@beneganpb Benjamin Egan

Hey friend! My name is Ben and I like to create some stuff. I'm also really bad at instagram! :D

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last month

Did some filming for a thing! Thank you @taylorteatarua for the awesome makeup Obligatory creepy smile

last month

I always wanted a chicken for christmas.

Nov 2019

New photo! Credit: Andi Crown Photography

Oct 2019

Had a lot of fun at our return to Ding Dong lounge. Great crowd, great bands, great times.

Sep 2019

When you spend 2 hours working out a short cut through a level via riddle door.

Sep 2019

Colored contacts are cool once you get past the fact that you held up the film for 15 mins stabbing your eyes trying to get them in. To those with contacts, respect.

Jun 2019

Hey there everybody, as some of you know a film I made made it into another film festival and I asked most of you for some support. I was overwhelmed with the assistance I received and I am proud to announce that we made it into the Finals!! What this means is that we are eligible for a multitude of awards and that our trailer will be posted to the official IOWF Youtube page. To thank all of you I would like to present the trailer for Wrath, please enjoy https://youtu.be/_AneCkTPdlg Thank you to Benny joy Smith for photography!

Jun 2019

Just go to International online web fests story and vote for Wrath!! Also if you could share this that would be awesome cuz I am a noob at Instagram! ONLY 24 HOURS!!!