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Smandasi 📚 11-August's Sijunjung, Sumatera Barat📍

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5 days ago

I may not be perfect, but at least I'm not you 😞

5 days ago

They said ➡ there always a pasition for the past. Especially the most hurting one 😶

2 weeks ago

There are many cpecial people near you so there is not the slightest room in your heart for a simple person like me 😋

2 weeks ago

Happiness isn't about getting what you want all the time. It's about loving what you have and being grateful for it: )

2 weeks ago

I know i'm not the only one 😞

4 weeks ago

Escape from the city and follow sun 🌞

4 weeks ago

Percuma kamu punya banyak kendaraan buat Jalan, tapi dalam Sebuah hubungan kamu kandas di tengah Jalan. 😉😋

last month

Seumpama nanti kita kembali asing, aku bersyukur kita pernah saling. Lantas di atas segalanya, aku menghargai cerita sebelum ada yang berpaling. Sungguh, kamu salah satu cerita terpenting.

last month

I really dont care about what anyone think of me every time and every where. I am who i am i don't live to please you and my live is not for you

Nov 2019

Bukan dunia yang mengecewakan, tapi ekspersimu 😋

Sep 2019

Be a woman who is not proud to be loved by many men. But be proud when your love is championed by one man, who doesn't fight for many women.