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2 weeks ago

Our EBC family is opening their studio to all the community. When quarantine is over this is a great place to come and learn ballet. Call for any questions. I (Ms.Annel ) will be teaching 3-4 and 5-6 year olds 🙌❤️ can’t wait to meet my new students .

3 weeks ago

Thank you beautiful people for doing what you do. ❤️

3 weeks ago

Spreading some quarantine joy for everyone to read when they drive by. #stayhomesavelives #socialdistancing @miasballetworld @jwhity @diego777cuevas

3 weeks ago

This made me laugh so much🤣 @jess1k @diego777cuevas

Dec 2019

So excited to witness her ballet journey. One step closer to pointe shoes. #beautifulfeetcarrygoodnews #futurepointeballerina @miasdanceworld #ballerina #ballet #dancer

Dec 2019

When you go shopping with your little dancer and she’s full of Christmas cheer😆 @miasballetworld

Nov 2019

Happy 12 th birthday to my amazing Massimo. On our way to teen years.This year was a year of new: new school, new team, new friends, new hobbies and new milestones. May this 12th year be the best for you!! Be blessed and highly favored

Nov 2019

God opens our doors of opportunity and we will always be Thankful for that!Working with the wonderful people of @dayspringcards and @vergevideos . They are top of the line professional and attentive to every detail. Loving the pursuit of excellence. #childactorsinthefamily #vergevideos #dayspring #lindalaymanagency #ebc_tulsa

Nov 2019

Check out these cuties Christmas commercial showing at the Hallmark Channel Dec. 1.

Nov 2019

What a great night @castingcrownsofficial @hillsong @elevationworship were all amazing. Thank you for a great night @alfonzoc2006 @diego777cuevas let’s do this again!

Oct 2019

This is what Professional ballet training Looks like to me❤️ thank you Ms. Stephanie and Daniil! @ebc_tulsa

Oct 2019

Yesterday was heaven , Mia took clases at my home dance studio in Mexico. Had lobster for lunch and dinner with the best of friends. Thank you beautiful people ❤️ #letsrepeat @alezeeeee @denzstudio

Oct 2019

Cute police girl, fireman, doctor on the set this morning!

Oct 2019

This girl is ready for ballet ⭐️

Sep 2019

These cuties get to make memories tonight at their first concert together #jojosiwadreamtour2019 @hurleygirl07 @diego777cuevas

Sep 2019

Superhero day at Darnaby school. Wonderwoman ⭐️

Sep 2019

These girls were over the moon yesterday as they got to spend the day with some of the cast members of “Hamilton”. I can tell They enjoyed every minute of it @hurleygirl07 @diego777cuevas

Aug 2019

This little lady is going to 4th grade! No more big brother around and she’s got this 💕 Here’s to your best year yet 🙌

Jul 2019

Diego and I are Celebrating with these two kids today!They were both casted for a Sesame Street segment filming in Oklahoma. Dreams can come true if you believe!Glory to God! #imasesamestreetkid #

Jul 2019

Having the best time with @hurleygirl07 ! Michael Buble is amazing 🙌👏😱❤️❤️

Jul 2019

Learning marketing strategies. Practicing 😜 .. I learned so much on this trip .. I pursue excellence and I got to hang out with people who do just that. My body is tired, my spirit is full and my heart is Happy . God is so good 🙌

Jul 2019

Getting ready for tonight. It’s going to be amazing.!! Pura vida❤️

Jul 2019

They hold a piece of my ❤️ heart.

Jul 2019

Massimo On the set with Life Church today. Filming Kids Konnect Series.