@bad.sketch Beatriz🏳️‍🌈🇧🇷🤡

19 • she/her ✩ εאρ૨εรรเɳɠ ɱყรεℓƒ เɳ αℓℓ ƒσ૨ɱร σƒ α૨ƭ ✩

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16 hours ago

She is sooo cute I literally can't handle it🥺💖💖 It would mean a lot if u saw it!!

2 days ago

This video is gold💖(sorry I haven't been really active lately✧ ✧ ) @trixiemattel @katya_zamo

2 weeks ago

I'm once again coming here to say I love her🥺❤️ Hope u like it!

2 weeks ago

This was inspired by one of @jackiecoxnyc 's livestreams💖 She was sooo cute and I just love her!!

2 weeks ago

I had this idea a few days ago, so I finally drew it💖💖 Hope u like it!!

3 weeks ago

I'm really happy with how this one turned out💖 (In case y'all haven't noticed @thenickydoll inspires me a lot💖 ) Hope u like it!!

3 weeks ago

Descobri essa drag talentosíssima a um tempo atrás e finalmente escolhi uma foto para desenhar💖 Amei demais o seu estilo!! Tu arrasa🌸

3 weeks ago

💖🌸Just two f•ggy bald f•cks🌸💖

3 weeks ago

Another stunning look from @thenickydoll 💜 Hope u like it luv!

3 weeks ago

I really miss seeing @rockmsakura on Drag Race💜 This was absolutely gorgeous!!

3 weeks ago

When I saw this I immediately wanted to draw it💖 Scooby-Doo was my favorite cartoon as a child so I was gagged with this outfit!! (and was up till 3am to finish it ) Really hope u like it!!

4 weeks ago

I just love drawing @rockmsakura , but this one is kinda special ♥ ♥ Really hope u like it luv!!

4 weeks ago

This moment was sooo cute I had to draw it🥺❤️ That's all.

4 weeks ago

When I tell u I literally CRIED thinking that @jackiecoxnyc would be going home... She's killing the competition and I couldn't be more proud of her🥺❤️ Hope u like this drawing luv!

4 weeks ago

I think people are doing this again, so here's mine 😌👉👈 #artvsartist

4 weeks ago

Mais um desenho dessa drag talentosíssima que eu admiro demaiss💖💖 Espero que vc goste anjoo!!

5 weeks ago

I'm still not over this @trixiemattel aesthetic💖🖤💖

last month

Still obsessed with this @jackiecoxnyc fantasy💖 Really hope u like it luv!!

last month

I'm just trying some new art stuff and really wanted to draw @thenickydoll with her necklaces❤️ Hope u like it!!

last month

Tried something new with this one, not sure how I feel about it tho. Really hope y'all like it!! (Also, it would mean the world to me if she saw it❤️❤️ )

last month

I saw them last episode and had to draw it🥺❤️ They're just so cute!

last month

Inspired by @thenickydoll 's latest livestream (as usual ), cause she's just too cute💖💖 (If u pay close attention u can see her "Prettier" necklace too ) Hope u like it luv❤️

last month

Sooo I absolutely LOVE this @rockmsakura look💖💖 The details and the colors are amazing!! (Also, I did this before she posted the full look, so I'm sorry for the mistakes here ) Really hope u like this luv💘

last month

I had to draw them❤️ They both looked absolutely STUNNING (as always )!! Hope y'all like it💖💖