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Mar 2020

Trying new things today... #puppyacroyoga Winston is already a pro flyer.

Mar 2020

Planking with Winston.

Mar 2020

‘Mom, what the flying fluff are you still doing here?! Shouldn’t you be at work?’ I don’t know about you, but my fluffs are super excited I’ve been home a lot more than usual. It seems my introverted Pisces self has been preparing for quarantine my entire life!! Swipe over for the video behind the picture.

Mar 2020

COVID-19 got us over here like..... 🐱🐱🐶💪🏻 In all seriousness though, what is happening within our country and the entire world is hitting us hard. EVERYONE is affected. Small businesses and large corporations, stay at home parents and working parents, medical and health professionals, EVERYONE. I know many of you have seen the numerous posts on social media about supporting your local small businesses, and I love it. It’s amazing to see how many of you actually care to see how we are affected. No matter what happens we will figure it out and make it through this. When the craziness that has taken over our lives, our entire world, finally ends.... we will still be here. This can knock us down but it will not pin us down forever. We will rise up stronger and more resilient. This isn’t an end, but instead the start of a new beginning. While I’m not sure what’s going to happen these next few weeks or months even, I will continue to try my best to support my family, friends, clients, and neighbors. -You need someone to vent to, I can listen. -You need a roll of toilet paper, I’ll share. -You need cat pics, trust me I have plenty. -You need workout/nutrition accountability or motivation, I got you. No matter what happens we are in this TOGETHER. We will survive TOGETHER. ✌🏻❤️ Your crazy cat lady ginga, Allie

Feb 2020

Nothing will get this booty date ready faster than a promise of an evening with @margotrobbie and all the foods. 😻🤤

Feb 2020

Life lesson #326 : If you have to wear jeans, make sure you can kick in them.

Feb 2020

Here’s a #mondaymishap from yours truly... I don’t even know what happened here, especially my landing. 😹 I also thoroughly enjoyed my lazy mat scoot at the beginning too.

Oct 2019

To commemorate the washing of my hair and application of makeup we are posting a #shamelessselfie

Sep 2019

He may be chonky but he’s still pretty nimble! And yes, that’s a live tree in my house, one of many! 😹 #crazycatlady #crazyplantlady

Jul 2019

If something doesn’t work out the way you had it planned in your head, it’s not because you aren’t good enough. Instead it’s because there are far better things in store for you. . If you feel like you missed out on an opportunity or you were rejected by something you wanted, trust me that’s not the case. . These situations are commanding you to dream bigger. What you thought you wanted is too small, you are capable of accomplishing way more. . Several years ago I was let go from a job and yes, at the time it shook and rattled me to my core. I questioned what I thought I wanted in life and even though I loved certain aspects of the job (helping animals ) I realized how toxic the environment I was working in truly was.”. And even though a particular person was the last straw that broke the camel’s back in my release I don’t blame her. . I wasn’t happy there. Even though I loved caring for the many animals that came through the door, I didn’t care for the way we were treated as employees. Day after day I saw first hand some of the hardest working and smartest technicians, assistants, and receptionists being disrespected. . If I hadn’t been let go I would probably still be working there and hating my job. So instead, I look back and I am GRATEFUL. . I am grateful that I got that kick in the ass to explore new fields and travel down a road I was initially scared of. . I am grateful because now I do what I love. (And all you have to do is ask James to know that I can still care for animals without working as a Vet Tech 😹 ) . So if you’re currently facing a challenge or set back in your life, don’t give up. Instead it’s the Universe’s way of slapping you in the face to wake the fuck up and accomplish bigger and better things.

Jul 2019

Jul 2019

Every situation has an underlying lesson. . Do you ask yourself, “why does this keep happening to me?” . Maybe instead you should ask, “Why am I allowing this happen?” . If a theme tends to repeat itself in your life, then you haven’t fully learned the lesson. . Only you can decipher what that lesson may be but letting go of your ego and viewing the situation(s ) objectively. . If you keep responding to a familiar circumstance in the same manner as you have in the past how can you expect a different result? - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - . In unrelated news, I am pretty happy to have enough mobility in my neck again for this chin stand. 🤗

Jun 2019

Don’t become stuck in the confines of a routine. . Do you repeat the same things on a daily basis? Do you freak out if your routine gets interrupted? Does the thought of change bring you anxiety? . For me? Absolutely. . But, I will never become the person I want to become repeating the same shit over and over. . If you find yourself constantly reminiscing over “the good ole days” you’re not progressing forward, you’re stuck in the past. There isn’t anything wrong with thinking about a fond memory from time to time, but to compare your current state to your past state will only halt your transformation. . Are you aspiring to excel in your dream career? You won’t get there if you’re constantly trying to survive the work week to live for the weekend. . Are you wanting travel the world? You won’t experience it sitting on the couch scrolling through Instagram day after day. . All I ask is each day you do 1 thing outside of your normal routine. Maybe it’s taking a short walk through your neighborhood and actually notice your surroundings. Maybe spend 20 minutes learning something about a place you want to visit or a skill you want to master. Maybe it’s NOT doing something you do daily, maybe you DON’T crack open that can of beer, or you DON’T crash on the couch immediately upon arriving home, or you DON’T complain about everything that went wrong in your day. Just one thing every day. You won’t notice it at first but eventually you’ll find yourself achieving your goal or arriving at your destination. You’ll stop thinking about what you once had and enjoy what have now. You’ll no longer dread Monday mornings instead you will welcome each day with vigor and excitement. But you will never achieve that living your life in repeat. Don’t waste your life wishing for change, go out and BE the fucking change. ✌🏻😽❤️

Jun 2019

Let’s get real about your health for a hot minute. And please read in it’s entirety (continued in comments ) before responding. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Would you buy a ‘one size fits all’ pair of shoes? What about a ‘one size fits all’ pair of jeans? No? Why not? You mean my size 10 feet won’t fit in your size 7 shoe? And you’re telling me my size 8 ass won’t fit in your size 4 jeans? But how can this be?! Ohhhhhh, it’s because every single body on this earth is different. Well, then why are you following ‘one size fits all’ nutritional advice? I see sooooo many fitness professionals on social media spout off very GENERAL and VAGUE info on how you can calculate your macros. They typically recommend a certain formula or even an online calculator that will do this for you. But are they (the coaches and calculators ) asking for detailed information about your current and past dietary and physical habits? And no, choosing among sedentary, lightly active, active, and very active on MyFitnessPal won’t cut it. So, let’s say for instance you go online and enter your stats into some generic macro calculator and it spits out that in order for you to reach your goal you should be eating 1200 calories with x amount of grams in protein, carbs, and fats. End of story right? Wrong. What if for the past 5 years you have routinely ate 3000 calories every single day? Dropping down to 1200 calories when your body has adapted to 3000 calories may get you some results in the beginning, but as your body adapts it will plateau. You may think to yourself, I’ll just cut my calories again. So you drop down from an already too low 1200 to 1000 calories, and once again you may see some improvement but it will flat line and you will circulate through this vicious cycle. Not only that, but your body cannot properly function on 1000 calories. If you continue in this extreme deficit for an extended amount of time your body will try to protect its most vital organs. To preserve the brain and heart it will take energy needed from your adrenals, thyroid, kidneys, liver, etc until eventually you have no other reserves left.

Jun 2019

I have been MIA on posting for the last two months because between work and life I’ve honestly just haven’t felt like it. . It’s crazy how much small businesses utilize social media these days and then become bogged down with that need to constantly create quality content. . Unfortunately, that is part of the reality of today’s society. Yes, I can choose to not use social media for work but as a business owner I recognize the potential. Lately though, social media sucks, and it’s not to any fault of the consumer/users. The platforms constantly change the algorithms which can prevent or encourage posts to be seen by their followers. It gets harder and harder each day to reach people who choose to follow us. . So please do all of your small business owner friends a favor and like/share/comment on their social media posts. It means the world to us and it will help us in ways you can’t imagine. . ✌🏻❤️😽

May 2019

Always choose kindness.

Apr 2019

Never miss a Monday workout! Start your week off strong! - That’s what “they” say right? - Well, let me tell you I’ve missed plenty of Monday workouts in my day and it’s perfectly fine! Too many people beat themselves up for missing a workout session and I’m hear to tell you it’s completely okay. - Things will come up that may prevent you from working out or maybe you just wake up feeling blah, so if you miss a workout don’t stress. - Instead of stressing about missing I want you to focus on getting back on track. Show up the next day and crush your workout. - If the reason you missed was because of a scheduling conflict make a point to try and fit a workout in on a different day. - If the reason you missed was because if some internal conflict, then you should focus on why and what you’re experiencing. - Don’t ignore something that is affecting your internally, you won’t be able to bury and hide from it. Instead spread some light on it. Own it. Accept it. - If you run from your conflicts they will end up running you. - We got deep there, didn’t we? 😉💗 - #fitginger #mondaymotivation #workout #yoga #yogi #redhead #mondayflow #healthybody #healthymind #healthyspirit #healthylife #ginger #asana #crushit #inspire #accept #moveon #gymmotivation #movemonday

Apr 2019

This ginger decided to add a little ginger to her life. - It added a nice little spice to my beet, apple, and carrot juice. Not going to lie, I made it a tad strong for my first time so if you want to start incorporating ginger into your juices start small until you find the amount for your tastebuds. - 1 large beet 2-3 large carrots 1 Apple 1” section of ginger - #fitginger #gymnjuice #juicingforhealth #healthylifestyle #ginger #omegajuicer #juice #truehealth #realhealth #redhead #healthylife #nutrition #greens #beetjuice

Apr 2019

I was challenged by @kbgymnjuice to headstand on a bench, well let me tell you this shiz is sketchy 🤣 - Maybe it was how much it wobbled, the clicking noise you hear is the bench part I’m holding onto wobbling from side to side. - It definitely was a CHALLENGE! - #fitginger #yogi #headstand #headstandbench #inverted #upsidedown #sketchy #wobblewobble #fitnessaddict #fitnesschallenge #thirdstreetsweat #getmoving #ginger #redhead #healthylifestyle #yoga

Apr 2019

This is what Winston does when he doesn’t want to do something. 🐶 He will flop on the floor like a toddler throwing themselves to the floor to prevent us from making him do something. 🐶 He may be stubborn but he sure is lovable. 🐶 #fitginger #labsofinstagram #rescuepup #labmix #greatpyrenees #adoptdontshop #springfever #sunnydays #pupper #doggo #dogsofinstagram #puppylove #sony #tempertantrum #stubborn

Apr 2019

I cannot get enough of watermelon juice, especially on a beautiful warm sunny day like today. 🍉 Anyone else looking forward to in season fruits and veggies this year? I can’t wait to start hitting up the local farmer’s markets this year, I never really visited them in the past but since I’ve started heavily incorporating fruits and vegetables into my daily diet I am really looking forward to getting out there and explore. 🍉 #fitginger #watermelonjuice #juicingforhealth #truehealth #healthyliving #omegajuicer #boujie #catnip #ginger #realhealth #fruits #veggies #greenliving #juicing

Apr 2019

I love how I can do heavy leg day and still walk semi normally afterwards but the second I add this BOSU into my workout I’m noodle legging it alllllll day! - If you haven’t added any balance and proprioception exercises into your program, I highly suggest you do so. - #fitginger #thirdstreetsweat #bosu #bosuworkout #pistolsquats #bosupistolsquat #ginger #redhead #fitness #strongwomen #healthylifestyle #stability #proprioception #strongissexy #nobull #lululemon #cropsweatshirt #32goingon22 #getmoving

Apr 2019

I made this yummy green juice the other day. I love how easy it is to get the benefits of all of these different fruits and vegetables in my daily routine with juicing. What’s even better is that I know exactly what is inside each one. It’s not some crap drink filled with chemicals that is going to make my body feel like shit. 🥦🍎🥒 -1 large head of Broccoli -1 Apple -1 Cucumber -2-3 stalks of Celery #fitginger #gymnjuice #greenjuice #juicingforhealth #juicing #omegajuicer #fitness #fitspo #healthydiet #wholefood #truehealth #yogi #yoga #mindfulness #mindfuleating #intuitiveeating

Apr 2019

“Ugh, Daaaaaaaad..... you’re embarrassing me!!” Winston doesn’t always want to succumb to the snuggles in public. He’s becoming such a teenager. #fitginger #rescuepup #labmix #greatpyreneeslabmix #labsofinstagram #adoptdontshop #teenagedog #puppylove #pupper #doggo #sundayfunday #springfever #woofwoof