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Jun 2019

what you see photo by @zacfarro

Jun 2019

and all the lonely,

Jun 2019

lovely things you dont

Jun 2019

it’s called rock n roll carol, look it up ( @biltguitars weee )

Jun 2019

from “Total Eclipse” in Annie Dillard’s Teaching A Stone To Talk.

Jun 2019

a chapter i loved

Jun 2019

here, have a bunch of pics of me being a mom at the Sanctuary of Self-Love @bonnaroo . what a rewarding experience to help create something so freeing. spent most of my time talkin with folks at the @gooddyeyoung salon but i made sure to stop by and see the porta potties again. they’re still fulla shit :( - all photos by my queen @lindseybyrnes for @nylonmag

Jun 2019

co-founder of @gooddyeyoung / my very own Golden Girl @colormebrian #pride

Jun 2019

diy gdy bc ily

Jun 2019

home is where im- : )

Jun 2019

@gooddyeyoung ’s Bougie Roo Salon at @bonnaroo was slammed all weekend. it’s addicting to see people look into the mirror and smile at themselves. also, no surprise here but @colormebrian is incredible at what he does. not only does he make people look so good but they feel good when they get out of his chair. (just look at @ohjustemily ’s face here !! ) i love running a company with my best friend. photo by @lindseybyrnes #SOSL

Jun 2019

will run you over at roo but nicely @lindseybyrnes photo by @sara_schoch

Jun 2019

friday nite at the sanctuary @halfnoise : ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) photos by my roo goddess @lindseybyrnes

Jun 2019

happy pride, pals 💒🌈 and happy day #1 of @bonnaroo . lil #tbt action for dat ass! last year @paramore got to play roo for the first time in our career and @colormebrian did me up with a rainbow look for the show. one of my favorite stage makeup looks to date. so psyched for the pride parade on saturday and to see everyone celebrating our LGBTQ+ bbs. hit up the Bougie-Roo salon inside #SOSL if ya want some help with your pride look ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖 . 2nd photo by Andrew Nelles for @tennesseannews

Jun 2019

scenic route to roo !! deep breath before the madness begins @bonnaroo #sosl

Jun 2019

he loves me 🐶

Jun 2019

full schedule of the programming for Roo’s Sanctuary of Self-Love *corrected* 💒 i curated and dreamt up this “plaza” with a badass team of women @formationcreations (and a handful of others from my own team ) that i feel so lucky to work with. many of these artists/therapists/companies/HUMANS etc were already close to my heart... and i’ve been introduced to more throughout the process of building this thing. we all can’t wait to see it come to life and see you there, in it. 💒 happy @bonnaroo week! if you’re coming to the fest come check out the vibe at SOSL & take some time to love your damn self.

Jun 2019

happy birthday to my fav butter cookie in the whole batch🥮 z, i already texted you but like — thanks for the mix cd’s in the early days... that was almost 19 years ago (brutal ). im so proud of you. so proud to call you my friend. this is gonna be your best year yet, i just know it.

Jun 2019

🌈 @gooddyeyoung on @rozzzzlyn & @lani .p photo by @ashinretrograde

May 2019

thanks, it’s Good Dye Young 💥 @gooddyeyoung x @sephora . photo by @damionhamilton #hairstory #sephoraTIPS #thanksitsgooddyeyoung

May 2019

lessons in curiosity and the good kind of discomfort from thom yorke - for @crack_magazine 👼🏻 (a good read!!! ) . . you know i had to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

May 2019

been working with a wonderful production team for the last 8 months on a plaza that i’m curating for @bonnaroo : Sanctuary of Self-Love. it’s been a lot of work and it’s teaching me a lot about the kind of life i truly value. can’t wait to be able to share some of my favorite methods of self-care/connection in such a beautiful place, surrounded by music and art. so much to come - more announcements about the plaza and such. for now: pls enjoy this slide of photos of me standing in a field, skipping past porta potties, etc., that my friend @lindseybyrnes took.

Apr 2019

Hard Times 2 years ago, sponsored by champagne and personal trials . photos by @phojoh & @lindseybyrnes

Mar 2019

before and after snacks . 📷 @lindseybyrnes