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20 hours ago

Postponed 1st birthday pop in due to Covid but we got there! #frankie

5 days ago

Gray’s away at a sleepover and Lucy requested breakfast in bed. Never seen her quite so chuffed when I said I could do that!

2 weeks ago

Family outing before back to school / daycare tomorrow. How cool is Kaitoke?

3 weeks ago

Dad would have been 64 today... still haven’t quite got that super! No Super Rugby to watch his beloved Crusaders, no Holden’s for the Bathurst, no Chinese Takeaway for a Saturday night for a month - perhaps we would have been keen to skip 2020 anyway 😂

3 weeks ago

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mum, Christine. When my Dad passed suddenly she was 44 with 4 kids aged 21 to 14. I know how crucial in ally is in parenting toddlers and young kids, and can only imagine being on your own raising teenagers, dealing with your own grief and a complete of change of career. I’ll turn 40 next year (😬 ) and 44 suddenly seems scarily real. Mum and Dad were always supportive of us (even if she was against me going to Otago as I had a perfectly good bed at home and could go to Victoria ), she didn’t bat an eyelid when I wanted to move to New York for a summer the year Dad died. Mum is always there for us - when I needed icing sugar for Frankie’s cake and the supermarket line was out the door I rang her and she left it in her letterbox. Lucy remarked “Grandma always has what we need and she always has everything prepared before she even knows what we want!” Happy Mother’s Day Mum - thank you for all you do.

3 weeks ago

Mother’s Day kayak together ❤️

3 weeks ago

My girls 💕

4 weeks ago

Fresh air galore at The Morgan’s Golf Course in Pauatahanui this morning when they opened it up to bubbles to walk the course. Got a great view of Transmission Gully and a good chat with Gareth about plans for the course and community.

last month

Frankie Do turns ONE. Bit of a different birthday but what does it matter when you’re one! Frankie made us slow down long before Covid-19 and take time to look around and see everything through fresh eyes again. Lucky we ticked off 5 countries early as this is really holding back her tally! We love you so much Frankie Margaret ❤️

last month

And here is the proof! Thanks @butler4712 😂

last month

1st prize in the New World Porirua colouring competition. Good genes - I won a colouring competition when I was five and was on the cover of the Evening Post. Don’t know if Josh has ever heard the story.... 🤣🤣🤣

last month

ray of sunshine learning to stand on her own 😍

Mar 2020

3-0 for the Phoenix ⚽️ possibly final game of the season

Mar 2020

Mar 2020

I seem to know how to pick the school trips to volunteer on 🥶

Mar 2020

Train rides 20c

Mar 2020

Frankie and Frankie ❤️

Mar 2020

Fun in Picton/Blenheim for Karen’s 60th and long overdue catchup’s with Mums family and all the great grandchildren together.

Mar 2020

First proper day at daycare for Frankie Do (nothing can hide those bags for me with roadworks outside the house and a possum in the roof I tried to scare off with a Norwex mop at 4am ).

Mar 2020

$355 for the Wildlife Australia fund to help the Koalas caught in the bushfire. Woohooo!!! Thank you to everyone who supported Lucy in her endeavour (Josh didn’t expect them to sell quite so well ).

Feb 2020

Afternoon spent baking @magnoliakitchen s’mores brownies and chocolate chip cookies - Lucy wanted to sell them to raise money for the Koala’s in Australia. If you want to buy some or make a donation to her cause (Josh is matching $4 to every $1 ) then let me know! ❤️

Feb 2020

Sunday’s 😍and lemon meringue slide

Feb 2020

Different Saturday morning parent helping at Brownies