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Drummer & vocalist for An Australian Band called 5 Seconds Of Summer.

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2 days ago

So it seems We might have a number one In the UK this week So I thought I might have to write a song simple words that speak Straight To the heart and all of the work you’ve done Promoting CALM to seek Terrific triumph of our fans you see I wanna say Thank you thank you thank you For all that you do Thank you thank you thank you And that’s the truth 🖤

2 weeks ago

C A L M is here.

2 weeks ago

Let’s see here, we got 3 and a half minutes of me wearing - sunglasses indoors ✅ - A turtle neck sweater ✅ - pure joy that this song is released ✅ Love you, here’s a 1 take run through of Wildflower

2 weeks ago

🌸Wildflowers out everywhere, enjoy it like this 🌸 @ryanfleming

2 weeks ago

Penny and I’s favorite song Wildflower is out.... right now 🌈😭❤️

2 weeks ago

Wildflower will be released on the 25th of March 🌸 ❤️

3 weeks ago

C A L M I got mine early cause I know a guy in the band ... You’ll all be able to listen on the 27th or March. It feels surreal to have this record in my hand’s. My brothers know what we went through to make this album happen. I love you all @michaelclifford @lukehemmings @calumhood @matt .pauling Andrew Watt , Matt Emsell, and Ben Evans ❤️

3 weeks ago

Dedicating each part of the day to something I love require’s practice and is important to my livelihood. when I cover songs like this I think of them as a conversation with my inner child. These covers aren’t serious and I only run through them once! I love this jam! Thanks Ryan for doin my editing dirty work with the GoPro @ryanfleming 🌈😍❤️

4 weeks ago

Our video for Old Me is out now. Thanks “little Ash”. in my opinion, you absolutely nailed how I was when I was a kid. Wow looking back I am so proud that I stuck to it. Hope you enjoy! X Thanks for capturing the shoot @Ryan fleming and thank you to director @hannahluxdavis You’re a living legend!

4 weeks ago

When I met Michael, Calum & Luke I was 17 years old. We have a very exciting special something for you to enjoy soon 🙏

5 weeks ago

I’ve always enjoyed @theweeknd ’s progression album to album. 80’s pop rock, night rider, leather pants ,feelin yourself “Blinding Light’s” is the shit I love! Here’s a loose play along 🤟❤️🔥

last month

Golden is my favorite track on my old friend @harrystyles newest record. Here’s a loose and fun play along 🤟❤️

last month

home practice sessions can be lonesome, so here’s me jamming to our new song OLD ME. @5sos

last month

Have you ever vibed this hard? @calumhood 🎧 #oldme

last month

Thank you for listening to Old Me & No Shame!!! ❤️🥰

last month

last month

angel with the gun in your hand, pointing my direction, giving me affection, love is fatal, Wont you give it a chance?

last month

Shoutout to the Old Me

last month

Nothin left for me to do but.... DANCE 💃 📸 @ryanfleming

last month

What a wild 24 hr’s. Thanks for the welcome home Australia 🖤

last month

Thank you for having us at The Australian Fire Fight concert! It will go down as one of my favorite memories of @5sos ’s career 🖤

last month

Red Desert

last month

The little version of me on the Kick Drum would be so stoked on how everything played out! 👏 @andydeluca

last month

Love is fatal, won’t you give it a chance? The band and I were so lucky to of worked on the no shame video with the one and only @hannahluxdavis . This is my favorite video we have, thank you Hannah & your team that worked tirelessly to make this an impactful artistic video for 5SOS.