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One time I made a YouTube Cooking video and it was a travesty. It will never see the light of day.

3 days ago

Im so proud of how this shoot turned out so while I was reading about Venom 2 being delayed I just HAD to post this epic pic by @shauntheshooter

5 days ago

Willing to Host. #ouranhighschoolhostclub

6 days ago

Here’s a little more Gambit! And by a little more, I clearly mean a little less...

1 weeks ago

You gon’ play with Gambit, you better play to win! Here’s some more of my Gambit! I’ve been watching/listening to/reading a lot of X-men lately so I’m very glad @shauntheshooter made me look this good!

2 weeks ago

So... anyone else slowly losing their minds? No? Just me?

2 weeks ago

I did an hour long Instagram live and took off my shirt like the dancing monkey I am. But hey, it’s corona virus time and I made 6 dollars on patreon so I guess it was worth it. @xmanunleashed tell your mom I said hi.

3 weeks ago

Quarantining in the basement but Steve’s taking it way more serious than I am. Six feet away at ALL TIMES! #readyplayerone

3 weeks ago

Thank you quarantine for letting me get reacquainted with Pokémon!

3 weeks ago

Is this considered St. Patrick’s Day content because we are all wearing green? I hope so cause that’s really all I have. @superxluigi as Hal Jordan @megaforcemichael as Kyle Rayner And me as Arisia Rrab

3 weeks ago

How about a little 90’s Cyclops nostalgia? Minus the yellow undies. Big Shout out to @sillymagic_photography for taking this shot at @holidaymatsuri and also for the moonshine!

4 weeks ago

Wash your hands! (And likey the rest of yourself as well! )

4 weeks ago

Here’s another little 3some for ya! This time we’re we’re looking at Batman’s boys! Robin (Damien Wayne ) Nightwing (Dick Grayson ), and Red Hood (Jason Todd )! Who’s you’re fav batboy??? All 3 photos by the fantastic @shauntheshooter - Thanks for capturing my journey from sidekick to superhero!

4 weeks ago

Don’t mind me, I’m just reliving my time at Disney over and over again.

last month

I’m slowly making my way through all the X-boys you had a crush on so who should I do next? Which X-men did you have a crush on?

last month

I not gonna do another fucking ice pun so just accept this New Picture of my Iceman by @shauntheshooter , but please feel free to leave your own ice/snow/cold joke!

last month

Sorry I’ve been gone, but don’t worry I’m not dead yet! Except on the inside! 💀

last month

All day everyday 💤 💤 💤

last month

Here’s a little Gambit action for you mon ami! Photo by the lovely @shauntheshooter

last month

Here’s a little front AND behind the scenes look at my New Cyclops costume! This month on patreon is sexy month (link in bio ) which means no costumes and all skin. That said I kinda miss posting about cosplay so here some cyclops!!!

last month

Here is a casual normal picture of me in my new jacket! Nothing here for the overlord IG to be upset with. Just me and my new jacket! Nothing to see here!

last month

Bless the S!

last month

It only took ten mins to get taken down this time! If you want the good stuff, the link is in my bio!

last month

Can we just Chill and embrace this picture of my iceman? @shauntheshooter is such a great portrait photographer so it’s always amazing to mix that with cosplay