerboards @thedomkeshow @dynamizecoffee @juicyorganic .sc

4 days ago

Fun session this morning with these tricky shorebreak slabs on my @thedomkeshow skimboard and soft top. Thanks @dingosaidso for the clips! 👊🏼🎵|| @yunglean2001 - miami ultras - @smkflwr #smkflwr @nanocraftcbd @buellsurf @freak_traction @theabbeylagunabeach @bearflagfishco @brawnerboards @thedomkeshow @dynamizecoffee @juicyorganic .sc

2 weeks ago

Felt good to get back in the grove and find a moment today with some powerful lumps of water to toy with and go really fast. Always fun using my @thedomkeshow skimboard.works in everything! Also my new @buellsurf wetsuit is pure 🔥 🎥 @mssarajanefox 🎵 @samtundstein - velvet condom - @smkflwr #smkflwr @nanocraftcbd @buellsurf @freak_traction @theabbeylagunabeach @bearflagfishco @brawnerboards @thedomkeshow @dynamizecoffee @juicyorganic .sc

3 weeks ago

Some more unseen 2020 surf/skim mix. Can’t wait till the beaches are open so we can get back to it and document more fun moments like these. Stay safe and healthy everyone! 🙏 - @smkflwr @nanocraftcbd @buellsurf @freak_traction @theabbeylagunabeach @bearflagfishco @brawnerboards @thedomkeshow @dynamizecoffee @juicyorganic .sc 🎥 || @mssarajanefox / @papa_b_tv

3 weeks ago

solo session in the middle of the night at a special wave that felt generated by the blue electricity 😜 . It Was a one of kind experience surfing and filming electric blue waves that I won’t forget. And a good reminder that nature never disappoints. Thank you Mother Nature for putting on a show. 💃🏻 💙🙏 ⚡️ @gopro _ @smkflwr #smkflwr @nanocraftcbd @buellsurf @freak_traction @brawnerboards @bearflagfishco @theabbeylagunabeach @thedomkeshow @winboardtech @juicyorganic .sc @dynamizecoffee 🎵 || @sergedevant & Damian I feat @camillesafiya - fearing love

3 weeks ago

Can’t wait to get back in the water. For now I’ll be improvising my @indo_board training. 🎪 🤹‍♀️ 🏄🏻 - @smkflwr #smkflwr @nanocraftcbd @buellsurf @freak_traction @brawnerboards @bearflagfishco @theabbeylagunabeach @thedomkeshow @winboardtech @juicyorganic .sc @dynamizecoffee

3 weeks ago

Feeling cozy in my @smkflwr hoodie. #smkflwr

4 weeks ago

Been having fun Making edits during these times. Can’t wait till everything is back to normal so we can get back to shredding and getting more content this year! Hope you all are having blessed day🙏 - finless #skimboarding #boardtransfer #smkflwr - @smkflwr @nanocraftcbd @buellsurf @dynamizecoffee @freak_traction @bearflagfishco @gomacro @theabbeylagunabeach @juicyorganic .sc @brawnerboards @thedomkeshow 🎥|| @rafaski 🎵|| @heklermusic - nightfall

5 weeks ago

Proud to announce that I have joined the @smkflwr family! Could not be happier joining @smkflwr and to show you all what’s to come! Stay tuned.. ・・ 🌊☀️🌊🌊🌊🌴🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊 #surfbrand #forgood #new #family #sponsored #skimboarding #surfing #bigwave #barrels #waves #thewedge #newportbeach #surfing #boardsports #beachbreak #stoked #socalsurfing #lagunabeach #goodvibes #rru #rrufam #yew 🎥|| @robbiecrawford

last month

One of my favorite feeling turns. Feels like a really good yoga stretch or something. What would you name this turn? RIP to the dude getting stuck in the lip. 🙏 🎥 || @rafaski 🎵 || @alisonwonderland x @trippieredd - high - @nanocraftcbd @buellsurf @dynamizecoffee @freak_traction @thedomkeshow @brawnerboards @bearflagfishco @theabbeylagunabeach @juicyorganic .sc @winboardtech #boardtransfers #skimboarding #surfing #clipoftheday #finless #420

last month

Head over to @Surfline story and vote!🙏 Really honored to be nominated for @Surfline “wave of the winter” Carribean region against my boy and team mate @leifnotleaf . Not only from the wave I got. But catching it on my @thedomkeshow #finless “SKIMBOARD”! that’s a first ever wave of the winter “skimboard” entry in history! Thank you all who voted! - @nanocraftcbd @buellsurf @dynamizecoffee @freak_traction @brawnerboards @bearflagfishco @theabbeylagunabeach @thedomkeshow @indo_board @juicyorganic .sc 🎥|| @mssarajanefox

last month

Taking it back to another @exileskimboards classic. This was a mix of all the left overs and ended up being one of my favorite edits we’ve made. Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe! 🎥 || @dylanpalmer - @nanocraftcbd @buellsurf @dynamizecoffee @freak_traction @bearflagfishco @brawnerboards @thedomkeshow @theabbeylagunabeach

last month

2012 when @Dylanpalmer and I filmed for @exileskimboards at the time. We got so much of the technical aspect of skimboard tow ins riding in “the last video I posted” of tricks, turns,airs, barrel combos and freestyle skim maneuvers. We were stoked and Definitely happy to get those days done first. But we knew we had to go right back to Mexico to film what I really wanted. Big powerful waves that would bring me to the next level in skimboarding. So we put off on the edit coming out of any footage of what I was doing at the time. Until we got what I had imagined to get on film. This was our next trip to get it done. The waves that summer were unreal and offered up what we were looking for. This is the final product that we made after getting the waves we wanted. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for helping make this dream possible @aaronpeluso 🙏 #2012 - @nanocraftcbd @buellsurf @dynamizecoffee @freak_traction @bearflagfishco @brawnerboards @thedomkeshow @theabbeylagunabeach @juicyorganic .sc

last month

Back in 2012-2014 @dylanpalmer and I were spending most of our days at this place in Mainland Mexico. Scoring all kinds of waves in all kinds of ways. We were cruising with Brian Conley ( @open_ocean_mx ) rallying with his jet ski everyday, pretty much regardless of the conditions, unless it was complete shit, which it very rarely was. We were just having the most fun possible 24/7 on land and at sea, pushing the limits of what was possible with the skimboard. Those were legendary days, I’m thankful everyday for our place in time🙏🏼 We put this video together at the local hotel there at the end of 2012 on iMovie, it remains unchanged and was exactly as it is now. Having been split up and used in multiple edits already, I figured why not release our og edit for you all to enjoy! Drop a comment if you like the vintage stuff plenty more where that came from!🤙🏼🤙🏼 • Film/Edit: @dylanpalmer#surfing #skimboarding #finless #wave #riding #pure #fun #progression #evolution #mexico #heavy #surf #tow #towat #jetski #bigwave #beach #classic #vintage #throwback #goodtimes #positivevibes - @buellsurf @nanocraftcbd @dynamizecoffee @freak_traction @thedomkeshow @brawnerboards @bearflagfishco @theabbeylagunabeach @juicyorganic .sc

last month

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