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2 weeks ago

On God whatever u need it for. Plus u can gone get 20% OFF + Free Shipping @manscaped with code POPE20 at Manscaped.com

4 weeks ago

He been tryna get his ears pierced so I did it myself. I found my calling. Who need something pierced I got u?

last month

Hit the DMs 💰

last month

Do this not make sense? 🤔

last month

My hair growing back fast who know how to braid?

last month

🗣 LET YALL BABYMAMAS GET SOME DICK AND STOP HATING“ Prod x @artsofisrael . This 5 months old might never drop 💀 #stones #southsidevic

last month

🥳 This song about a girl who broke my heart but I was stealing out her purse the whole time. Y’all fuck with it ? 🧐🧐🧐🧐 prod x @kylejunior #southsidevic

last month

First thing I did as a bald nigga

last month

Getting better at this photoshop 😤

Oct 2019

Hard work been paying off 💪🏾💰I dropped a bag to put my eyes closer together

Oct 2019

Aye y’all be honest is my eyes getting closer together?

Oct 2019

Freestyling is the funnest shit ever I be playing around with so many styles #southsidevic

Oct 2019

In the middle of a 48 hour fast. 500 comments and I’ll eat

Oct 2019

The 🦅 niggas gone feel this. The 🐓 niggas not tho. Being humble a scam

Sep 2019

Appreciation post for my mom. When I quit my job 6 years ago to create full time she held it down till shit got poppin. She gotta heart of gold and the most important person in my life. Shes run a non profit organization for the last ten years for families that are victims of domestic violence. Link in the bio to donate to it. It’ll go to helping those families with shelter and other related assistance. She always helping whoever in need. A real one. Give what u can and help her help people ❤️🤧 #nonprofit #Youthservices #voiceproject

Aug 2019

I ain’t gone say no names. Regardless tho send me something southsidevic147 @gmail .com

Aug 2019

🎤😤 LETS GO! a lil feature I did for my cuzzo @thaheartbreakkiddd . Comment 🔥 if u fuckin with it. Repost on ya story. (my project coming soon 🤫 ) #southsidevic

Aug 2019

It’s my bday 🙌🏽. Glad to go round the again with y’all niggas

Jul 2019

I accomplished one of my biggest dreams which is doing stand up comedy on TV. With that being this is my retiring from comedy. I’m happy for everyone who joined me on this journey for the last 6 years but those of you who have been fans for longer know I started as Southside Vic pursuing rap full time. My only goal now is to return to making music. Not comedy, not sketches, not battle rap, not acting. Those things no longer make me happy. Thank you for your support and interest in my comedic journey. But unfollow me now if you don’t want to be here for my path in music. I completely understand and I rather have u gone then on my page and not fuckin with me. Catch me on @revolttv new TV series FUNNY AF on 7/17 at 10pm Eastern time. every WEDNESDAY at 10p ET! #FunnyAF #revolttv #imoutthishoeongod #southsidevic

Jun 2019

My 11th Father’s Day! Time be flying boy

Jun 2019

He just made peanut butter and jelly taquitos tell me my son ain’t a visionary tag @gordongram

Jun 2019

It’s time for my FIFTH annual babymama raffle. Comment a four digit number and I’ll write em down and draw a winner. Update! EXCLUSIVE BABYMAMA RAFFLE MERCH has sold out! . 100% of proceedings will go to Babymama’s babydaddy. Winner will be revealed Tuesday at 7pm central time. Must be 18 or older to enter. Family, friends, and previous winners may not participate. DUE TO UPDATED SAFTEY REGULATIONS IF YOU ARE IN A RELATIONSHIP AND WANT TO ENTER DISCRETELY THEN DM ME THE FOUR NUMBERS. THANKS AGAIN FOR ENTERING AND GOOD LUCK . **^Winner will be my next babymama and receive free Babymama Raffle shirt.^**

Jun 2019

What’s y’all cash apps? Yall know it’s that time I send a lil something

May 2019

Who tryna get added into this group chat with me? I’m fr fr