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Metalchick🤘🏼 From California 🌴 so fragile yet so devious 😈❤️•👻ghuleh👻 • My bb Kevin💙 🤘 Mighty Raven Dark 🤘 •Makeup guru💄

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2 weeks ago

Happy Valentine's Day ❤🌹 #metalchick

last month

Metalera 🤘 #metalchick #kingdiamond #systemofadown

last month

Haven't posted in quite a while. I've been feeling self conscious but here's a simple look i did on the weekend. 🖤 #metalchick

Dec 2019

I thought that I should document this flawless liner moment lol ! Its rare 😂 I did not get the chance to take any nice pics because I got ready so late 🙄 Merry Christmas ❤ #metalchick

Dec 2019

THE LAKE 🤘 #metalchick #kingdiamond

Dec 2019

I felt confident in this moment so i thought fuck it why not post it 🖤 had to lower the quality of the photo to censor myself due to immature people who might report. #metalchick

Nov 2019

Today is my sunday 😭 Back to work tomorrow. Wow you can actually see my DEATH tattoo for once in the second pic lmfao 🤘 #metalchick

Nov 2019

I've been feeling really insecure lately. So today , I put on a face and tried to feel a little better about myself. It didn't work lmfao but I tried 😂 #metalchick

Nov 2019

Cheers to this Halloween #metalchick

Oct 2019

Undying Evil🤘 #metalchick Was self conscious to post but fuck it.

Oct 2019

Mein Teil #metalchick #messyhairdontcare

Oct 2019

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME🎃🖤🕸 #metalchick #spookyseason

Oct 2019

Such a great guy 🖤 Thank you for your kindness 🤘 played an amazing show last night P.s. my arm isnt dirty its WARPAINT🤘 #abbath @ukrisuvilehto

Oct 2019

My life has been fulfilled 🖤😭 I was so nervous i forgot to show him my tattoo of him 😭 He said he liked my nails 😋 #metalchick #abbath

Oct 2019

Tia Thali and baby Marley 🖤🎃 Glad to have finally taken pictures with Kevin 🙄🤣💖 Had a great time with my Brother and his wife Destiny 🖤 Family time is always great . Baby goats warm my heart 😫 they were eating my dress though :/ 😅

Oct 2019

Last pic has me dying 🤣🤣🎃🖤 Had a great time at the #liveoakcanyonpumpkinpatch 😁 more pictures to come later 🖤🤧 #metalchick #spookyseason

Sep 2019

I can't believe i went to knotts scary farm after being awake since 2am that morning before for work lmfaoo . Last night was a great way to kick off the spooki season 🎃 can't wait to do more spooki things. #metalchick #knottsscaryfarm

Sep 2019

I should really be on my way now 😂 Going to a ritual tonight . So excited @thebandghost . #metalchick

Jun 2019

I think im going to start posting pictures im insecure of to try and get over the fucked up thoughts i have about my appearance. Trying to like myself. Its a work in progress. Its hard. But ill keep trying till i do. 🖤 #metalchick

Jun 2019

On a mission to get some tacos 🤣 #metalchick

Jun 2019

Hoping for good things to come. Life update : Renting my first house in two weeks. Im terrified. Hoping to get hired onto a better job this week 🖤 Growing up sucks . Time to build my life up. Im ready . #metalchick #goth

Jun 2019

LETS JUST APPRECIATE HOW MF SHARP MY WING IS HERE. It takes a lot of anxiety tbh 🤣 #metalchick #goth I want to appreciate this look more.

Jun 2019

Gothicc🕸🕷 Trying to like myself lol #metalchick #goth Took this at a weird ass angle . Looks photoshopped lmfao . Its not.

May 2019

Life update: Im currently on break at work and i want to die 🤣 cant wait to get home. Dealing with people all day as an introvert is exhausting. Picture is from my day off last Saturday 🖤🕷🕸 #metalchick P.s. snapchat fucked up the quality of my eyeshadow 😒