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LLT💙🙌🏽 LLC❤️LLBL🏚 724✈️702 Long live tha guys💯hood raised🏚 #finesseteam free my brothers

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Aug 2019

I suck at captions like dis mf doe😂💯☢

Aug 2019

No permission at all💯💯

Aug 2019

"She heard ima star she tryana take her clothes off faceshot wit this AR im bound to knock a nigga nose off drouzy off the act i'm sippin lean till I doze off"☣💯 @polo .capalot

Jun 2019

All you had to do was play yo roll I wouldn’t left u stranded ain’t how I wanted shit to go that wasn’t the way I planned it cuz I been there before ik how it feel to be abandoned✈️🏚 @polo .capalot

Jun 2019

We going up dis summer fs fs we just gone sit back and catch plays💯🏚 @702_marcus @702_danny_da_kiid

Feb 2019

This is one of my best memories😂😂😂😂this shit is so funny😭😭😭

Dec 2018

The hottest rapper ina veg💯🚫🧢 @yellostone1 go check his soundcloud and run his shit up sc:yello stone