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FYI - if you’re a fan of food and/or enjoy styling and taking photos of food, I’ll be speaking as part of a panel in Auckland towards the end of April. So if you’d like to learn a bit more about myself, what I do and how I do it, consider grabbing a ticket and getting along (limited seats ). Flick me through any questions about the event, otherwise I’ll share a link in my profile which has more details too. Let’s chat!

5 days ago

It’s still hot and humid, but with rain outside it has felt like the perfect weekend to stay in baking and creating. So if you’re after some inspiration, give my Chocolate Lamington Slice a whirl. You can find the recipe link in my profile.

6 days ago

Another weekend is finally about to come around and I’ll be spending it babysitting monarch caterpillars. We have a massive swan plant out the back of our house. Last year it was packed full of caterpillars, stripping it bare. This year, anything that has hatched has been eaten and killed straight away by praying mantis and wasps. So every time we found a tiny caterpillar, it was brought inside to keep safe. A huge round fishbowl has now been converted into a caterpillar hotel, cleaned and freshly restocked with leaves daily. Now there are over 30 chrysalis hanging, over 15 more hungry caterpillars eating and new babies added daily. Our first girl crawled out of her chrysalis yesterday and flew off this afternoon too. I feel like I’m doing my part to give the world more monarch butterflies. Does anyone else do this?

2 weeks ago

There’s something about the flavours of pineapple and coconut that scream summer, warm getaways and of course, ice cold piña coladas! I’m not much of a ‘tiny umbrella in a cocktail’ kind of person, but I do appreciate both a good piña colada and cake. So what makes more sense than to create a slightly boozed celebration cake, using this popular pineapple and coconut cocktail as inspiration. If you’re after this recipe, I’ll share the link in my profile.

4 weeks ago

I’ve become slightly obsessed with making fresh fruit slushies and frozen cocktail this summer. It’s been a great way to cool down and also enjoy a warm evening or two with friends. Below is a recipe for an Aperol Spritz Slushie that I’ve really been enjoying recently. Super quick and easy to make, especially since the 3X Bluicer Pro from @brevilleappliancesnz not only crushes the ice and blends everything together, I can also juice fresh oranges and lemons directly into the blending jug. Perfect for summer entertaining, let me know if you try this quick Slushie recipe. —— Aperol Spritz Slushie —— 2 oranges 2 lemons 80ml Aperol (1/3 Cup ) 125ml Prosecco (1/2 Cup ) 2 Tablespoons Caster Sugar 3 cups of Ice Method: 1. Add Aperol, Prosecco, sugar and ice cubes, into the blender jug and attach to juicer spout. 2. Turn variable speed dial to Speed 1 and juice oranges and lemons. 3. Remove juicer attachment and place blender jug onto motor base, close lid securely. 4. Select Frozen Cocktail program. 5. Pour mix into short glasses and serve topped with a slice of orange. Serves 3-4 #Gifted #BrevillePartner #Breville #BrevilleNZ @aperolspritznz

last month

It’s very kiwi, very chunky and full of chocolate. This is my take on a nostalgic New Zealand classic. Jump through to my profile to grab the link for this Chocolate Chunk Tan Square.

last month

Bake brownies, not frownies. That’s how I ended my week by treating those I work with, with brownies today. I won’t lie, I ate 2 brownies too many 😂

last month

Have you already planned your weekend baking! I’d love to hear about it.

last month

One of my goals for Baker Gatherer this year (particularly here on Instagram and over on Facebook ), is to introduce a more personal aspect, be more relatable, more me. Because that’s far from my comfort zone, I’m open to suggestions as to what you’d like to see to help me achieve this goal.

last month

Happy New Year to all my current and new sweet toothed Gatherers, let me introduce myself again. My name’s Dane and I’m the treat obsession face behind Baker Gatherer and am solely to blame for all these delicious posts and recipes. I started the Baker Gatherer website in late 2015 as a place for me to simply experiment and share recipes that I enjoyed making. I then started a Facebook page as a place to share those recipes and engage with other New Zealand’s who also enjoyed cake, cookies, desserts, you name it. I then started this Instagram which I consider my visual library, where I share my love of cactus, flatlays and again, treats and products that look good. On occasion I also share snippets via Instagram Stories too, so don’t forget to check in from time to time. Away from my sugar coated social media, I live in Hamilton with my partner, 2 Birmans and a 9 year old daughter who enjoys staying and baking with us every second weekend. I’ve never been culinary trained, in fact I have a degree in graphic design and teaching and have been working as a qualified and registered preschool teacher for over 8 years now. Over the past 4 years I’ve been so thankful for all the opportunities, projects and people who have found their way to me through Baker Gatherer. I wouldn’t be able to do what I do if it wasn’t for all of you (my readers, fans and followers ), your likes, comments and shares. I look forward to another year of recipes, food and new friends. So feel free to ask me any questions below, otherwise, let’s continue our journey in sweet fusion together.

last month

B’aching for the weekend!

last month

We’re you back at work today or do you have a bit longer to take in the New Year? Either way, if you're anything like myself, you would have already snuck in some New Years baking. I enjoyed making these mini Lemon Meringue Tarts over the weekend and quite frankly, anything with lemon or meringue is a winner. High five to that!

Dec 2019

What a good looking bunch in this lineup. Putting together my top nine posts for 2019 has given me the opportunity to re-visit some pretty neat opportunities, treats and content people have enjoyed. In a nutshell we love flatlays, cakes, ice cream, tarts, and cookies in boxes. Check out my stories right now for more info on each of these photos.

Dec 2019

Don’t forget to drink your greens this New Years! I plan on adding a little something extra to kick off my summer cocktails with this Vodka Pearadise, Bourbon Orchard and a Piña-Kale-ada. Recently @brevilleappliancesnz sent me their new 3X Bluicer™ Pro to give a whirl, which combines a juicer and blender in one! I’ve since become a bit addicted to juicing and blending now that I’ve found how easy it is to do everything with just the one machine. So with that said, trialing healthy cocktails for New Years seemed a no brainer. #Gifted #BrevillePartner #Breville #BrevilleNZ

Dec 2019

With 2020 approaching, it’s had me planning, thinking and putting together a list of goals/projects I’d like to achieve next year. Open to some suggestions too!

Dec 2019

With Christmas and Boxing Day ticked off for yet another year, I’m already planning new dessert recipe ideas that would have been perfect for this season. Not to worry, there will always be more Christmas’ right. Have a safe holiday!

Dec 2019

On the topic of Christmas cookies, what are your favourites to make, bake or gift? This weekend I’ve put together a little Christmas sample box to share with my family now, and maybe again later. But I’d love to hear some of your Christmas cookie picks!

Dec 2019

What does Santa love more than cookies and milk? GO!

Dec 2019

How many weekends left until Christmas? If you can answer that question correctly, you win an extra weekend! How is this month (of all months ) going so fast?

Dec 2019

Recently @brevilleappliancesnz gifted me a Smart Waffle Pro and I can guarantee you I’ve since experimented with and made more waffles in the past month, than in my whole life! Not only is the machine beautiful, it also creates beautiful deep square waffles quickly and easily. So, with its multiple pre-programed waffle styles, I’ve willingly tried them all! See below for the recipe I used to make these Red Velvet Waffles with the Smart Waffle Pro. Red Velvet Waffles 3 eggs 1 3/4 cups milk 125g unsalted butter, melted 1/2 teaspoon white vinegar 4 teaspoons red food colouring 2 teaspoons vanilla extract 2 cups self-raising flour 1 tablespoon cocoa powder 1/2 cup caster sugar Cream Cheese Frosting 250g tub cream cheese 1 cup icing sugar 1. Select CLASSIC setting. 2. Preheat until orange light flashes up and the words HEATING disappear 3. Whisk together the eggs, milk, butter, vanilla, vinegar and red food colouring in a medium sized bowl and set aside. 4. Combine flour, sugar and cocoa in a large bowl and make a well in the centre. 5. Gradually whisk milk mixture into flour to form a batter. Don’t worry if there are lumps. 6. Using waffle dosing cup, pour 1/2 cup of batter into each waffle square. Close lid and cook until timer has finished and ready beep has sounded 3 times. 7. For the cream cheese frosting, beat the cream cheese in a medium sized bowl until smooth. 8. Sift in icing sugar and slowing beat together until smooth and incorporated. 9. Serve waffles with cream cheese frosting, fresh berries and cacao nibs. Enjoy. Makes 8 waffles #Gifted #BrevillePartner #Breville #BrevilleNZ

Nov 2019

On the menu this morning, Chicken and Waffles with all those southern flavours. The waffles are made of half and half flour and cornmeal, minced chives, spring onion, maple syrup and cheddar cheese. The newly released Louisiana Style Chicken Tenders from Tegel really gave that authentic experience and were super easy to cook while the waffles baked. Topped with more chives, cheddar cheese, maple syrup and pomegranate for that burst of sweetness, the world really needs to know how delicious breakfast is right now… #Tegel #TegelNZ #sponsored

Nov 2019

Have you heard of or tried Kānga waru before? Translated it simply means corn steamed pudding, and has been a bit of a Maori tradition in my family growing up. Even enjoying it now as an adult with plenty of cream, it really takes me back.

Nov 2019

A party without cake is just a meeting. - Julia Child

Nov 2019

Who needs to try this White Chocolate Mousse with Berries? There’s something about serving a dessert in a glass that really bumps it up a notch, especially for the approaching festive season. I also really love the size of these red wine glasses I got from @newworldnz . If you’d like them too, simply collect stickers with every twenty dollars you spend. Once you’ve collected a full set of stickers you can redeem for a pair Spiegelau glasses, just like the ones I have here. If you’d also like the recipe for this mousse, jump over to New World’s website and search ‘White Chocolate Mousse with Berries.’ #NewWorldNZ #Sponsored