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love u

2 days ago

happy july 🖤 vote

4 days ago

another reminder 🖤 colorado, you can still register to vote if you haven’t already @headcountorg

6 days ago

☁️ thankful and here and very much 27

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: )

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my friends and i went with a midsommar theme because help me

1 weeks ago

thanks for the birthday wishes : )

2 weeks ago

almost 27 : )

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: ) !!

2 weeks ago

i am so proud to be your daughter @edbutera ! i don’t think i’ll ever really be able to articulate the depth of joy and wholeness i have felt thanks to these moments together. i’m so grateful every day ! i can’t wait for more adventures and am so incredibly proud of our journey. every part of it !! 🖤 thank u for making so many trips to see me when i am on the road and just need a hug. thank u for always knowing what to say and making me laugh on facetime, for communicating only via “best in show” quotes sometimes and for being such a light in my life. happy father’s day !!!!! 🚤 🎣

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2 weeks ago

two years 🖤 love u 💡

3 weeks ago

join us as we work to register voters across the nation 🖤 @marchonballotboxes @headcountorg @blackvotersmtr mobbthevote.org

5 weeks ago

progress was made but let’s not get distracted. there is still so much to learn and do. please make sure you are registered to vote and ready for your state’s elections. also, note that voting from home is an option too thanks to @headcountorg 🖤 also also !! today @campaignzero launched #8cantwait , a list of 8 policies to reduce police violence that can be changed immediately and save lives. please check out your city to see what can be done locally. sending love and strength. let’s keep going. 🖤

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stay active, stay energized, keep sharing, keep learning 🖤 sending strength and if you are protesting today please be safe

last month

a lot of things feel scary, dangerous and uncertain right now... but there are things within our control: voting, contacting lawmakers, and taking the census. the most important thing you can do right now to take the power back is become a voter and know when your next election is. nine states have a primary on tuesday. the items on these ballots impact our day to day lives. we’re voting for more than the president. use ur voice and check out @headcountorg for resources.

last month

again, i ask my followers to please keep signing these petitions, making donations if u are able to, continue having conversations w family and friends about racism (overt and covert ) and the senseless acts of murder that happen in this country far too often, please keep reading up, following accounts on here (i will recommend some! ) to keep u updated and learning and sharing links and resources.. our black friends need us to show up and to be better and to be vocal. now more than ever. online. offline even more so. this is more than a post. we have to show up. there is work that needs to be done and it is absolutely on us to do it. #blacklivesmatter here are some accounts i’ve followed that have helped me understand more about my privilege and how to use it to help others. @privtoprog @rachel .cargle @thegreatunlearn @blklivesmatter please feel free to recommend some more as well in my comments.

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in case u ever doubt my love for u @ladygaga pls refer back to this video

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last month

i’ll do anything to earn my umbrella back @ladygaga pls

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