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15 hours ago

Morning dip


On June 9th I’m going to row a marathon as part of the @tearfundnz Poverty Cycle. I was drawn to take part after learning about how bad the human trafficking and exploitation situation is globally - currently there are about 25 million people trapped in forced labour, of which 4.8 million (the population of NZ ) are enslaved in forced sexual exploitation! WTF! I honestly find it so disappointing and disgusting that humans are still treated this way. So I’m going to jump in a boat (virtually ) with my buddy @drews .daily.dose to complete the distance of one of the major human trafficking routes, from Thailand to Laos. . If you also want to be a voice for some of these vulnerable people and to raise some money to help fight for their freedom then take part in the Poverty Cycle too! It starts tomorrow and runs for two weeks. Head yo povertycycle.org.nz and make a team and take part. And if you want to sponsor Drew and I then hit the link in my bio 🤙

3 days ago

First team adventure post lockdown. Taking the Subaru Outback X for a spin down to the lake - luckily it has a built in nappy change table in the boot. 👨‍👩‍👦🐶 @subaru_nz

5 days ago

This is one of my favourite workouts to do at home with minimal equipment. 🎵: @dan_aux

5 days ago

Big news... NZ is about to get the world’s first full-sized electric tugboat and @aklport needs us to name her! Follow this link www.poal.co.nz/name-the-tug to submit your suggestion and you will also go in the draw to win $1000 and a ride around the harbour on the new e-tug when it arrives. . The Ports of Auckland team will choose the best names and put them to a public vote to select the winner. Entries close on Wednesday 3 June at 5pm. Good Luck! . #namethetug #sustainableport #portofthefuture

6 days ago

Heres a selfie of me in front of a sauna - seemed normal at the time but now it seems a little bit weird, but anyway - I had a decent 25min sauna today after a workout to boost my immune system and my longevity. If you want a good podcast about immunity and a dive into the positive effects of sauna, vitamin D, and some other stuff then definitely give @joerogan ‘s latest podcast with Dr. Rhonda Patric ( @foundmyfitness ) a listen. Very interesting.

2 weeks ago

Birthday morning strolls and swims ☀️🐶👨‍👩‍👦

3 weeks ago

Baby in a box.

3 weeks ago

Happy first Mother’s Day @matootles 👨‍👩‍👦💕 so far so good.

4 weeks ago

New podcast with the guru @bepurebenwarren - get your taringa 👂🏻 around it! it’s an awesome chat covering family health, pre and post pregnancy health, fertility, sleep, anxiety and just general good stuff. Photo taken during simpler times. Link in my bio 👍 @roar_collective .co

last month

Friday night pizza night down at Arty’s Pizzaria 🍕

last month

The taste of autumn 🍂

last month

Looking through photos on my phone today I came across these selfies of Milo. Somehow he must have unlocked my phone, found the camera and taken them. Already selfieing at a 2 year old level.

last month

Season 4 of our Well & Good podcast is all go - we’ll be releasing a new podcast every week for the next 6 weeks - starting today with our chat with the legend @ardiesavea 🙌 to get your ears around it search Well & Good on your podcast app or Spotify or hit the link in my bio @roar_collective .co

last month

Just letting you know that @plateupnz is operating during the lockdown 🔒 😋 The team is currently in overdrive cooking delish meals and getting them out to everyone nationwide. There are heaps of yum meals on the menu, but if you’re not sure what ones you might like we’ve put together a “Dine In Pack” which is 7 of our most popular meals for only $99 plus shipping nationwide. Check it out at www.plateup.co.nz

last month

Last night I baked some hot crozzies and this morning we tasted the fruits of my labour. I don't understand why hot cross buns are reserved for Easter, I think they should be an all year round thing on account of their deliciousness, who's with me? I used the recipe in the last frame from @littleandfriday but substituted regular flour for @ceresorganics spelt flour and it worked a treat! #sp #ceresorganics

last month

Full body workout using an LPG bottle that’ll leave you feeling pretty gassed...🙄. 💪 4 five minute EMOMs 1st EMOM (5mins ) 10 Goblet Squats / Bottle Swings 2nd EMOM (5mins ) 10 Front Raises / Overhead Press 3rd EMOM (5mins ) 10 Rows each arm / Leg Wiper Sit-ups 4th EMOM (5mins ) 10 Split Jumps / Pushups If you’re not sure what I mean by EMOM just give it a Google as I can’t be bothered explaining 🤷‍♂️.

last month

Anyone else having dance parties while locked down? @uniteagainstcovid19 #uniteagainstcovid19 #stayhomenz #gohomestayhome123 @subaru_nz

Apr 2020

Couples that train together dance together (terribly ). Swipe across to see our workout today. Shoutout to @dan_aux for the tunes 🤙

Apr 2020

And that’s a wrap. @thebachelorette_nz season one done and dusted with the airing of the After The Final Rose special last night. So much love and respect for @dr_lesina and @lilymcmanus along with all of the guys - it takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there like they all did. Very stoked for Lily and Richie 💕. And a huge thanks to @tvnz .official and the crew involved - I thoroughly loved working on this show and mostly because you were so great to work with. Hope to see you back for another season sometime soon...

Mar 2020

Our grandparents were called to go fight in a world war - all we are being asked to do is to stay home in order to help fight this virus. It’s not hard, it’s not complicated, but by taking this seriously and will literally save lives. Together we will see this through, kia kaha 🇳🇿 👊

Mar 2020

His ears light up when he’s happy, and when Orcs are close. Love this kid

Mar 2020

When it comes to maintaining my immune system there are a few things that I do - number one is getting enough sleep (easier said than done with a 6 month old haha ), followed by eating well (for me this means predominantly paleo ) and being physically active everyday. One other thing I like to do at times when I'm starting to feel a little sick or if there are a few bugs floating round is to make this immunity boosting tonic. The main ingredient is Apple Cider Vinegar which I've been taking for a few years now (1 Tbsp every morning ) to maintain a healthy gut and immune system (you want to find an apple cider vinegar that contains "the mother" which is the beneficial bacteria that is good for the gut - I use @ceresorganics ) - the other ingredients are all thought to have immunity boosting and/or antibacterial properties, and this recipe (below ) is one that I've tinkered around with to make something that I like (I say "like" loosely as it tastes pretty intense 🤯 ). Disclaimer, I'm not a doctor, and there is no science to prove that this tonic will keep you well - I'm just a guy that's interested in researching and practicing natural/holistic health and am always happy to share my findings and thoughts with those that are interested. . IMMUNITY BOOSTER TONIC - makes 1 cup . -1/2 cup Apple Cider Vinegar -1/2 cup Lemon Juice - 1tsp Ginger (finely grated or minced ) - 1tsp Manuka Honey - 1tsp Turmeric Powder - 1tsp Cayenne Pepper - 1tsp Black Pepper (finely ground ) - 2 drops of Oregano Oil . Dose - 1-2 tablespoons / day . @ceresorganics #ceresorganics #applecidervinegar #ACV #sp

Mar 2020

Milo attended his first wedding over the weekend with us and pretty much nailed it - he drank too much, cried during the speeches and then had to be carried home - classic wedding antics. It was a truly special day celebrating the love of two of the greatest. 💕Fletchen